Where to celebrate National Caesar Day in Vancouver (May 16)

caesar day edible canada

Image sourced from Edible Canada

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that the caesar is one of Canada’s most famous cocktails. The “unofficial drink of Canada” is a spicy and salty mixture that is typically made with vodka, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, spices, and Clamato juice. Visitors to Canada may know this drink by another name (Bloody Mary), but the main difference is the addition of Clamato juice.

This Thursday before the May long weekend, Canadians from coast to coast will be coming together for a toast to Canada’s unofficial cocktail for National Caesar Day on Thursday, May 16th.

For both the caesar connoisseur and the uninitiated, these tasty and tangy drinks can vary dramatically from bar to restaurant. So, if you’re looking for an excuse to celebrate with a tall glass of the Canadian classic cocktail, check out one of these fine establishments listed below:

caesar day mahony & sons

Image courtesy of Mahony & Sons

Paired with a perfect patio

The Mahoney & Sons location at Stamps Landing near Granville Island is one of the best places to enjoy a warm, spring evening in the city. Pair that waterfront view with a signature caesar cocktail, and you’ve got a winning evening!

The Mahoney & Sons signature caesar cocktail is mixed with: montreal steak spice, 1 oz vodka, clamato, horseradish and garnished with asparagus, a pepperoni stick and a green olive.

Taste all three…

Edible Canada on Granville Island is known for its innovative and delicious Canadian cuisine, it would make sense that they would also take their caesar creations seriously.

Make a stop at the restaurant in the heart of Granville Island and choose from one of their three creative options (or try all three!)

Maple Bacon Caesar: Stealth vodka, clamato, Worcestershire, sriracha, candied bacon, Amola caesar rim salt

Dill Pickle Caesar: our classic caesar made with Spirit Bear dill pickle infused vodka

Duck Fat Caesar: our classic caesar made with duck-fat infused Alberta Springs rye whisky

caesar day vancouver

Image sourced from Timber Vancouver Restaurant

Goes well with Canadian comfort food

In a tribute to the British Columbia’s rich timber history, Timber restaurant features a menu that reads like a roadmap of Canadian comfort food.

It should come to no surprise that Timber has absolutely mastered the classic Canadian cocktail. You’ve got four to choose from… Tried and true original version, a spicehouse version with paprika, mustard, and tabsco, a pickleback option with (you guessed it) pickle juice), and most notably, the signature caesar with a ketchup chip rim. Oh Canada!

For the vegans/vegetarians

If you’re not a fan of clam juice (the secret ingredient in most caesars), then head to Meet Restaurants for a vegan version of the classic drink, made with vodka, house-made vegan caesar mix, and garnish.

Truly west coast

If you’re a fan of oysters, you already know that Chewies Oyster Bar in Kitsilano and Coal Harbour is a must-visit. But, aside from the excellent deal on oysters to be had, they’re also known for their excellent signature caesar.

Garnished with a prawn and mixed with quality ingredients, the caesar at Chewies Oyster Bar is a truly west coast experience.

caesar day vancouver 2019

Image sourced from the Score on Davie

Blow the budget on this epic caesar

It’s a meal balanced precariously on a drink… The Score on Davie does not play when it comes to caesars. In fact, they’ve made it into a whole meal with the “Checkmate Caesar” that boasts hamburgers, chicken wings, and even dessert. Or, the Caesar Grande, which is garnished with a taco bowl…

If you’re not into a precariously stacked drink, there are several smaller versions available. Choose from toppings that include hot wings, an egg sandwich, or a cheeseburger.

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