Featured Vancouverite: Colin Mansell

Colin Mansell

Hometown: I was born in Holland to Dutch parents and still consider Amsterdam my hometown. We moved around a lot growing up, including Norway and Borneo, before settling in London, UK, where I went to school and spent the formative years of my career.

How long have been a Vancouverite?
Six years. I originally moved here to get out of the rat race of London, taking six months off to travel across Canada and sail up the coast from Vancouver to Alaska and back in a small sailboat. I gained a deep appreciation of the amazing BC coast, and as a result, I decided to stay. I’ve never looked back.

In 2012, I co-founded a digital agency called Drive Digital with Chris Breikks and John Blown at 6S Marketing. Drive has grown to a team of 28 designers and developers. Together with the team of 35 people at 6S, we are collectively now one of the largest agencies in the province.

As Drive matured and brought on a solid management team, I decided to branch out and address the growing talent gap in the Vancouver tech sector by starting a new company called RED Academy. At RED, we teach both full and part-time programs in UX design, web development and digital marketing. We work closely with a partner network of 60 companies in British Columbia to produce tech talent with the right skills and knowledge, so that they can hit the ground running and play a meaningful part in the continued growth in this booming sector in the city.

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Featured Vancouverite: Colin Mansell