Vancouver Food Trucks Offer Diverse and Tasty Eats

Photo: Praguery

Ever since the City of Vancouver launched an initiative in 2010 to expand food truck offerings, Vancouver has enjoyed a bountiful array of amazing street food. They’re ideal for quick and delicious summer eats.


  1. The first thing to consult is the Vancouver Street Food App to find where various trucks can be found on a given day. Some of them have a regular location while others roam quite a bit. Their weekend versus weekday locations can vary too. You can also visit their social media accounts for updates. Make sure to check a given truck’s schedule before heading out to visit them to avoid being disappointed.
  2. Look out for food trucks at festivals and events, ranging from the Khatsahlano Street Party to the Shipyards Live night market in North Vancouver.
  3. There are events happening periodically that are entirely focused on bringing together a variety of sought after food trucks. Examples include Thank Granville It’s Food Trucks and The Greater Vancouver Food Truck Festival.
  4. Food trucks frequently park outside of craft breweries so you can enjoy bites with your beers. Breweries with food trucks nearby include 33 Acres Brewing Co. and Container Brewing.
  5. Finally, you’ll find food trucks at parks and plazas, such as Jonathan Rogers Park, Olympic Village Square, and around the Vancouver Art Gallery. During the week, they’re stationed in front of office towers to catch workers during their breaks. They’re also regularly at farmers markets around the city.

10 Food Trucks to Try in Vancouver


Photo: Praguery

What: If you’re looking for a sweet treat to enjoy after a savoury feast, or you just want a dessert on its own, head to Praguery. This truck specializes in traditional Transylvanian chimney cakes, which is golden and crisp on the exterior and fluffy inside. They’re rolled up and then can be eaten with a dusting of cinnamon sugar, crushed almonds, or shredded coconut. Or, you can enjoy them with a decadent filling, such as vanilla soft serve with caramel sauce and candied pecans. Vegan options are available.
Where: Waterfront Centre (950 West Cordova Street); McArthur Glen Outlet (1000-7899 Templeton Station Road, Richmond); Sea to Sky Gondola (36800 BC-99, Squamish)

Rosie’s BBQ & Smokehouse

Photo: Tara Lee

What: Launched last year to great success, Rosie’s BBQ & Smokehouse serves up mouth-watering Texas BBQ. Chef Karl Gregg perfected slow-cooked Southern meat during the pandemic based on the knowledge and expertise he gained from his many trips to BBQ spots in Texas. You can order meat by the pound, or go for one of the generous platters, such as the Texas Trinity with brisket, smoked beef links, and ribs—all served with house-made cornbread, slaw, and pit beans (ideal for sharing). Handhelds include a smoked brisket sandwich, a smoked burger melt, and a smoked chicken sandwich. High quality local meats are sourced.
Where: Various locations, including Vancouver Canadians’ Tailgate parties; check for up-to-date schedule

Tokyo Katsu-Sand

The chicken katsu sando; Photo: Tara Lee

What: Tokyo Katsu-Sand offers really great sandwiches with a Japanese twist to them. Enjoy toasted sweet white bread with a variety of deep-fried panko-coated fillings. The crowd favourite is without a doubt the deep-fried beef strip loin sandwich with wasabi mayonnaise but they also make excellent chicken, black cod, pork, and shrimp katsu versions. Order a side of fries or takoyaki.
Where: 800 Granville Street

NaMì Vietnamese

Banh mi, spring rolls, and chasu pork belly vermicelli bowl from NaMi Vietnamese; Beef shawarma plate from Marhaba Lebanese Food; Photo: Tara Lee

What: Really great Vietnamese fare can be found at NaMì Vietnamese food truck. They offer three main types of items: banh mi with fillings like chasu pork belly with pickled carrots and daikon, cucumber, mayo, and pâté; banana blossom salads with proteins, such as lemongrass turmeric tofu with soy dressing; and vermicelli bowls, such as one with lemongrass chicken, chili fish sauce, shredded cabbage, pickled carrots and daikon, bean sprouts, cucumber, and mixed herbs. You won’t be able to resist ordering spring rolls as well.
Where: Often at Granville and West Georgia Street

Chickpea Food Truck

Photo: Chickpea

What: Most of Vancouver’s food trucks carry a vegetarian/vegan option. In addition, there are trucks like Chickpea that are entirely plant-based. As the name suggests, they’re all about the chickpeas (the whole concept started with a really good version of hummus). Basically, you choose whether you want a platter, pita, salad, rice bowl, or hummus plate, and then choose your main. The falalel are always a good bet but there are plenty of tempting options, like deep fried tempura oyster mushrooms or schnitzelonim, breaded smoked tofu. Their signature chickpea fries are a crowd favourite. They have a brick-and-mortar location if you want to try more extensive menu offerings from them.
Where: Often at 4th Avenue and Yew Street

Mom’s Grilled Cheese

The Sweet Little Lily; Photo: Mom’s Grilled Cheese

What: Some of Vancouver’s food trucks have survived the test of time—and for good reason. Mom’s Grilled Cheese has been around for over a decade, building a loyal and enthusiastic following for their gourmet grilled cheese. It’s comfort food to the max. You can customize your own grilled cheese by choosing your bread (e.g., sourdough), cheese (e.g, Havarti), and add-ons (e.g., smoked bacon) or go for one of their creative daily specials, such as the meatloaf grilled cheese with marinara sauce and melted mozzarella on French bread.
Where: Often at the Vancouver Art Gallery (700 Howe Street), check up-to-date schedule

Ay! Mamacita

Photo: Tara Lee

What: Vancouver has a ton of great Mexican food trucks, including Tacofino’s beloved pink and blue trucks, Arturo’s, and Top Rope Birria. The tacos from Ay! Mamacita are authentic in flavour and use only the freshest of ingredients and handmade sauces and salsas. Owner and chef Alejandro Bello takes great pride in the quality of everything he makes. Artisan tacos range from a chicken alambre with bacon, roasted peppers, melted cheese, pickled onion, and salsa verde, to one with garlic prawns with cabbage, chipotle mayo, tomato and corn salsa, green onion, and sprouts. Rice bowls are also on offer, as well as refreshing agua frescas.
Where: Locations vary, check with their schedule for up-to-date info

Shameless Buns

Photo: Tara Lee

What: Many of Vancouver’s food trucks have opened restaurant locations. Shameless Buns has an establishment on Fraser Street but got their start with a fun and funky food truck. Couple Matt Brennan and Corvette Romero are on a mission to educate people about the joys and deliciousness of Filipino cuisine, one pandesal at a time. Their main event is a Filipino brioche bun with tongue-in-cheek names and lip-smacking ingredients, such as the Tapa Dat Bun, with marinated beef, cheeze sauce, caramelized onion, sriracha mayo, chicharron, and green onion. Their sinigang fries are tangy and crisp. And the spaghetti lumpia (spring roll stuffed with Filipino spaghetti) is a must.
Where: Various locations, check their up-to-date schedule


Wagyu foie gras nigiri; Photo: Tara Lee

What: The quality of the sushi and other Japanese eats from Takenaka is exacting, taking the creations well beyond run-of-the-mill California rolls. Prices are higher but a delicious investment. The omakase aburi sushi and uni temaki are recommended but they also have hot items such as chicken karaage, wagyu beef hamburg curry and rice, and stewed beef tendon curry and rice.
Where: Usually at 1370 East Georgia Street but also at various locations around town; check for up-to-date schedule

REEL Mac and Cheese

Photo: REEL Mac and Cheese

What: This food truck is another oldie but a goodie. Ordering the mac and cheese from REEL is certainly a gourmet indulgence but well worth it. Menu options are playfully themed after classic Hollywood films, such as Meat the Parents with bacon, slices of beef hot dogs, toasted panko, and parmesan or the Jurassic Pork with pulled pork and crispy onions. Portions are most certainly hearty.
Where: Often at events, check their up-to-date schedule



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