Filming in Vancouver: Whoopi Goldberg, Amber Heard, Katherine Heigl, Stephen King, and more

Amber Heard will star in an adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand

Horror and the supernatural—once again—is a somewhat recurring theme in this week’s roundup of what’s going on in Vancouver’s screen scene—with some notable names from genre titles. Stephen King and Sam Raimi, anyone?

And there’s also a comedy about a teenage girl who befriends a ghostly musical trio.

But there’s also a new female relationship drama TV series launching.

To find out more about all of these productions—and all the names that they’ll bring to town—read on for more details on what’s (and who’s) filming in Vancouver this time around.

Whoopi Goldberg

A classic post-apocalyptic horror-fantasy novel is getting a new TV adaptation.

A limited-series adaptation of Stephen King’s 1978 book The Stand, directed by Joshua Boone (The Fault in Our Stars), will shoot 10 episodes from today (September 16) to March 11.

It had previously been adapted into a 1994 TV mini-series, starring Gary Sinise, Molly Ringwald, Jamey Sheridan, and Rob Lowe.

The story is set in a world after almost all of humankind has been decimated by a pandemic and it’s up to a 108-year-old woman, to be played by Whoopi Goldberg (The View), must save the world.

Alexander Skårsgard

Alexander Skarsgård (Big Little Lies) will play Randall Flagg, also known as the Dark Man.

The cast also includes Amber Heard, Odessa Young, James Marsden, Jovan Adepo, Owen Teague, Henry Zaga, and Brad William Henke.

James Marsden

In other horror news, the TV movie 50 States of Fright also will film from September 16 to November 22.

It’s directed by Sam Raimi, Scott Beck, and Bryan Woods.

You may recognize Raimi as the director of the Spider-Man trilogy (2002 to 2007, starring Tobey Maguire), or horror flicks like the Evil Dead series and Drag Me to Hell.

Sam Raimi

Meanwhile, Beck and Woods were among the screenwriters and producers for the 2018 horror-drama A Quiet Place.

Unfortunately, further details, including cast members, aren’t available at this point. Yet the directing team alone makes this a promising project to watch.

Julie e os Fantasmas

The following day, another production launches within the realm of the supernatural. But rather than chills and thrills, this TV show falls into the domain of musical comedy.

Netflix’s Julie and the Phantoms begins shooting Season 1 on Tuesday (September 17) and continues until December 18.

Kenny Ortega

Directed by Kenny Ortega (High School Musical), this series is an adaptation of Brazilian TV series (Julie e os Fantasmas) in which a teenage girl discovers her passion for music with the help of a teen band, whose members have been dead for 25 years, while she helps them achieve the success they weren’t able to.

But the cast is yet to be revealed so we’ll have to wait to see who’s starring in this one.

Katherine Heigl

In the meantime, another new Netflix series also gets going today.

Firefly Lane gets on set to shoot 10 episodes of Season 1 from Tuesday (September 17) to January 21.

Directed by Peter O’Fallon (UnReal), this series adapts the novel by Kristin Hannah in which two lifelong friends, Tully and Kate, face a test of their relationship when a betrayal brings the prospect of them each going their separate ways.

Sarah Chalke

Katherine Heigl (Grey’s Anatomy) will play talk-show host and journalist Tully while Vancouver’s own Sarah Chalke (Roseanne) will portray the shy Kate.

The cast includes Ben Lawson, Beau Garrett, Ali Skovbye, and Roan Curtis.

The premiere date is yet to be announced.

Ben Lawson

That may be all for this week but as faithful readers already know, we’ll have plenty more news to share so until our next instalment, keep your eye out for Vancouver on a screen near you.


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