Bike the Blossoms – Saturday, April 9

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It’s time to Bike the Blossoms Photo: Rob Weiss

Grease the chain, grab your helmet and mark your calendars – it’s time to Bike the Blossoms!  As part of the 2016 Cherry Blossom Festival, and in partnership with Velapalooza, Vancouver is hosting Bike the Blossoms, a community ride and celebration of all things spring.  I intend to be there with “bells on!”  Over the years, blossom viewing has become an art form and I must applaud Vancouverites on their creativity!  We illuminate the blossoms, we paint pictures of them, photograph them, walk under them, sing about them, talk about them, display them on barges and even toss a few in our salads.  Only our imaginations limit our ability to celebrate our magnificent, flowering cherry trees.

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Photo: Linda Poole

That being said, one of my favourite ways to view the blossoms is always from the saddle of my bike.  Something about a long, slow, spring bike ride under the canopy of vibrant cherry blossoms is good for the soul.  Memories of cold, wet grey winter days quickly fade with each push of the pedal.  Wind in my hair, the sound of birds chirping and a canopy of colour above my head – my version of blossom nirvana.

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Photo: Rob Weiss

For countless years, I have “cycled the blossoms”.  It has become almost a rite of passage for me.  An iconic symbol of spring, these flowers represent renewal, a fresh start so to speak.  I am always fascinated by their colours and how delicate the flowers appear to be.  Each year they faithfully return, reminding us all of the beauty in the world.  Yet, they are fragile and with one strong gust of wind can be gone.  I suspect Mother Nature is reminding us all to treasure the moments and savour the now.  I intend to do just that!

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Photo: Rob Weiss

People often ask about my favourite blossom viewing route.  Frankly, any outing under the cherry trees is an awesome ride and experience!  This year, true to form, Bike the Blossoms promises a scenic course. Beginning at the south side of Trout Lake in John Hendry Park, the route will wind through the side streets of Vancouver and end at the Nat Bailey Farmer’s Market.  Cyclists are encouraged to reward themselves after the event by visiting the local vendors and sampling a few of the tasty treats featured at the market.    Looking forward to seeing you there!

Remember to arrive early, sign your waiver and register!  As an added bonus, Pop-Up City Hall and Project 529 will be on-site to assist cyclists with anti-theft bike measures.

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