The Sleepy Girls Show Drags Up Slumber Party Nostalgia in Vancouver

By Kendell Yan

Do you ever get that feeling like you want to go out and watch some queens turn it but you also never want to leave your bedroom ever again? Well your problem is no more, thanks to Dust and Amy Grindhouse’s new monthly, the Sleepy Girls show!

Hosted at the Displace Hashery in Kitsilano, the Sleepy Girls Show is taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane in the king/queendom and exploring all of the things we used to do as teenagers in our bedrooms. Gossip, pillow fights, dreaming about that boy in P.E. class, and just being a 16 year old full of frustrated hopes and pubescent confusion, don’t pretend you weren’t there…we were all there!

Amy and Dust | Photo courtesy of Dust via Facebook

The Sleepy Girls show was created by Dust Cwaine and Amy Grindhouse, who competed in the Bratpack Recruit drag competition last year. The two became genuine Judys and hit it off like highlighter to cheekbones and wanted to create a stage for both seasoned queens and newcomers of drag of all styles.

Dust and Jane | Photo courtesy of Dust via Facebook

Each week, Dust and Amy will pair up with a queen from the city to duet with them, and also host a number of special guests. For the first show, Dust paired up with the incomparable Jane Smokr, while Amy did it right with Jane’s drag daughter Kendall Gender.

Kendall and Amy | Photo courtesy of Dust via Facebook

The night also saw the debut performances of drag aficionados Lux and Regina Gorge (who are both teen queens, yasss!) as well as numbers by Lux and Rogue.

Lux and Regina | Photo courtesy of Dust via Facebook

Having unique styles of drag that push the limits of gender bending and emphasize that there really is no book of drag is what this show is all about. The Sleepy Girls show is the sleepiest show you’ll ever see and there’s even half price pizza at the Hashery before the show; talk about a double down!

Do yourself a favour and come to the next slumber party on February 26 for episode 2 of the Sleepy Girls Show: Teenage Lust with Guest performers Kebby and Karmella Barr.

What: The Sleepy Girls Show
Where: Displace Hashery, 3293 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC
When: The last Sunday of every month. Dinner 8:30pm, show 9:30 sharp
Why: We could all use a slumber party every now and then, and why not stuff your face with a half price pizza while some queens get nostalgic for their teenage dreams.

Kendell Yan is a queer, second-generation POC who navigates the hyphen of mixed ethnicity LGBTQ2+ living in Vancouver. Kendell has a penchant for drag Queens and Kings that borders on obsession, and he favours events that encourage free expression, inclusivity, and love in all flavours.

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