Top 5 Free Events at Heart of the City Fest: Downtown Eastside, Oct 24-Nov 4

Photo courtesy of Heart of the City Festival

Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside is considered by many the city’s founding neighbourhood.  For more than 125 years, people have lived, loved and laughed on  Downtown Eastside streets.  In a city as new and changing as Vancouver, it’s a well of history and culture – even though it’s often dismissed as Vancouver’s poorest neighbourhood.

The annual Heart of the City Festival this Oct.24-Nov. 4 gives locals and visitors a chance to celebrate and explore the Downtown Eastside.  Over the course of 12 days, the neighbourhood will host more than 80 cultural events: music, stories, poetry, art exhibits, films, theatre, history walks, workshops and more.  Many of the events highlight local talent right from the neighbourhood itself.

Here are 5 can’t-miss free events at this year’s Heart of the City Fest:

  • Barrio Flamenco, Flamenco for the People: Fiery flamenco music is a people’s art form – played and dance with as much spirit and passion as technical know-how.  This event features some of the city’s best flamenco artists, celebrating the joy and struggles of the Downtown Eastside.  Carnegie Theatre, 401 Main. Friday, Oct. 26, 7:30 p.m.