Pet Expo this Weekend at the PNE, March 3-4

Fennec fox

In the market for a speckled leopard gecko?Β  Or how about a cute, cuddly chinchilla?Β  Or even a miniature parrotlet to add some tropical colour to your life?

Rare birds, reptiles and mammals, as well as your run-of-the-mill cats and dogs, will be the stars of the show this Saturday and Sunday at the Vancouver Pet Expo.Β  Held at the Forum at the PNE fairgrounds, the Expo is a consumer tradeshow featuring hundreds of different pets and thousands of pet products.

Breeders, retailers and service providers will all be on hand to answer your pressing questions about everything from proper ferret care to picking the best hypoallergenic pet.Β  And, to keep the crowds entertained, there are also a few surprises in store.

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Pet Expo this Weekend at the PNE, March 3-4