Things To Do in Vancouver This Weekend

Photo credit: Vision Event Photography/Tourism Vancouver

Is it Friday yet? I am not sure about you, but I am so ready to enjoy the sunshine we’ve been promised! We live in a beautiful place, let’s not forget that and get out there. Stay active, fill your cup with joy and do something fun this weekend.

Until further notice, in line with the public health order, non-essential travel into, within, and out of BC is not recommended. BC residents, let’s do our part by continuing to stay small and support local with your immediate household, in accordance with the latest guidelines.

Photo credit: BC Bird Trail

The BC Bird Trail

Where: Fraser Valley, Richmond, Delta
What: British Columbia’s super, natural landscapes provide a safe haven to thousands of migratory birds every year. The BC Bird Trail is your guide to exploring BC’s Pacific Flyway, offering a series of self-guided itineraries showcasing the regions our feathered friends seek out year after year. The birders of all levels are encouraged to Look Up and Stay Grounded as they explore vibrant communities and outdoor experiences providing new opportunities to engage, learn, and grow.

Photo credit: Take Off Photography

Guided Virtual Big Easter Run

Where: Jericho Beach
What: Come run the official Big Easter Run route with voice guided navigation around Jericho Beach Park. This holiday themed virtual run offers a 5km or 10km Run/Walk around scenic Jericho Beach Park. Run with the local bunnies, enjoy a scenic run along the water, through the trees and around the park, while hearing fun facts about Easter and motivational messages from special guests! Suitable for all ages and abilities including strollers and leashed dogs.
Runs until April 25, 2021

Photo credit: Vancouver Mysteries

Outdoor Games with Vancouver Mysteries

Where: Various Locations, Downtown Vancouver
What:  Vancouver Mysteries is a fully outdoor, Covid secure game that takes you throughout downtown Vancouver solving clues in teams. Teams must be within the same household and you can pick the adventure that sounds the most fun to you! Choose one of four outdoor game routes and have fun solving a mystery.

Photo credit: Vancouver’s Farmers Markets

Riley Park Winter Farmers Market

Where: 50 E 30th Avenue & Ontario Street
What: 70+ farms and producers, food and coffee trucks.
Runs on Saturdays until April 24, 2021

Hastings Park Farmers Market

Where: Hastings Park Centregrounds
What: 35+ farms and producers. food and coffee trucks.
Runs on Sundays until April 25, 2021

Photo credit: Imagine Van Gogh

Imagine Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience

Where: Vancouver Convention Centre West
What: In this exhibition, visitors of all ages discover a new way of reconnecting with the work of this great master. The very concept of Imagine Van Gogh is grandiose: visitors wander amongst giant projections of the artist’s paintings, swept away by every brushstroke, detail, painting medium and colour. Immersed in an extraordinary experience where all senses become fully awakened, viewers will be truly moved by such spectacular beauty. Visitors discover more than 200 of Van Gogh’s paintings, including his most famous works, painted between 1888 and 1890 in Provence, Arles and Auvers-sur-Oise.
Runs until August 29, 2021

Photo credit: Science World

Arctic Voices

Where: Science World
What: Arctic Voices takes visitors on a riveting journey over the tundra and into the world’s northernmost biome. Enjoy an immersive experience of the fascinating, changing Arctic through its many voices: its people, ecology, wildlife and way of life. Dance with auroras, hop on ice floes and learn just how deeply connected we are to the Arctic through this feature exhibition that will leave you awestruck and inspired.
Runs until September 6, 2021

Photo credit: Moon & Back Gallery

Mirror Light Gallery

Where: Moon & Back Gallery
What: Vancouver’s First Mirror Light Rooms Installations for fun and photo perfect moments. Get your cameras out!

Photo credit: Surrey Art Gallery

I Spy a City

Where: Surrey Art Gallery
What: Riffing on the children’s game of “I spy,” Flavourcel’s project for UrbanScreen captures different sights from across Whalley and the broader Surrey region in animated form. The collective invites you to “spy” the things that connect with you: nearby shop facades, local ingredients, Surrey wildlife, popular sports, and more.
Runs until May 2, 2021

Artwork by Sheila Letwiniuk

Spirituality, Art, and Community: An exhibition of artworks from members of our community

Where: Christ Church Cathedral
What: Partnership of Christ Church Cathedral, posAbilities & Outsiders and Others to “bring light and hope to our community in a time of panic and isolation.” This show includes artwork by 19 members of the Christ Church community. Displayed in the Cathedral windows, it can be seen at any time. Also viewable online (see website).
Runs until May 2, 2021

Photo credit: North Van Arts

North Van Arts: Mother Tongue

Where: CityScape Community ArtSpace
What: What is motherhood? What does it mean to be a mother? These questions are explored in Mother Tongue. The exhibition draws together multiple mothers’ narratives by creating a visual language of their experiences, challenging the notions of motherhood.
Runs until April 10, 2021

Photo credit: Le Centre Culturel Francophone de Vancouver

Exhibition “Aquatika” Sylvie Peltier

Where: Le Centre Culturel Francophone de Vancouver
What: Sylvie Peltier’s exhibition “Aquatika” explores the richness and complexity of nature, which is so much more than a mountain, a sunset, a forest, or a lake. Recently she has been experimenting with the interplay of lily pads, reeds, and water and the mysterious abstract motifs they create.
Runs until April 22, 2021

Photo credit: Griffin Art Projects

Whose Chinatown? Examining Chinatown Gazes in Art, Archives, and Collections

Where: Griffin Art Projects
What: Whose Chinatown? Examining Chinatown Gazes in Art, Archives, and Collections,” brings together an art history of Chinatowns and their communities by historical and contemporary Canadian artists such Emily Carr, Unity Bainbridge, Yucho Chow, Fred Herzog, Paul Wong, Mary Sui Yee Wong, Morris Lum, and aiya哎呀, among others.
Runs on Saturdays until May 1, 2021

Photo credit: Bill Reid Gallery

Indigenous History in Colour

Where: Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art
What: This solo exhibition by Luke Parnell is a powerful exploration of the relationship between Northwest Coast Indigenous oral histories, conceptual art, and traditional formline design. Indigenous History in Colour’s playful juxtapositions and bold commentary are inspired by history, pop culture, and Bill Reid. Parnell’s multidisciplinary analysis of the shifting perspectives of Northwest Coast art in modern history challenges contemporary discourse on notions of reconciliation, repatriation and representation today.
Runs until May 9, 2021

Photo credit: Polygon Gallery

A Feast for the Eyes

Where: Polygon Gallery
What: Feast for the Eyes explores the rich history of food as one of photography’s most prevalent and enduring subjects. In an age where sharing images of food has emerged as a unique facet of contemporary culture, this exhibition offers a look at the timeless ways in which things we eat shape us and our perceptions of the world.
Runs until May 30, 2021

Photo credit: The BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum

Paddles Up! The Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival Exhibit

Where: The BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum
What: Paddles Up! The Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival Exhibit explores the festival’s history since the sport’s arrival at Expo 86. Discover unique artifacts, including two full-sized dragon boats, hear stories from athletes of all backgrounds, and learn about the festival’s cultural heritage.
Runs on Fridays and Saturdays until May 31, 2021

Photo credit: Stefano Benazzo

Silent Witness

Where: Vancouver Maritime Museum
What: Silent Witness features a collection of photographs by Italian photographer and artist Stefano Benazzo who has spent decades seeking shipwrecks from some of the most remote locations around the globe. His work narrates the scenes of these wrecks with light and portrays the soul of the abandoned vessels. The photographs in Silent Witness tell the story of decay for these ships, capturing their architecture and presenting them as sculptures embedded in the landscape.
Runs until July 18, 2021

Photo credit: Museum of Anthropology

A Future for Memory: Art and Life After the Great East Japan Earthquake

Where: Museum of Anthropology at UBC
What: The exhibition coincides with the 10th anniversary of the 2011 triple disaster that saw a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown hit the eastern region of Japan. A Future for Memory highlights nature’s destructive impact on humans and its regenerative potential, and explores how humans live in harmony with nature. It also examines how new connections and relationships have developed in the aftermath of this tragic event.
Runs until September 5, 2021

Photo credit: Vancouver Art Gallery

Sun Xun: Mythological Time

Where: Vancouver Art Gallery
What: Sun Xun is a mid-career Chinese artist who works in a range of mediums including painting, drawing, animation, video and installation. In his highly imaginative video installation Mythological Time (2016), Sun takes viewers on a journey through his hometown of Fuxin in northern China, a coal-mining centre facing the depletion of its economic lifeblood. Sun’s video installation from the Gallery’s collection will be presented alongside a major 30-metre ink painting, being shown for the first time.
Runs until September 6, 2021

Photo credit: Museum of Vancouver

A Seat at the Table

Where: Museum of Vancouver
What: The Museum of Vancouver and the University of British Columbia proudly present a new feature exhibition, A Seat at the Table, Chinese Immigration and British Columbia. This exhibition explores historical and contemporary stories of Chinese Canadians in BC and their struggles for belonging. It looks to food and restaurant culture as an entry point to feature stories that reveal the great diversity of immigrant experience and of the communities immigrants develop.
Runs until January 2022

Phot credit: Maritime Museum

Storytime Saturdays with Maritime Museum – Online

Settle in and listen to a maritime-themed story on Saturday mornings. This event for ages four and up includes activities to engage little ones in ocean themes. Themes include seashore appreciation, marine animals and myths of the sea.
Runs on Saturdays at 10 am. Registration required. 

Photo credit: Stefano Benazzo

Silent Witness with Stefano Benazzo – Online

Meet Italian photographer Stefano Benazzo and learn about his work travelling to remote locations to shoot shipwrecks. These photos are part of a feature exhibition at the VMM called Silent Witness. This virtual presentation includes a visual feast of photographs and stories of adventure.
Sunday, April 11, 2021

Photo credit: Cherry Blossom Festival

Haiku Invitational – Online

The Haiku Invitational presented by Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel Ltd. is an online contest with six main categories receiving submissions from all over the world.  Submit up to two unpublished and original works on the theme of cherry blossoms! The top poems in six main categories (Vancouver, BC, Canada, United States, International, and Youth (age 17 and younger) will receive celebrity readings and be featured in creative ways during the 2021 festival.
Runs until June 1, 2021

Photo credit: Flick Harrison

Ne. Sans Opera and Dance – Online

Choreographer Idan Cohen shows excerpts from his research to stage Gluck’s monumental opera Orfeo ed Euridice as an innovative contemporary dance work. Bringing together six dancers, five opera singers, musical director Leslie Dala and costume designer Evan Clayton, Cohen’s research views Orpheus not as a god, but as an artist – a human who looks at the complex and sometimes violent history of western, classical opera and dance with eyes wide open, the dancing body serving as a living example of human strength and fragility. This pre-recorded showing will share excerpts of work in progress, and a discussion with the choreographer.
Streaming until April 13, 2021

Photo credit: North Van Arts

North Shore Art Crawl – Online

Are you ready for an art crawl? With over 60 artists participating in this year’s North Shore Art Crawl, everyone can discover some amazing art. Visitors can scroll and swipe their way across the North Shore with artist webpages showcasing studio practices and exhibitions. The North Shore Art Crawl is an opportunity for local audiences and remote browsers to explore these creative, talented, and passionate North Shore artists. Encounter new artists and learn more about the inspiration, technique and practices behind their works.
Runs until April 12, 2021

Photo credit: Vancouver Opera

Vancouver Opera – The Music Shop – Online

In this brilliant comedy (that is great for the family!), a meek husband desperately searches a music shop for a song requested by his wife. But if only he could remember the title or the tune of the song! His Wagnerian wife appears in a series of hilarious hallucinations during his mad scramble through the ill-fated music shop. If you enjoy opera, music theatre, musicals like Into the Woods, and zany comedy you’ll love this opera. A Canadian premiere performed and directed by the Vancouver Opera Yulanda M. Faris Young Artists Program participants.
Runs until April 12, 2021

Photo credit: Chan Centre

Chan Centre’s Spring 2021 Dot Com Series – Online

The Chan Centre’s Spring 2021 Dot Com Series features eight all-new performances which will be delivered 100% online and recorded around the globe—from Mexico to Montreal to our very own Chan Centre stage. Additional Performances launched every two weeks.
Runs until May 31, 2021

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