Vancouver’s Best Poutine? You make the call!

Photo credit: knightbefore_99 | Flickr

It’s that time again.  Let’s revive the great Vancouver poutine debate.

More than two years ago, I asked readers to share their picks for Vancouver’s best poutine.  That post got nearly 100 comments and was one of the most popular Inside Vancouver stories ever.

But a lot has changed in two years.  Suddenly, it seems poutine is everywhere in Vancouver – from fancy restaurants to dedicated poutineries serving nothing but fries and gravy (There’s even an annual Poutine Fest, held this year on March 9).  So I need your help:

Who serves Vancouver’s best poutine? Comment below and let the world know.   

Considering what a simple dish poutine is, it’s amazing that it inspires such fanatical devotion.   Continue reading:
Vancouver’s Best Poutine? You make the call!