Beyoncé art show in Vancouver!


Beyoncé! Art by Rob Levesque.


Beyoncé has everything – multiple Grammys, nice clothes, a family, a career, etc etc. But now she’s getting the ultimate tribute – a locally-sourced art show dedicated to her!

For Flawless, Vancouver artists (and non-artists) are banding together to contribute their own original pieces in a visual celebration of the pop music icon.

So what can we expect from Flawless? Judging from past, similarly themed shows in Vancouver, there’ll be some pieces ranging from “that’s rather odd” to “hmmm, interesting” to “wow, I didn’t know humans were capable of such things!” And don’t expect just drawings and paintings, either – past shows have featured work done in a variety of media, from drawings to paintings to sculpture to life-size replicas.

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Beyoncé art show in Vancouver!