Top 5 thrilling things to do this summer in Vancouver for adrenaline junkies

grouse mountain skyride

Image courtesy of Grouse Mountain |

Got a thrill seeker in your life? Someone who is always looking for the next shot of adrenaline? There’s plenty of activities in Vancouver for those feeling a little more than adventurous!

Consider this your action-packed adventure bucket list for the summer in Vancouver, if you can manage just one – you can manage them all! Check out our list of the top 5 activities for the adventurous and courageous thrill-seeker this summer in Vancouver.

1. Take a ride ON TOP of the Grouse Mountain Skyride

Almost everybody in Vancouver has taken at least one scenic cruise on the Grouse Mountain Skyride, but… they’ve always been contained inside the tram itself.

In the summer, Grouse Mountain kicks it up a notch by offering the Skyride Surf Adventure®. An epic ride that stands on top of the skyride on a special viewing platform.

Not for the faint at heart, this ride will get your heart pumping like no other!

Whistler Bungee Vancouver

Image courtesy of Groupon |

2. Go bungee jumping in Whistler

What would a list of thrill-seeking activities without mentioning bungee jumping? Whistler Bungee is the closest bungee jumping location to Vancouver and offers some amazing views (that you probably won’t notice out of sheer terror). The expert guides at Whistler Bungee will help you strap on and step out, but jumping is up to you…

No need to worry, they’ve got a pristine safety record and over 27 years of experience!

(Bonus: If you really want to add to the thrilling-ness of your day, why not drive up in your own Lambourghini?)

3. Tackle the world-class mountain biking trails in North Vancouver

“Big Stupid”, “Executioner”, “Floppy Bunny”, these are just a few of the amazing trails that make up the massive mountain biking terrain on Mount Fromme in North Vancouver.

With plenty of easy trails and a whole lot of hard ones, there’s something for everyone in this popular mountain biking area. There are plenty of places to rent bikes on the North Shore, and even a few instructors who can show you the ropes. Otherwise, study this map of Mount Fromme and if you already know what to do – let ‘er rip!

4. Go rock climbing or bouldering in Squamish

Just a short drive from Vancouver on the Sea to Sky Highway is the majestic town of Squamish, one of the most popular rock climbing destinations in the world.

Grab your chalk bag, climbing shoes, and ropes or crash pads and head to the Chief area for a great day of scaling the walls. If you’re not able to make the drive, there are some good walls closer to the city in places like Lighthouse Park and Lynn Valley.

grouse mountaintop ropes

Image courtesy of Grouse Mountain |

5. Walk across the canopy, high in the air…

For those not a fan of heights, this activity high atop Grouse Mountain will be quite an adrenaline rush! The Mountain Ropes Adventure is now open for thrill-seekers of all ages. Whether you’re a little timid or ready to tackle the highest trees, the aerial ropes course offers four routes with varying degrees of difficulty. Balance, jump, climb, swing and zip your way to the finish.

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