10 Beautiful Places to Take a Walk around Vancouver

Trout Lake in Vancouver

Trout Lake. Photo credit: Tourism Vancouver / Nelson Mouellic

Walking is a great way to improve your health and fitness while also getting to know Vancouver a bit better. From parks to gardens to beaches to architecture, there is so much to see while exploring on foot. Here are our picks for 10 beautiful places to take a walk around Vancouver.

Stanley Park Seawall, Vancouver

The 9-kilometre loop around Stanley Park on the seawall is Vancouver’s most famous walking path and it’s easy to see why. It has incredible views of the North Shore mountains, the downtown skyline, Burrard Inlet, and English Bay.

People walk on the seawall in Vancouver's Stanley Park

Walking on the seawall near Siwash Rock. Photo credit: Tourism Vancouver / Destination Canada (CTC)


Trout Lake, Vancouver

Trout Lake at John Hendry Park in East Vancouver is an urban oasis. Follow the path around the tiny lake and be sure to take the short spur trails to quiet viewpoints surrounded by lilypads.


Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver

Queen Elizabeth Park sits atop Little Mountain, the highest point in the City of Vancouver. Admire the view from the top, then follow paths downhill to the beautifully manicured Quarry Gardens or the quiet tranquility of a nearby cedar grove.

Quarry Gardens in Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver

Quarry Gardens in Queen Elizabeth Park. Photo credit: Tourism Vancouver / Nelson Mouellic


Spirit Trail, North Vancouver and West Vancouver

In the Squamish language, the Spirit Trail is called Shewalh Stelmexw (Sha-woth Stol-molth), which means “people’s path”. The trail stretches from Ambleside Park in the west to Park and Tilford Gardens in the west. Stop at Lonsdale Quay for a break along the way.


Self-Guided Architecture Walking Tours, Vancouver

Explore Vancouver’s unique buildings on a self-guided architecture walking tour. The City of Vancouver has put together free walking tour guides with turn-by-turn directions that will help you explore the history of neighbourhoods like Chinatown, Gastown, and Downtown.

Millenium Gate in Chinatown in Vancouver, BC

Millenium Gate in Chinatown. Photo credit: Tourism Vancouver / Nelson Mouellic


Central Park, Burnaby

Burnaby’s Central Park is home to a giant forest of cedar, Douglas-fir, and western hemlocks. Walk the Perimeter Trail around the outside, or explore the interior paths that wind through the woods past several small ponds, sports fields, and playgrounds.


Steveston and South Dyke Trail, Richmond

From the village of Steveston, head east on the South Dyke Trail. The path follows the banks of the Fraser River past the Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site into Richmond’s farmland.

Buildings at the Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site in Richmond

Buildings at the Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site along the South Dyke Trail in Richmond. Photo credit: Tourism Richmond


Jericho Beach to Spanish Banks, Vancouver

Stroll next to the ocean on the gravel path that runs from Jericho Beach, past Locarno Beach to Spanish Banks. It’s a 3.5 km walk one-way with great views of the North Shore mountains.


Shoreline Trail, Port Moody

Walk along the edge of Burrard Inlet in Port Moody. Follow the Shoreline Trail as it weaves through trees and crosses several picturesque bridges and boardwalks. You can start your walk from Rocky Point Park, Old Orchard Park, or the Port Moody Recreation Centre.

Boardwalk on the Shoreline Trail in Port Moody

Boardwalk on the Shoreline Trail in Port Moody. Photo credit: Russ Sawdon in the Inside Vancouver Flickr pool


Crescent Beach, Surrey

Escape to the beach with a walk at Crescent Beach in South Surrey. Stroll the gravel path above the sandy shoreline or extend your walk out to Blackie Spit. It’s an important area for migratory birds and you can sometimes spot seals offshore, so bring your binoculars.



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4 Responses to 10 Beautiful Places to Take a Walk around Vancouver

  1. All these places look just amazing. In particular Queen Elizabeth Park seems to be very appealing!
    Hope to be able to visit Canada soon!
    Thanks for sharing Linda.

  2. GP

    RemarksJust add Deer Lake in BBY and all my favourite walks will be listed.

  3. Remarks….Mud Bay in Surrey to Tsawwassen is a beautiful 12 mile walk as is the Richmond dyke walk from Steveston to McDonald beach on the Fraser River!

  4. Remarks, try the skytrain trail, it goes from vancouver to new westminster and if you tire you can hop on the skytrain home, lots of places to eat and drink.