JFL NorthWest comedy festival profiles – Andy Kindler

Andy Kindler hosts The Alternative Show Feb. 24 & 25 at the Rio Theatre as part of JFL Northwest 2017.

Andy Kindler might be considered a comedian’s comedian, if so many comedians wouldn’t just as soon see him retire.

Actually, “retire” might be too weak of a word. When you’re as critical of your fellow comics as Kindler is – folks like Adam Carolla, Bill Maher and Dane Cook have been recipients of his on- and off-stage barbs – then you’re bound to make some enemies.

Besides his stand-up routines, Kindler is also known for his annual state-of-the-industry address at Just for Laughs in Montreal, as well as for hosting Hulu’s stand-up series, Coming to the Stage. He’s done voicework for Bob’s Burgers and played a fictional version of himself in the series Maron. At this year’s JFL NorthWest comedy festival, Kindler will host the Alternative Show (Feb. 24 & 25) at the Rio Theatre (1660 E. Broadway St.), which features a lineup of favourites from the festival. Among other things, we asked the L.A.-based stand-up about how he handles awkward backstage encounters with fellow comedians.

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JFL NorthWest comedy festival profiles – Andy Kindler