10 Items to Eat and Drink at the 2018 Vancouver Christmas Market

Candied apples at Das Apfelhaus; Photo Credit: Tara Lee

The Vancouver Christmas Market has launched, returning as one of the city’s must-do holiday outings.

Now in its 9th year, the German-inspired Market (open until December 24, 2018 at Jack Poole Plaza) has expanded its offerings even more, with 80 huts that will be offering all sorts of goodies to feast on, as well as purchase. All the delicious food items and drinks can be hard to choose between! Here are 10 to get you started:

1. Glühwein

Photo Credit: Lindsay Elliott

This hot spiced mulled wine embodies the warm and festive spirit of the Vancouver Christmas Market. When Malte Kluetz, Founder and President of the Market, decided to open a winter outdoor, people thought he was crazy. However, when you’re standing amid the lights with a cup of glühwein in your hands, his vision makes perfect sense. Even better, on the new Winterdeck, you can enjoy spectacular views of the North Shore while ordering the mulled wine from a roaming glühwein vendor (wine-filled pack on his/her back). It’s super innovative–and convenient!

2. Christmas Cocktails

Photo Credit: Tara Lee

Also new this year is the woodsy WunderBAR, which seats 40 and is the ideal intimate VIP escape from the busyness of the outdoor market. The space can be booked for corporate or family/friends holiday gatherings. Or, you can reserve hour-long tasting time-slots. On the menu are a variety of bevvies, including the Krampus (Okanagan Spirits Obstwasser Vodka, cranberry cocktail, pineapple juice, and a dash of cinnamon) and the Scrooge Sour (Okanagan Spirit applejack oaked whisky, lemon juice, and ginger clove simple syrup). A charcuterie board and a German dessert plate are also on offer to pair with your drinks.

3. Vegan Dosa

Photo Credit: Tara Lee

While traditional German cuisine is not exactly vegan friendly, the Vancouver Christmas Market has a stall for those who don’t want to indulge in schnitzel. Organic Villa Vegan Haus will be serving a quinoa and bean burger, roasted veggie wrap, as well as dosa (choice of plain, potato masala filling, or Szechuan chili tofu filling), served with lentil curry, tomato ginger chutney, and coconut chutney.

4. Pretzel

Photo Credit: Tara Lee

The smell of freshly baked pretzels is heavenly! At Mr. Pretzels (originating from Puerto Rico), you can watch the dough being hand-rolled. The soft pretzels, warm from the oven, are heavenly. Choose between the savoury salted version or the cinnamon sugar coating, if you’re feeling sweet.

5. Wild Mushroom Soup

Photo Credit: Tara Lee

Sometimes it can be a wee bit chilly at the Market. However, they have many food and drink items to warm you up, like the cream of wild mushroom soup with wild rice at the Taste the Wild hut. They’re also serving the perfect accompaniment: wild mushroom grilled cheese (or truffle grilled cheese).

6. Bratwurst

Photo Credit: Tara Lee

What could be more quintessential at a German Christmas market then a bratwurst in an artisan bun with sauerkraut? At the Freybe Brat Haus, you’ll also find weisswurst, Bavarian smokies, European wieners, and turkey chicken sausage. With a bit of mustard, you’re set.

7. Macarons

Photo Credit: Tara Lee

A new vendor this year, Bon Macaron has outdone itself with the holiday flavours. Make sure to try the egg nog and rum, mint chocolate, candy cane, cranberry white chocolate, mulled wine, or gingerbread.

8. Raclette

Photo Credit: Tara Lee

Who can say no to indulgent melted cheese? At Cheese Me Raclette, you can enjoy traditional Swiss raclette, with cheese scraped from the wheel over ingredients like potatoes, pickles, and pearl onions. Just watching the process is mouth watering.

9. Spätzle

Photo Credit: Tara Lee

Another staple at the Market is the incredibly enjoyable fresh herb egg pasta at Das Spätzle Haus. You can choose between a classic version with Swiss Emmental cheese and caramelized onion, or another version with wild mushroom sauce and pickled purple cabbage (both are vegetarian, with a lactose free option also available). They’re all served with gurkensalat, German cucumber salad.

10. Stuffed Pancakes

Photo Credit: Tara Lee

There are plenty of dessert options at the Market! For those who are indecisive, go for them all, especially these stuffed pancakes from Mr. Hotcakes. You can see them being freshly made on the griddle. The Original Hotcake is filled with cinnamon and brown sugar and then served with whipped cream (for extra decadence, add vanilla ice cream). Or, there’s also the Savoury Hotcake, filled with chives and veggies and served with sour cream and bacon bits.

If you want to gorge on it all, visit on Foodie Tuesdays (November 27 and December 4) when select vendors will be serving $4 and under tasters.

Further information on the Vancouver Christmas Market and tickets are available on-line.


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