Communal Dining Thrives in Vancouver

Araxi Longtable at North Arm Farm. Photo Credit: Toshi Kawano Photography

Dining out trends have been evolving constantly since the invention of the restaurant, which made an appearance in France around 1770. Today, the questions of what we eat and why have taken on great weight.

Is the food on offer local? Is it organic? Is it wild? Is it seasonal? Is it healthy? Is it authentic? Is it reinterpreted technologically – i.e. molecular gastronomy? Choosing a restaurant is sometimes akin to displaying your moral values.

In Vancouver, a culinary hotbed of sorts, the question has moved beyond what/why we eat certain things. Diners are paying increasing attention to how they eat. The answer is more and more frequently communal dining. And there are so many different ways to group dine.

Remy covered the popular Social Feed group dinners. What other group dinners await your scintillating conversational skills?Β  From secret supper clubs, to Araxi’s Longtable Series and pop-up restaurants, here’s an updated look at the communal dining scene. Continue reading:
Communal Dining Thrives in Vancouver