How to Support Vancouver Restaurants Without Dining In

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, Vancouver restaurants are being hit hard. In a show of solidarity, the hospitality industry is banding together with an initiative aimed to encourage support with non-dine in suggestions.

Even though you are adhering to social distancing and not eating in restaurants, you may still want to support a Vancouver restaurant, or enjoy at home some of the delicious food that this city’s establishments have to offer. Here’s how:

With 56 participating BC restaurants and more joining every day, Breaking Bread is already fostering a strong sense of community within the hospitality industry. Any other local, independent establishments interested in taking part are invited to sign-up. And of course, you can similarly support other Vancouver restaurants who are not a part of Breaking Bread.

Breaking Bread underlines that supporting a Vancouver restaurant entails helping out a host of individuals and companies, including cooks, front-of-house staff, suppliers, local producers, and delivery people.

They have the following suggestions for non-dine in support: pick up take-out (maintaining appropriate physical distance), order delivery, and purchasing gift cards and merchandise. Any love on social media and other digital channels is also greatly appreciated. And lots of kindness always goes a long way.

In its list of participating restaurants, Breaking Bread has an entry for each, with support options available (e.g. take-out, delivery, gift card). Members of Breaking Bread include: Ask for Luigi, Burdock & Co., Café Medina, Di Beppe, Dockside Restaurant, Edible Canada, Nuba, PiDGiN, Pourhouse, Robba Da Matti, and Tuc Craft Kitchen.

Photo Sourced from Di Beppe

More info can be found on Breaking Bread’s website.


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