Vancouver’s Handcrafted Eggnogs

Photo: Jorden Hutchison

By Jorden Hutchison

Eggnog…it’s the quintessential holiday drink. According to a recent poll by Statistics Canada, Canadians consume more than eight million litres of eggnog during the holiday season. And while store-bought eggnog might taste good, it can contain as many as fifteen not-so-wholesome ingredients like heavy cream, excessive amounts of sugar, artificial flavours and butter.

This holiday season, I set out on a search to explore Vancouver’s handcrafted eggnog scene. I went to a handful of the city’s most popular bars and restaurants – each known for serving great cocktails – and met the notable bartenders who create this festive brew. And while each drink was unique, one thing remained the same: they featured far less ingredients than store-bought versions yet ten times the flavour. So gather your friends and loved ones (19 years or older, of course) and follow this tasty Yuletide trail.

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Vancouver’s Handcrafted Eggnogs