Secret Meals: Underground Dining in Vancouver

UndergroundDining-22Underground dining has come a long way in Vancouver.

Back in the day, you used to have to “know somebody” to gain entree to these clandestine restaurants, operated secretly out of people’s homes and apartments.  Locations were kept carefully hidden and a series of clues led you to your dinner destination.

These days, underground restaurants are hardly off the radar.  In fact, some of them even have their own web pages, where you can browse menus, look through a gallery of photos and even make a reservation for an upcoming meal.

Last week, I checked out one of Vancouver’s best-known underground restaurants (if that’s not an oxymoron): the Birds Nest.  Once a reservation had been made, emailed directions sent me to a historic apartment building in the South Granville  neighbourhood.  I buzzed the designated apartment, the front door unlocked and I wandered inside and got into a creaking elevator.

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Secret Meals: Underground Dining in Vancouver