Best Ramen Restaurant in Vancouver? You make the call!

Photo credit: Apricot Cafe | Flickr

For much of my life, I knew ramen only as the instant noodles you mixed with boiling water.  For less than 50 cents a pack, you could have a filling, flavourful meal – the perfect late-night snack for, say, a university student on a budget.

Turns out, however, that ramen is a whole lot more than instant noodles.  Real ramen, of course, comes from Japan, where it has been a staple of the diet from time immemorial.  It usually consists of handmade wheat noodles served in a rich, fish- or meat-based broth, flavoured with soy or miso.  Fresh toppings are critical – ranging from the standard sliced pork to seaweed, green onions, corn, bamboo shoots and pretty much anything you can think of.

I know all of this now because Vancouver happens to be one of North America’s top cities for authentic ramen.  Do a Google Map search for ramen and literally dozens of restaurants turn up, all specializing in the addictive noodle soup.   The majority are clustered near the intersection of Denman and Robson Streets, in an area favoured by visiting English-language students from Korea and Japan.

In fact, there are so many options that it can be hard to decide where to sit down for a steaming bowl.  Maybe you can help:

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I’ll start things off with a ramen noodle joint I visited over the weekend.  Continue reading:
Best Ramen Restaurant in Vancouver? You make the call!