Shop Local Holiday Gifts & Support Granville Island this Holiday Season

Sure, we’ve all heard it. Shop local! But what does buying local really mean to your community? If you’re gifting with Granville Island Delivery Co, our boxes are all full of local holiday delights, benefiting multiple local companies. Let’s take a look inside our Charcuterie, Cheese & Wine Gift Box.

You Can Make a Difference: Here are our Top 4 Reasons for Shopping Local

  1. Community Investment: For every $100 spent at a local business, $67 remains in our community, unlike buying from a big box store.
  2. Environmental Health: Buying local means your purchases required less transportation to reach you, fewer packing supplies, which equals less pollution.
  3. Local Employment: 90% of new jobs are created by locally owned businesses, and provide the most jobs to Vancouver residents.
  4. Better Selection for You: Local companies focus on the needs and preferences of their own community, keeping Vancouver culture unique.

Support your Local Tourism Businesses

Granville Island Delivery Co. is a covid gift business started by the team at Vancouver Foodie Tours when covid hit Vancouver in March 2020. Help them restart Vancouver Foodie Tours so they can come back stronger by purchasing a gift card. It can be redeemed as soon as they relaunch in Spring 2022.

Have questions or want to order local holiday gifts with Granville Island Delivery Co.?

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