Lyft is Partnering with Toyota Canada to Make Zero-Emission Vehicles Accessible to Eligible Drivers in Metro Vancouver

Your next ride in metro Vancouver might be a little quieter, already one in five Lyft vehicles are already zero-emissions or hybrid vehicles. Now Lyft and Toyota Canada, are teaming up in Metro Vancouver to make the Toyota Mirai —a hydrogen-powered, zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) —accessible to drivers on the Lyft platform.

Metro Vancouver has long been a centre of fuel cell technology innovation and development with companies such as Ballard Power being joined by an entire ecosystem of hydrogen technology companies. There are already three hydrogen refuelling stations in North Vancouver, Vancouver and Burnaby that allow fuel-cell vehicles to refuel in just 5 minutes. In September 2020, the BC Government announced plans to support the installation of an additional 10 refuelling stations in BC. Fuel-cell vehicles are part of the provincial Zero-emissions Vehicle Act that outlines how B.C. will make the switch to 100% light-duty electric vehicle sales by 2040.

Lyft recognizes that transportation is the second-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the country and in June 2020 made a commitment to reach 100% electric vehicles by 2030. The Toyota Mirai asa hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicle only emits water from the tailpipe which helps to improve local air quality and eliminates CO2emissions from rides.

The fast hydrogen refuelling times may also be attractive to drivers, as they will reduce recharging downtime found with battery electric vehicles that can take between one to two hours at a DC fast charging station.

Lyft identified that currently, the up-front costs of zero-emission vehicles are a barrier to adoption for their drivers. Starting on February 10th, through this first-of-its-kind Canadian partnership, eligible drivers on the Lyft platform in Metro Vancouver can now rent Toyota Mirai sedans. By doing so drivers, who would prefer not to use their personal vehicles for rideshare are now able to rent a zero-emissions vehicle. Driver candidates, who would want to drive on the Lyft platform but don’t own their own vehicle are also able to start with a lower barrier to a zero-emissions vehicle.

Peter Lukomskyj at the wheel of Toyota Mirai at Kits Beach

Vancouver is known globally as a leader in sustainability, as well as for its natural beauty. These were two of the main reasons I moved here to raise my family years ago, so I’m proud that through this partnership, I can help contribute to an even cleaner future for our children.” Peter Lukomskyjis an approved Lyft driver… in addition to being Lyft’s General Manager in BC, and a Tourism Vancouver Board Member.

For local consumers and visitors, this will be a great way to discover for the first time what it feels like to ride in a zero-emissions fuel-cell electric vehicle. This also shows how businesses can be a part of helping Metro Vancouver reach its climate goals and continue the transition to a thriving low-carbon economy. For more information check out Lyft’s information page.


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