Send a free postcard to your friends and relatives telling them how much you miss them!

Canadians have long been known for coming together but this past year things have been different. Though much has changed, one thing remains the same — our desire to see each other again.

To help us all reconnect with friends and family across the country, Destination Canada has created postcards for you to send to your loved ones, inspired by some of our country’s great destinations. Now is the time to tell those in Canada you miss them and to start planning your reunion when restrictions ease.

All you need to do to send your friends and family a postcard can be captured in four easy steps:

1. Pick a postcard they’ll love.
2. Write your message.
3. Address the card.
4. Hit send.

We’ll print and mail the postcard to anywhere in Canada, and they can expect to receive it in about 3-6 business days. It’s that easy.

Currently postcards can only be sent within Canada, however, in the future we hope to be able to extend the invitation to friends and family further afield.

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