Vancouver’s not-so-secret neighborhood shops and markets

Photo credit: Le Marche St. George

Le Marche St. George Photo credit: Luis Valdizon

Corner store culture was a large part of my childhood.

On weekends I pedaled the half-block down to Jackson’s corner store to buy sour soothers with my mom’s spare change. In the summer my friends and I would flock to Bob’s Mini Mart for screamers – a decadent cup of slush with soft-serve ice cream on top.

The owners knew our names and the selection of munchies and trinkets for sale seemed endless.

Now, as an adult, I seek similar qualities in the delis, markets and shops I frequent:  availability of quality snacks, quirky goods and location, location, location.

Whether I’m hunting for a sparkly, spontaneous gift or fixing for a rare ingredient like garlic-scape salt or frozen lobster bisque Vancouver has a lovely smattering of eclectic markets, mini-grocers and shops that can provide these and more. Herewith are some of my favourite neighborhood shops and not-so-secret mini-markets around the city. Continue reading:
Vancouver’s not-so-secret neighborhood shops and markets