Featured Vancouverite: Mikala Taylor

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

How long have you been a Vancouverite?
5 years. I moved here from London, England, where I lived for 7 years. I used to come visit friends and see bands here when I was in my early 20s, and had a real soft spot for Vancouver, so when we decided to leave London, here’s where we came. I wanted less stress, more fresh air, and a new scene. My husband immigrated with me sight-unseen because I kept raving about how West was best, and how he could just cross a bridge to snowboard.

Passion or paycheque? The passion job is that I’m the creator/writer of BackstageRider.com, a quirky music website with tons of unique features and photos focusing on US/UK/Canadian alt/indie/rock/electro music. It’s the culmination of my life’s work in and around the music industry and I kind of have a crush on it.

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Featured Vancouverite: Mikala Taylor