10 Destination-Worthy Skateboard Parks Around Vancouver

UBC Skate Park in Vancouver

UBC Skate Park. Photo: Newline Skateparks

Vancouver has a long history of skateboard culture with the first dedicated skate parks opening in the late 1970s. Today the region is home to dozens of skate parks. Here are our picks for 10 you won’t want to miss.


Downtown Skateboard Plaza, Vancouver

With a covered location underneath the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts, the plaza is a great place to skateboard in any weather. It is a street-style park with lots of rails, curbs, steps, and ramps and is best suited for advanced skateboarders.

Where: Quebec Street at Union Street, Vancouver

Downtown Skateboard Plaza in Vancouver

Photo: Vancouver Parks, Recreation and Culture


UBC Skate Park, Vancouver

Opened in 2013, the UBC Skate Park is North America’s first on-campus concrete skateboard park. It has a bowled mini-ramp, ledges, rails and a unique stacked books feature that is a nod to its university setting.

Where: 6066 Thunderbird Boulevard, Vancouver

UBC Skate Park in Fall colours

Photo: Newline Skateparks


Kensington Skateboard Park, Vancouver

This smaller skate park features a pool-style bowl with a depth of 9.5 feet at the deep end and 5 feet at the shallow end. You’ll also find a mini-ramp and amphitheatre-style ledges.

Where: Knight Street at East 37th Avenue, Vancouver

Kensington Skate Park in Vancouver

Photo: Newline Skateparks


China Creek Skateboard Park, Vancouver

The bowls at China Creek Park make up Vancouver’s first skateboard park, which opened in 1979. Today it’s still a popular spot for skateboarders and BMX riders.

Where: 1260 East Broadway, Vancouver


Hastings Skateboard Park, Vancouver

Over the years this concrete skate park has hosted some huge comps including the Vans Park Series. It has a three connected bowls as well as a street-style area. Find it on the west side of Hastings Park in between the PNE Forum and the Italian Gardens.

Where: Renfrew Street at Pandora Street, Vancouver


Leeside Tunnel Skateboard Park, Vancouver

This abandoned tunnel is one of the most unique places to skateboard in Vancouver. It is located underneath the Cassiar Street connector next to Highway 1. The tunnel is 7 metres high, 49 metres long, and includes mini-ramps, grind poles, and quarter pipes. The park is named in memory of local skateboarder Lee Matasi and was built by volunteers.

Where: Cassiar Connector at East Hastings Street, Vancouver

Leeside Tunnel skateboard park in Vancouver lit up at night

Photo: Leeside Tunnel DIY Skate Park Fundraiser/GoFundMe


Peter Sullivan Skate Park, West Vancouver

Formerly known as the Ambleside Skate Park, this park was renamed in 2016 to honour Peter Sullivan, a North Shore local and skateboard industry pioneer. The park has a mini-ramp and a street area.

Where: 1200 Argyle Avenue, West Vancouver

Peter Sullivan Skate Park aerial view

Photo: Jonathan Lo/Supra


Metro Skate Park, Burnaby

Located next to Metrotown at Bonsor Park, this skate park has features for both beginners and advanced skaters. There’s a street-style zone, a bowl zone with a full pipe, and a beginner section with a shallow bowl and curbs to practice grinding.

Where: 42 Central Boulevard, Burnaby

Metro Skate Park in Burnaby

Photo: City of Burnaby Recreation & Arts


Railside Skate Park, Port Coquitlam

This park has lots of rails, hips, stairs, and ledges in the street area plus a big bowl zone. It’s located at the south end of Lions Park, right next to the railyards.

Where: 2300 Lions Way, Port Coquitlam


Chuck Bailey Skate Park, Surrey

Located outside the Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre, this huge skate plaza has a big covered area for rainy days. There are lots of ramps, rails, and bowls mixed in with local art installations.

Where: 13458 107 Avenue, Surrey

Skateboard park at Chuck Bailey Youth Park in Surrey

Photo: Newline Skateparks

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