Searching for Vancouver’s best hamburger

Photo Credit: Flickr | Ron Dollette

The mighty hamburger, an icon of North American food, is never far from a food writer’s mind. The burger is adaptable; it adjusts to every food trend. It’s a valid menu staple any season of the year. Every diner speaks burger: upscale diners, budget diners, carnivores and vegetarians.

Remy covered Vancouver’s gourmet burger options in 2011. But the Vancouver burger scene waits for no man. Max’s Burgers recently opened at 521 West 8th Avenue. This new joint serves a blow-your-hair-back, $55, 24-oz., behemoth burger that’s piled with a pound of toppings and comes on a ‘custom-roasted,’ garlic bun.

Meanwhile, Refuel Restaurant is closing doors March 24, leaving many Vancouverites  wondering where to go for a medium-rare, dry-aged burger. Apparently medium-rare burgers are virtually taboo in Canada. The National Post just wrote a great feature on Canada’s burger health standards. On top of that White Spot at 580 W. Georgia closed Feb. 25 in preparation for the construction of the new Telus Garden development. And one of the applicants for Vancouver’s next round of food trucks, to be announced in March, is an ethical burger wagon.

With all this hamburger shake-up, it’s time to revisit the question Vancouver’s best burger, before patio season – also known as burger-and-beer o’clock. Continue reading:
Searching for Vancouver’s best hamburger