10 Tattoo Artists Worth Travelling to Vancouver for


Pack your bags, book your tickets, and make your way to Vancouver for a permanent souvenir. Vancouver is home to some of the most talented tattoo artists in the industry, who are definitely worth travelling to the city for. From traditional American to contemporary tattoo styles, you’ll find an artist who will blow you away with their one-of-a-kind work. Your body is a canvas so, why not invest in an original piece of artwork from Vancity’s best?

Whether you’re adding to your existing collection of ink or getting your first piece, we promise these 10 artists are worth the trip.
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10 Tattoo Artists Worth Travelling to Vancouver for

La Rumba de Kingsway


“La Rumba de Kingsway” combines elements of dub, cumbia, and reggaeton to imagine a daydream theme for the unpolished urban beauty of East Vancouver’s historic Kingsway, the oldest and oddest strip in the city.

Mngwa is 9 musicians from Mexico, Canada, and Russia playing psychedelic latin music. An unusual proposition in Canada, but fitting within the anything-goes vibe of Vancouver. With their debut Vancumbia Ambush EP, the shifting groove monster of a band sinks its teeth into the progressive global music scene. Based in East Vancouver but spilling across many sonic and cultural borders, Mngwa has begun what promises to be a wild and singular journey. This is music for the strange new world.