9 Free e-Volver Festival Performances To Watch This June

Upintheair Theatre company will present its first e-Volver Festival, a live digital performance series developed to replace the cancelled rEvolver Festival, from Thursday, June 18 to Saturday, June 27, 2020.

Premiering a series of nine performances—by local and national, emerging to mid-career solo performers and interdisciplinary companies—the series will expressly reflect on the time we are living in now. In keeping with rEvolver’s curatorial aesthetic, the works run the spectrum of contemporary genres with dark comedy, dance, a DJ set, drag art, roleplay, video games, and a zombie film homage. All events are free, although advanced registration is required for some performances. Register for your virtual seat!


Here’s what you can look forward to:

A Light Touch, by Mind of a Snail Puppet Co., Vancouver

Feeling a little stir-crazy? Craving the human touch and connection you get from a therapist, hairdresser, chiropractor, surgeon, palm reader, travel agent, live theatre artist? Relax as Mind of a Snail helps manifest our desired illusions into virtual realities.


New Societies, by Re:Current Theatre, Vancouver

Create your ideal society in a mega-game of collaboration, competition, and potential Utopia. New Societies is an immersive interactive digital experience playing a strategic board game. Players gather in newly formed societies online and compete against or collaborate with each other in order to build their ideal society.


DESIREE AMA, by Scott Button, Vancouver

Six years ago, Desiree unleashed a raw, impromptu set in a comedy club that ended up going viral. Now in a quarantine-addled funk, she takes to Zoom and hosts an AMA (Ask Me Anything), fielding questions and inviting followers to “call in” to tell their stories. But when a mysterious Caller has a connection to her past, Desiree is reminded of who she used to be and is forced to confront her cynicism and pain – all over a Zoom call.


Escape, by Future Leisure, Vancouver

Escape is a one on one interactive performance exploring themes of escapism, psychogeography, corporeality and the dissociation from the body that comes with an increase of online interaction. This work is an individualized experience taking place between midnight and 3am.


House of Rice: In Rice-olation, by Shay Dior, Vancouver

A digital art drag show featuring video, audio, and live performances expressing the experiences around being both queer and Asian in Vancouver.


Selective Memory, by Todd Simmons, Vancouver

In Jamaican Sound System culture, the ‘Selector’ is the one who selects what record to play at a party, sound clash. Exploring the idea that items hold memories, and through physical contact with certain items a Proustian effect (the vivid reliving of events from the past through sensory stimuli) can be elicited.


ishkwe-ayi’ii (at the end of it), by Olivia Shortt, Toronto

Let’s poke fun of ourselves and make light of a truly dark subject, the end of humanity, (especially while staying at home during a pandemic). Perhaps this is a moment where we can reconsider how to do better for the planet?

Strangers on the ‘Net, by Soft Chaos, Montreal

Get ready to gossip, roleplay, flirt, fight, fall in love, confess your secrets, explore your identity, and confront what it meant to be a teenager online in the 90s. An immersive digital roleplay experience, Strangers on the ‘Net is designed to encourage participants to reconcile the views of their youth with those that they hold in adulthood.


Yard Dances for Joy and Healing, by Ben Gorodetsky, Waterloo

Part physical prayer for grounding, part public performance of parenting, part cathartic dance party. A combination of movement, storytelling, improvisation, multi-camera feeds, and pure toddler chaos.


Head to the e-Volver website for showtimes and to learn more about this Vancouver based digital festival.


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