Goh Ballet’s Iconic The Nutcracker Returns to the Stage Dec 15-20 (Free Ticket Giveaway!)


One of British Columbia’s most iconic traditions graces the stage once again this holiday season as Goh Ballet’s The Nutcracker returns to The Centre in Vancouver for a limited run from December 15th to 20th, 2016.

Under the leadership of Executive Producer Chan Hon Goh, former Prima Ballerina with the National Ballet of Canada and the artistic staging of Emmy-award winning choreographer Anna-Marie Holmes, The Nutcracker returns for its eighth year of spectacular magic and fun for the whole family.

“In eight short years, Goh Ballet’s The Nutcracker has quickly become a not-to be-missed holiday tradition for thousands of families from across the Lower Mainland,” said Chan Hon Goh, Executive Producer of The Nutcracker. “Come join our cast of hundreds of local and international performers as we take you away on a magical journey with Clara and her beloved Nutcracker.”


Goh Ballet’s The Nutcracker will feature performances by internationally renowned principal dancers from the prestigious National Ballet of Canada, Jurgita Dronina and Guillaume Côté, performing together as the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Cavalier Prince. Members of the Vancouver Opera Orchestra will provide live musical accompaniment of Tchaikovsky’s world-renowned Nutcracker Suite.

Running nightly from December 15th to 20th, with matinee performances as well on weekends, The Nutcracker is sure to sell out so make sure to purchase your tickets before they’re gone! You don’t want to miss Goh Ballet’s traditional rendition of this classical masterpiece.


Dates and Times of Performances:
December 15, 16, 19 and 20 at 7:30pm
December 17 at 2:00pm and 7:30pm
December 18 at 3:00pm and 7:30pm

The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts
777 Homer Street
Vancouver, BC

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit: GohNutcracker.com

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149 Responses to Goh Ballet’s Iconic The Nutcracker Returns to the Stage Dec 15-20 (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

  1. christophe

    This is a holiday tradition for me and my little girl.

    • Teresa

      A friend of mine introduced The Nutcracker to me. If not for that Intro I would be clueless. It ‘ d be nice to share the time with my sweetie. ?

    • Zoya

      I saw last time in Russia 1956 when I was very young now I am 70 and would like to take my granddaughter she is 9 year old who was born in Canada I told her the story, ,
      IN Russian we call Chelkunchic
      It’s a very fascinating story and would be very nice to entroduce her to ballet she takes ritmic gymnastics

    • matilda

      My 9 year old daughter is in grade 3 ballet with a local dance school & she has been begging me to see the nutcracker live as she has only seen it on TV. I would love to surprise her with making one of her dreams come true.

  2. C.

    One of my former students from Vancouver is in this play. Would love to see her! Always a loved tradition

  3. Alynne

    I have such fond memories of seeing the Nutcracker with my mom and sister every year growing up. I would love to reestablish this tradition with my husband.

  4. I.

    Haven’t seen this since I was a child. Would love to start a new annual tradition!

  5. Grace

    Would love to take my mom!

  6. Donna S

    Such a beautiful way to start the holiday season!

  7. Fatidjah Nestman

    I have a friend, whom I highly respect, who is a water protector of our coast and loves ballet. I would love to take her to this performance.

  8. Dovydas

    Nice way to start holiday!

  9. Christie M

    I love Christmas event and enjoy Ballet!

  10. Christine Simpson

    I’ve never ever been to the nutcracker ballet..i love watching it when it has been on tv

  11. Ann-Marie Vaughan

    Attending this performance would be such a treat as I have not seen it in person before. It would also be a nice early Christmas present.

  12. Lonny

    This would be a first, I wonder if my wife and kids would enjoy!

  13. Cathy

    The Nutcracker is one of my favourites! The music always puts me in the holiday spirit!

  14. Henriette

    I’ve been dreaming to see this and would like to surprise my boyfriend!

  15. Reid

    This is a holiday tradition; I haven’t been able to go in years, it would be fantastic to be able to enjoy the ballet again!

  16. Wendy C

    A friend introduced The Nutcracker to me many years ago. It would be nice to share the time with my fiance this year.

  17. Pui Yung Ho

    I’ve never seen The Nutcracker live and would love to see it for the first time.

  18. C. Stokell

    One day I’d like to see it. I have never been to a ballet performance. Good luck everyone.

  19. Mariana Silva

    I’d love to go, never seen the nutcracker live!

  20. tracy

    I went to my first Nutcracker ballet last Christmas, would love to make it an annual tradition to attend :D

  21. Bonnie Bowen

    It would be a magical moment to share with a loved one.

  22. Mark

    Holiday classic. Would love to see this production!

  23. tony

    Merry Christmas. I don’t want to win, but if I win I’d like to give it to a family with young kids.

  24. Nagehan Gurbuz

    This is our first Christmas in Vancouver. We are from İstanbul. We would like to see the show very much :)

  25. Lisa

    Would love to take my best friend to this. It would be great to have a night out with her as we don’t see each other often enough.

  26. Cris

    Always wanted to be in this ballet. Getting to see it would be the next best thing :)

  27. Lisa

    This would be an excellent addition to my first Christmas in Vancouver!

  28. SarahG

    Looking forward to my first Nutcracker performance! Would be a delightful start to the 2016 holiday season :)

  29. Jacqueline

    It’s an annual family tradition for me!

  30. I’ve never seen The Nutcracker live, but I’ve always wanted to. Would love to see this show!!

  31. Ming C


  32. Jenna

    I would love to introduce the Nutcracker to my family. It always gets me into the Christmas spirit.

  33. Beth Robinson

    Time to introduce a Granddaughter to the Ballet, and this would be the perfect one!

  34. Emma

    I’d love to see it. Nut cracker is always my favorite piece and bring me holiday spirit. Dec 20 is also my sister’s birthday.

  35. Sunny

    I would love to take my mom!

  36. Matt

    My daughter Olivia is almost 5 and she loves ballet. It would be an incredible early Christmas gift to take her to see the Nutcracker.

  37. Isabelle

    Would love to start a new tradition!

  38. Sharon

    This would be such a spectacular event to see!

  39. Veronica

    I love ballet and the Nutcraker would make SUCH a great start to our Christmas holiday this year!!

  40. Jacqueline Davis

    As a single mother of three, this year has been particularly difficult. We’ve been burglarized twice, but the children remains resilient. We’ve always loved the Nutcracker and being part of the audience would be wonderful.

  41. Cheridan

    Hey! New to Vancouver from New Zealand and would love to go as I love the nutcracker and have always wanted to see it but can’t afford the tickets

  42. Leanne S

    I’ve never seen live ballet so this would be amazing!

  43. Clara

    The Nutcracker is my favourite ballet, and I share my name with the main character!

  44. Hailey

    My first Christmas with my boyfriend (now husband) we saw the nutcracker!

  45. Nadine

    Random acts of kindness ?

  46. I

    Me being new to the town and to Canada its been a great experience, from where I’m from we don’t get to see these beautiful ballet pieces and to finally be able to be part of the audience would be a dream come true. I just moved to Canada two weeks ago and I wanted to go to the nutcracker ever since I saw the posters all over the city.

  47. Lydia

    Absolutely love the music from this ballet.

  48. Maya

    I’d love to go and see the Nutcracker. Being a stay-at-home mom is tough sometimes and I don’t really get a chance to have a time for myself. It will be a pleasant getaway for me. It is Christmas and miracles happen :-)

  49. Kay

    Would love to start a new tradition!

  50. Rummy

    My daughter is 5 years old and I would love to share the magic of the Nutcracker with her. She loves the music and of course the dance of the sugar plum fairy is our favourite!

  51. Dali

    I’d love to get into the christmas spirit with the Nutcracker on my birthday, December 20th <3

  52. Sara

    Life without ballet would be pointless!?

  53. Lesley

    This would make a great holiday tradition! I haven’t been to any ballet performance before. Here’s hoping this will be the first! I’ll bring my hubby! ?

  54. Aimie

    Ballet is such a beautiful form of art and the nutcracker is one of the most classic pieces!! I haven’t been to a performance like this before and would love to watch this!

  55. Maggie

    Have never seen The Nutcracker ballet before, definitely would love to enjoy this amazing performance in Vancouver. Thank you!

  56. Michael

    Woo hoo

  57. I have been living in Metro Vancouver for 20 years and have not seen the show that is why I join the contest to try my luck and fulfill one of my Christmas wish come true. Thank you.

  58. Tara

    I’m getting goose bumps just looking at the photos. Magical.

  59. Roboan

    The best part about being in the audience would be sitting next to my happy wife. She would love this!

  60. Bill

    Would love to see it with my daughter!

  61. Hayley

    My Mum loves the ballet and used to dance it herself, she hasn’t been able to go in many years. It would be a great Christmas gift <3

  62. Shirley

    A great Christmas gift

  63. Natalie

    It’d be a great way to introduce me and my friend to ballet!

  64. Sean

    I have never been and December 20th is my girlfriend’s birthday – what a great surprise it would be! I would like to take her on a night out in Vancouver and go see this. Thanks!

  65. Mirjam

    Always wanted to see it and now would be a perfect time to go with my husband

  66. Judy Warner

    It’s such a wonderful Christmas tradition. Both my mom and I are dancers. I would love to take her for her first Christmas in Canada!

  67. LCM

    I’d like to go because I’ve never seen the Nutcracker before.

  68. Maryla

    I saw The Nutcracker with my husband for his birthday 35 years ago. Ever since, we watch it on TV during the holiday season. December 20 is his birthday and I would love to surprise him with his favourite ballet again!

  69. Zahra

    I moved to Vancouver from Australia with my boyfriend 6 months ago and I would love to be able to surprise him with this special holiday treat!

  70. Pui

    My mom has never been to a ballet performance, and I would love for her to see this classic!

  71. Patricia

    I never used to like ballet until I saw the Nutcracker suite for the first time and was in awe. I was a teenager back then and it has since be something I watch on TV during the Xmas season. It would be wonderful to actually see it in person together with a friend as part of the Xmas celebration this year.

  72. Stephanie yan

    My daughter played Ballet for a few years, would like to see with her.

  73. Jess

    Use to go every Christmas with my mother! Would love to reignite the tradition

  74. Cathy

    The tears in my mother’s eyes in our local theatre as I was dancing our “own ” version of the nutcracker with my ballet school at the age of 12…I would love to take her to see a “real” one! My turn!
    She’s 81!
    Thanks for considering me…
    Happy Holidays

  75. Jenny

    Would like to see what ballet performances are like!

  76. Tiffany

    Would like to take my mom!

  77. Chiara

    I would love to see this magic performance!!

  78. Natalie Del Vecchio

    I have always wanted to see the Nutcracker but never have, I can’t think of a better way to spend this Christmas!!!

  79. DCross

    I have loved the Nutcracker ever since I was a little girl and was taken to my first performance by my parents in Victoria. It turned into a wonderful Christmas Family tradition. I now live in Vancouver and would love to continue this tradition here with my family!

  80. Brittany

    I performed in the nutcracker when I was younger. I would love to relive that magical experience and see it again!

  81. Hong

    Love Christmas and this is a nice way to start the holiday.

  82. Alex

    It’s gonna be my first ballet concert.

  83. Julie

    It would be a nice memory for me and my 7 year old daughter

  84. Karla

    I’ve never attended the ballet and would love to go!

  85. Cecilia

    I have never seen Nutcracker before

  86. Melissa Hoffmann

    It would be a wonderful way to get into the Christmas Spirit and to experience some holiday joy.

  87. Winnie Wong

    I have never watched Nutcracker before and would love the chance!

  88. Leah

    My daughter loves Misty Copeland, but has never attended a ballet performance in person. She would love the Nutcracker!

  89. Dolores Altin

    Christmas is about traditions. Is like to start a new family tradition for my daughter and I with the help of The Nutcracker. It would truly be memorable for us.

  90. Elizabeth Dizon

    I have not been to a ballet nor watch Nutcracker and it would be awesome to bring my 76yr old mother as it will also be her 1st time.
    Happy Holidays!

  91. Vanessa Wilson

    I would love to take my mother to this, she hasn’t been to the ballet in years!

  92. Darlene Currie

    I would love to introduce my daughter to this beautiful ballet.

  93. I have never seen this ballet. I love the music.

  94. Joy Malabuyoc

    I would love to watch this but I will let my girls watch it first. They love the music and story.
    More power to you GOH Ballet!

  95. maria

    I love the Nutcracker and would love to take my niece!

  96. Lynda McKay

    This is an amazing ballet I would live to take my grandchildren to experience.

  97. Riya

    I’ve always loved this story, and want to introduce my partner to the beauty and magic that this experience will be.

  98. Louise

    I would love to see this show!

  99. Hilde Hansen

    It has been a Christmas tradition for my 2 girls and me for all their childhood.
    Now, at the age of 31 and 32 they will be back from France and New Zealand. What better way to celebrate this very special Christmas going to the Goh ballet Nutcracker ballet performance one more time?!

  100. Janet

    My mom passed away at Christmas time & loved music, performances & the arts. I’d love to go in honour of her. Thanks!

  101. Chantelle

    I’ve wanted to attend the Ballet since I was a little girl, and Never have. This makes me so excited!!

  102. Kristina

    Love the Goh Ballet! Very excited for the Nutcracker!

  103. Maria

    Love to see this with my kids!! THE perfect Christmas tradition!!

  104. Rebecca

    Would love a date night with the hubby

  105. Suyinani

    I have never got chance to see a lifeshow of Nutcracker, as I was not bornt and raised here. I would love to see it.

  106. Stephanie

    This would be an amazing way to start the Christmas holidays finally being back home with friends and family after about a year away

  107. Minhee Ko

    That day is my last day in Vancouver. I am going to leave here in December 21st, so I want to have a good time by enjoying this performance. I hope that I can spend my last night in Van watching it.

  108. David

    i want to share this magic moment with a friend of mine in this new journey in vancouver, first chrismtas without mexico.

  109. Crystal

    I want to take my god sister. she loves the nutcracker and truly appreciated the art of ballet.

  110. Jennifer

    I would love to take my daughter to see the nutcracker. What a way to celebrate Christmas.

  111. Angie

    I would love to be there because, my we love music and this is a perfect family event.


  112. Gloria Hunter

    Hi. I would really love to bring my Granddaughter, to see the Gof Nutcracker Ballet. This could be the start, of a Christmas tradition, for her and I.

  113. Maura

    December 20th is my mom’s birthday and I won’t be with her! It would be a gift for me! Simply magic!

  114. Lisa

    Could use a little Christmas cheer.

  115. Shadi

    My husband and I met each other for the first time on May 20 three years ago. Since that time, we celebrate the 20th of each month and the number 20 became our holy number as the day when our love was born. He has given me tens of cards on 20th of different months since then and we go out to a restaurant or a romantic event on every 20th. As both of us love ballet, I think going to this event can be a great romantic celebration for our last 20th in 2016 and it can also create a memorable Christmas for us.

  116. Esther

    We’ve never been to the ballet before and this will be an incredible opportunity to introduce my children to the world of ballet!

  117. Jordan Kennedy

    My wife and I love the Nutcracker and would love to see it in Vancouver now that we live here. We have only ever been to it in Toronto over the years.

  118. Lavinia Lemnaru

    I have never had the opportunity to go to a ballet and it would be wonderful if I could take my daughter and have that first experience together. Thank you!

  119. Susan

    Our daughter has been taking ballet for a few years now and loves it. She would be the perfect age to go see her first ballet. I’d love to share the experience with her this Christmas.

  120. Yes please

  121. Jenna

    I saved up to watch this a few years ago but wasn’t able to see it properly because my partner at the time was acting up… It would be a dream come true if I could return to it and complete a Christmas bucket list with your help!

  122. Johnny P.

    I’d love to see this!

  123. Jacqueline F.

    My family and I will be in town during the last day of the showing. I have never been to a Nutcracker show before. My 4 year old daughter is in ballet now and this would be a perfect show for her to watch. We love Vancouver!

  124. Hadley

    I love the ballet, have never seen this one and the ticket prices are slightly out of reach for me currently. And by some miracle, I have that night off.

  125. Gloria

    My daughter and I would love to attend. We tried to watch a performance last year but the seats had an obscured view (at a different venue) and we couldn’t even see the Christmas tree. Would love to see this version of the Nutcracker.

  126. Amparo

    I would love to bring my 85 year old mother to the Nutcracker! She will really enjoy it!

  127. Rosa

    Took ballet as a child and have never had the privilege to attend a live performance. Getting back on my feet after a rough patch and this would be an amazing memory to begin building positives and healing.

  128. Would love to take my young daughter to experience this holiday tradition.

  129. Ashley

    It’s such a beautiful event. Hope I get the chance to see it this year.

  130. Shirley

    I love the melodies from the Nutcracker.

  131. Jorge Castelan

    Me and my girlfriend have never had the chance to attend a live ballet show and experiencing The Nutcracker first hand would be a dream come true.

  132. Colleen

    This was a tradition for my family when I was a little girl. After all these years, I still find it magical. Thanks for the contest opportunity.

  133. Kate

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!

    Years ago I would take my daughter to see The Nutcracker at Christmastime. Now my granddaughter is very eager to see it but I can no longer afford the tickets.

    It would be a magical gift and a much appreciated one if I could surprise her with tickets to this very special event. :)

  134. Kim Ghilarducci

    I have never been and have always wanted to go see The Nutcracker. Would love to take my daughter

  135. Rita

    I’ve always wanted to see this Nutcracker production so I’d be thrilled to win tickets and take my daughter to see it.

  136. Sofia

    I am from Russia and The Nutcracker for the Russian people is much more than just a ballet. It is a part of the culture, traditions, and childhood. As long as I can remember myself, I attended the ballet with my family before Christmas in multiple cities in Rusia. Now, being far from home, it would be the best gift to be able to watch The Nutcracker in a foreign for me country and have a feeling of Christmas and New Year coming, just like back home.

  137. Winnie

    Would love to take my 8-year-old daughter. She knows the music by heart and would be thrilled to see the ballet in person. It will be such a special Christmas present for both of us!

  138. Christina Pearce

    I’ve never seen the Nutcracker live and have always wanted to!

  139. Just , would really like to be picked, thank you?

  140. Joanne

    I’d LOVE to go to this performance.

  141. Wendy

    I just have been living in Vancouver for two months and half.It is my first time to celebrate X’mas in Canada.If I get the free tickets of Nutcracker,I will have an awesome memory this year.?Merry Christmas?

  142. RedPockets

    What a dreamy and magical way to enjoy the spirit of the holidays.

  143. Bonnie Y

    I want to be part of the audience because it looks like a beautiful production. I have never seen The Nutcracker before.

  144. Kelly

    I’ve never been to a live show before. it must be so exciting. i would love to go with my mom! she loves performances just as much as i do!

  145. Jasmine

    I’ve always wanted to see the Nutcracker! What a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays!

  146. kathleen

    pls make me win. it will be a fun night for the girls. thanks a lot