PlayDome Returns to BC Place In Time For Spring Break (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

Western Canada’s largest and most anticipated indoor carnival is back for spring break 2017 as PlayDome returns to BC Place. PlayDome features more than 45 rides and attractions, plus your favourite carnival snacks and games, all under one roof!

PlayDome will be open from Wednesday, March 22nd through to Sunday, March 26th. There’s no better place for families from across the Lower Mainland to spend their spring break. All of your favourite rides and attractions have returned, so be sure to take a spin on the Tornado, experience weightlessness on the Alien Abduction and soar into the sky with the Mini Jets.

Once you’ve taken a turn on all the rides, snack on all your favourite fair foods like cotton candy and mini donuts and play the always-entertaining Carnival Games.

Tickets are available at the door and online: $29 for a single-day Dome Pass; $49 for the 5-day Ultimate Pass, $8 for a Guest Pass.

Find more information online or by phone at 604.669.2300.

Event Information:

Dates: Wednesday, March 22nd – Sunday, March 26th, 2017
Times: 10:30am-9:00pm daily, open until 6:00pm on Sunday
Venue: BC Place Stadium – 777 Pacific Blvd. Vancouver, BC

  • $29 Dome Pass (valid for full day, all rides)
  • $49 Ultimate Pass (5-days, all rides)
  • $8 Guest Pass (required to enter as a spectator)
  • *Children under 2 years old admitted free (for safety reasons, they are not permitted to ride)

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199 Responses to PlayDome Returns to BC Place In Time For Spring Break (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

  1. Johnny P.

    I love amusement park rides!

    • Nicole

      I’ve been searching for a birthday party idea for my son, this is perfect!

  2. Graham W

    rides are so much fun!!

  3. Raveena C.

    Never been. Would be a great surprise for my little cousin during spring break!

  4. Cindy Smith

    I would love to go with my 15 year daughter and her friends. It would be great to hang out with them during spring break and show them I can still be fun!

  5. Carolyn L

    need some fun away from the rain!

  6. Wendy

    Never visit the playdome before, really want to go this year!!!!

  7. Jeanette

    I’d love to take my boys. My 9 year old and I came over from Victoria two years ago for it and had a blast.

    My teenagers have never been! I know they would love it too.

  8. Christian

    This would be such a gift to my nephew and nieces.

  9. Tram

    Would love to experience this for the first time! Sounds exciting!

  10. Stephanie Jackson

    I would absolutely love too take my children to this!! It would be an amazing spring break Surprise!!

  11. Neena

    My son has never been and would love to go

  12. Lucy

    Would love to take my kids they would have a blast ?

  13. Marilyn

    This would be a great place to spend the day with my granddaughter and daughter during March break. I haven’t been on amusement rides in YEARS! FUN times!

  14. Sukaina

    By the end of March break I need this to occupy my kid :)

  15. Jordan

    My kids would love this! I had no idea this existed until ready this article…So cool.

  16. ken

    Never got to try this when I was a kid…. grow-ups should go too…

  17. Dylan King

    Never got a chance to go to this….would sure love to enjoy a real carnival…

  18. Lindsey McDowell

    I’ve never been and would love to check out the rides!

  19. Thea

    My boys would love this, it’s always hard to find things that my teens would both like. Spring break is so expensive and any form of fun and free is always great. Thank you!

  20. Janet Bruce

    I would love to take my grandson who has not been/ seen a carnival yet !!!

  21. Megan

    Would love to go with my family.

  22. ROB

    would be greta to take my daughter and her friend for some spring break fun!!!

  23. KD McKenzie

    This would be a great gift for my 10 year old grandson

  24. Kirsten Fisher

    I would love to do this with my family!! :)

  25. Sammy K

    I would love to take a break from my hectic schedule to relax and have a fun day at PlayDome with my sisters!

  26. Raymond charleyboy

    Never been to the play dome would be nice to take my nephew this year

  27. Steve Kim

    Never been to this event. It will be awesome to take my family.

  28. Greg L.

    would be a great bonding experience with my niece

  29. Katja Lang

    My kids would LOVE this! Every time they’re in the shower they draw roller coasters and merry – go-rounds in the shower door, discussing whether they’d be brave enough to go on them. They’re 3 and 5.

  30. praveena

    Never been there. Kids would love to ride

  31. Hi there,
    Free tickets!?I would like to remember how is it to be a kid again and would like to go ride together with our 10 years old son and feel that joy he feels…I am afraid that I forgot all those kids stuff and that I am becoming boring mum?.

  32. i love to bring my son this spring break & have a blast in all the rides.

  33. Greg

    Never been there. My daughter would love to ride.

  34. Sahi

    My kids would love to be there for the rides during the spring break.

  35. Barbara

    I would love to take my niece and nephew during their “special week” in the Lower Mainland with their aunt and uncle.

  36. Erica

    This looks like a fun way to for my two boys to enjoy spring break and burn off some energy.

  37. donnapetroff

    my daughter and her friends would love to go

  38. Jay

    Never been, and would love to take the wife there!

  39. Ryan harries

    Never been but my kids would live it for spring break and would stop the fights I am sure!

  40. Madison

    Because I work way to much

  41. Miriam

    My two daughters love amusements parks. They would be over the moon to go!

  42. Derek

    Would be a great first time for our family!

  43. Jean

    This is great indoor fun for the whole family!!

  44. Rog

    I would like to take my girlfriend for the first time in 5 years!

  45. Wendy

    What better way to spend a rainy day? Perfect for a double date and it’s a lot more fun getting dizzy this way than spending way too much on drinks :)

  46. sandra

    I know a great family who can’t afford to go, would love to surpride them with tickets

  47. Benny

    Because rides are always fun especially in BC place

  48. Melissa Niska

    My 2 boys want to go so bad this year. Free tix would definitely make it possible.

  49. Wendy

    Great active fun that isn’t dependent of weather :)

  50. Amrita

    I’ve never been and LOVE amusement parks!

  51. Steve Niska

    Would love to take my 2 sons.

  52. Marcia McNaughton

    I work with children with Autism and would love to surprise my little guys with bringing them to Playdome!!! They would love it!!!

  53. Kellie Spence

    We have a mainland trip planned which involves steep ferry fares for a party of four with a vehicle. (Even with a limited discount being offered by the ferrries). Winning this would make it a trip to remember for two island boys for sure!

  54. Karen Birchenall

    This is safe and fun activity for then holiday. Looking forward to bringing the kids.

  55. Barb W

    I’d love to win tickets because my son can’t stop talking about when we’re going to this!

  56. Julieta

    With a rainy spring break forecast ahead, my three energetic boys would love to get out of the house and experience this super fun event! And their mama would be oh so grateful for a day the house isn’t a zoo. :)

  57. Leanne

    I would love to take my ride crazy kids to this next week! What a great way to spend our staycation.

  58. amee

    Full of enjoyment with thrilling rides.

    I can’t stop thinking about this ,

  59. Shobhna

    Never taken my son. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  60. Darryn Geeroms

    In a perfect world they would have drop off services for my 5 year old twins.

  61. Gloria

    We have never been to Playdome and would love to win. My daughter, husband and I love roller coasters and amusement rides. The extra ticket would go to a good friend to keep my daughter company.

  62. Jessica

    My son would LOVE this!!!

  63. harmen berghuis

    My kids would be over the m$oon!

  64. Candice

    My nanny friend is at an age he would be excited to go and have fun . This would be his first and mine. This would be a great day for both of us. He would be very excited to see all the lights and rides.

  65. Jamie

    This would be an amazing option on one of our rainy Vancouver days

  66. Hung Nguyen

    Vancouver do need more this kind of activities for kids and family. Definitely my family will enjoy it

  67. Diane

    I have never been to PlayDome and missed out on the PNE last year so this would be awesome. Kind of like the ride of my life! ( sorry :D )

  68. Deborah Hendren

    I am new here and this sounds fantastic

  69. Christine Maypa

    we moved here in vancouver last august from saskatchewan, we barely know anybody and places to go here. I am currently 7month pregnant and have no much time to explore with my 7yr old son. when i saw this, it will be agreat opportunity to bond a day with him in this place!

  70. Rose D.

    I want to celebrate my newly proposed engagement.

  71. Juliet

    Our friends went to Disneyland for Spring Break but we couldn’t go due to vacation conflicts. Playdome would be the happiest place in the world for the kids!

  72. Lisa

    This will be the first visit for my little guy. The look on his face entering the stadium and seeing all the rides will be priceless.

  73. Phyllis

    A great place to bring the nephew so that he can use up all his energy! Haha

  74. Michele

    Because my three kids would love me forever! ( or at least for that day )

  75. maria

    Would be so much fun to take the kids. They would love it!

  76. Conie

    Amazing indoor park for spring break.

  77. Conie Durana


  78. Angela Jones

    How amazing would this be! my young daughter and her cousin would love love to check out this place!!

  79. Sophie

    Would make a Great family day during spring break!

  80. Kelly

    While I’m stuck in snowy Ontario, I’d love to wish my neices in Vancouver a happy march break with this prize!

  81. Brenda Griffin

    Never been!

  82. Tiffany

    I’ve never been and would love to go on the rides with my son.

  83. Jason

    Would be my first time going…looks amazing!

  84. Sheri vL

    I would love to take my girls.

  85. Miyuki

    I’d love to take my 3 year old daughter to the Playdome for her first experience!

  86. Mandy

    I love hanging out with friends and eating carnival food :)

  87. Amanda

    I love rides, and my friends and I would have so much fun here!

  88. Amanda

    Would love to take my kids as we have never been before.

  89. Gaylene

    My boys have never been to this! It would be a blast!!!

  90. Lisa

    My daughter’s birthday present! And for my 2yr old son’s first time experience!!

  91. Anna

    This would be such a treat for my kids :). They work so hard at school and helping around the house it would be a nice way to say “thanks” :)

  92. Kelly

    Because we have never been and I am taking a week off for Spring Break to spend with the kids and its gonna rain all week! This would be a great thing to do in the rain!

  93. Michelle

    Coming down to Vancouver for Spring Break; would love to treat the kids to this indoor carnival. Used to live there but never heard of this event before – sounds fantastic!

  94. Beatrice

    My kids would love to go along with my sister and niece.
    I would love to try some rides also. Never too old to go on rides

  95. Elsie Kerray

    My sons would love to go. What a great spring break treat for our family. Fingers crossed

  96. Jiongfu

    My son is looking forward to playdome.

  97. May

    Never been! Would love to go with friends :)

  98. Helen Kwong

    Have never been there before, would love to take my son and nephew there.

  99. Lisa Gedak

    Nothing better than a fair to bring out the kid in you!! Rides + cotton candy = perfect escape for a day??

  100. Micole

    I have never been and would love to take my niece and nephew :)

  101. Erin Mitchell

    I would love to take my son during spring break and get out of this rain ?

  102. Amber

    Due to an injury I had to cancel my spring break plans in Australia. So I would love to have some fun here for spring break while a friend from out of town visits!

  103. Dea

    My neice and nephew are spending spring break with us. They’d live this!

  104. Natalie Lam

    would love to celebrate my son’s b day on Friday as I haven’t been able to spend some 1.1 with him due to work

  105. Jenny Wong

    Explore vancouver

  106. Jarry

    I never been! I would love to get the chance to go with my family!

  107. B

    Our family would LOVE this for Spring Break. What great memories we can create!

  108. Marinette

    I have fond memories of playdome when I was a child. I would like to make new memories now!

  109. tracy

    i have never been! would love to go with my younger cousins :)

  110. Lindsey

    Would love to take the kids this spring break!

  111. Christine Choe

    Im excited to go to the park with my friends over the break!

  112. Eunice

    Because it would totally rock to win the tickets.

  113. Grace Lee

    A great place to spend spring break with my friends! We love rides and the carnival very much~!

  114. Siew Fong

    With free tickets, I’ll have a good excuse to ask for a day off work and spend it with my kids & hubby! None of us have been to Playdome. We will have a blast there!

  115. Clara

    I would love to make a memorable moment with my friends before we all graduate!!

  116. Bhavya

    I would like this free ticket because I have never been to this carnival and on so many rides and would gladly be happy if I got a free ticket to this carnival and this would be a great place to have fun and to spend my Spring Break and I know I will have a super awesome time there and I would create some great memories that I would never forget! :)

  117. Amy

    I’ve never been to the event and think it’ll be a fun time to spend with friends.

  118. Attika Mirbaz

    That is my younger sister’s birthday week so it would be amazing to win for her.

  119. Ellen

    I’d like to win because I want to have a good time with my friends and make another amazing memory together. We are usually busy so we don’t have time to be together, but this will give us an opportunity to make it happen!

  120. Annie

    Haven’t been to an indoor carnival before! Look forward to checking out this new experience and spending more time with my brother.

  121. Francis

    This looks cool!

  122. Denise

    I’ve never been to playdome but it looks like I can’t afford it this year either

  123. Jordan

    To get a chance to watch our 3 kids eat cotton candy, corn dogs and popcorn… and ride rides, bumper cars, and ferris wheels to their heart’s content… that make me the happiest Dad ever!
    Because for sure they would sleep good that nite! :-)

  124. melissa Black

    This would be sooo much fun!

  125. Zainab

    It will be our 12th wedding anniversary so what a good idea to celebrate with my beautiful family

  126. Zainab

    Yay it will be my 12th wedding anniversary on March 23rd so what a good idea to celebrate with my beautiful family

  127. Jessica.P

    I need the free ticket for my brother.
    He has nothing to do this spring break.
    I want to surprise him with the free ticket.
    It’s going to be the really nice present for him.

  128. Tina

    Sounds like a blast! Perfect indoor entertainment for Raincouver! ?

  129. Sim

    Want to have a blast with my son & my twin nieces. Would be great indoor fun in this rainy weather and watch the kids enjoy themselves on the bumper cars & other rides!

  130. Holly loughman

    Because we are very poor and very enthusiastic exchange students trying to make the most of every second left in this beautiful country !

  131. Jian

    It brings back those fun childhood memories!

  132. Raven Little

    I would love to take my family, the kids and I would love to go on some rides! Would be a great cheer up from this weather

  133. Diane T

    I love amusement parks! This would be a great outing for the family especially when my parents don’t get to go out much

  134. Humna

    I wanna win these for my father in law
    He has been working really hard lately and i wanna do this for him, for my family.

  135. Dimitry

    It would be a hair raising experience for the the kids.

  136. Julie

    Trying to amuse four Syrian kids over Spring Break, to help out a couple single moms. Sure would help to get some free tickets! And they would be amazed!

  137. Katie Masoudi

    We had a long winter … it’s time for some fun ?

  138. Jungwoo Lee

    I have never been before but it looks amazing. Would love to experience it for the first time this year!

  139. Charlotte Buchan

    My friend broke her arm recently and I’d love to cheer her up with a fun day out.
    “Friends who play together, stay together.”

  140. Sarah

    I have just finished 4 months of treatment for addiction. My kids have been with their dad. I’m starting with weekends back with them as I focus on recovery first. My sons bd. is April 7. This would be s huge gift to him. And for my wee lass as well. I’m very low income currently …. This would mean ever so much to my family to give them such joy… I’m happy to promote or help anyway I can. Thank you ever so much for thinking of us.

  141. Gurinder Gandhu

    My father used to take me there as a kid and I want to do the same to my kids. Take them on all the rides and eat all the carnival food.

  142. Liberty

    I would love to be able to go here with my kids. I have three and it can get pretty pricy for a family of five.

  143. Jennifer Nguyen

    I never been to playdome before. Would like to win to go for the first time !

  144. Natasha M

    My kids have never been to playDome and they deserve a day filled of fun ☺ as they both showing great progress on there 2nd term report cards

  145. John

    That is great! Looking forward!

  146. Yilena

    My boy can’t wait to go it! It will be lots of fun for us.

  147. Looking for a fun and new activity to do.

  148. Belen Celis

    I’m new in Vancouver and my child want to go there. It will be my first time and It will be exciting for us. We want to have a great time with the family. Thank you:)?

  149. Rick

    Coming down from the interior for a few days of spring break. This would be a great surprise for the kids.

  150. Rushpal sandhu

    So much fun!

  151. Shyann

    The tale of the average post secondary hopeful Vancouverite:
    Saving for school from a minimum wage job is always first priority and I feel like I never do anything beside save for tuition! Help me see friends!

  152. Kulvir

    My kids love the rides and would be so happy to go! It is a great fun family event inside B.C. Place!

  153. Brandy

    This year will be my first year attending the PlayDome, so I will really appreciate it if I won. I am planning to go here with my friend who will be leaving Canada this summer. This will basically be our last opportunity to hang out together for this reason. Other than that, I really love having fun and I hope I win this draw!

  154. Becky

    I’ve never been here and it seems like so much fun!! What a memorable experience it would be!

  155. Seán

    Because we’ve just moved here and the give away is on the day of my national holiday!

  156. Carol

    Ever since we moved to vancouver we never missed a year. We go everyday it’s open my Lil guy loves the rides!

  157. Madina

    OMG! Play Dome sounds fun and exciting, never been there, think my boys will have a ride of their life. We will definitely go & PLAY:)

  158. Ven

    I want to surprise my kid with these free tickets. This would be a great opportunity to have some family time. My kid loves to ride rides, play dome sounds something fun and exciting so we all will have memorable time there.

  159. Rekha

    My child loves the treats there like cotton candy & popcorn especially she loves to ride the rides and this would be a great time to create some memorable memories for the later years and if I got these free tickets I could surprise and also reward her with these tickets.

  160. Y. Lapierre

    Would be great to take my grandchildren to something fun without worrying about the weather.

  161. Lester C

    I love rides and I’m up for a good competition when it comes to games!

  162. tasha

    I’d like to take my kids to play and have a great time while on spring break!

  163. christophe

    I’d love to take my daughter and her friend!

  164. Monita Chandler

    Our 3 kids have never been. It’ll be a great experience for all of them. We would really like to surprise them.

  165. Isabel

    I love rides and I’ve never been to PlayDome before! :)

  166. Guia

    My husband and I are both busy at work all the time. We want to show our kids we can be fun too. Playdome would be an awesome place to visit with them for Spring Break

  167. Rishitha

    I would really like these free tickets because this would be a great opportunity to have some family time and create some great memory’s and I would really have a blast at this indoor carnival because I have never been there before and I could go on so many rides and have lots of fun.

  168. Wayne

    Great family fun!

  169. Tommy Phimanesone

    Missed taking the kids last year – got tied up with other plans. Would love to make it up to them!

  170. Jana P.

    My daughter went to Playdome with her best friend years ago and they loved it. I have never been, as it is my birthday on the 14th and my daughter’s on the 18th. It would make an awesome surprise!

  171. Dennis N

    love to give them to my daughter as a Just because I love you gift

  172. MIKE


  173. i would like my 8 year son to have fun and exciting experience this Springbreak at Playdome. I am taking 2 of his friends with us. I am so much looking forward on the 25th, hoping to get free tickets!!!

  174. paul

    family, rides and junk food! First i heard of this event and a great idea, having it indoors.

    here’s hoping for free tickets!

  175. Faye Bork

    A great venue for the kids to go during Spring Break and to experience the adventure and fun of an amusement park.

  176. Ava C

    I use to go to amusement parks with family when i was young, it brings back childhood memories. Location is convenient and it’s a great idea of having it indoors!

  177. tania

    I love the rides!

  178. rino

    The candy apples!

  179. Maureen

    Would be a great day out for the grandkids during spring break.

  180. Melody Q

    Coincidentally, my cousins are arriving to Vancouver that weekend and this would be a great way to spend time together!

  181. Kyler and Hayley

    My mom will take the day off work if we win! We’d love that!

  182. Cindy Chan

    My son ask for going everytime we drive near the outdoor one ,would love to bring him to go !!!!

  183. Hailee

    Child at heart.

  184. Mike Jeffery

    I’ve never been, but I’ve seen the awesome lights going on and heard the screams from across the street. Sounds like fun!

  185. marilyn fitzmaurice

    This would be a rockin’ good time for the grand kids!

  186. Date Day/ night with my fiance!

  187. Melissa

    This weekend would be my one year anniversary with my boyfriend. Since we are both students working part time to pay for our tuition, we are hardly able to go out and do fun activities. It would be nice to win these tickets and go on a date with my boyfriend as a little break before exams begins for us soon. Additionally my boyfriend has said that this event had always been fun for him in the previous years, it’d be nice to experience it as i have never been to it before.

  188. Shannon

    Never been. My boys would love it!

  189. Claudio

    My daughter’s will love to ride and have lots of fun in this magic and glorious Park!

  190. Cindy

    My son is finally tall enough to ride the “big kid” rides…yippee for him and for me!

  191. VaP

    My daughters just migrated here 2 mos ago. This will be a nice experience for them to forget about being homesick.

  192. Gerome

    I’ve never been and i want to go and try all rides and have fun..

  193. Lisa L

    With all of this rain in Raincouver, the kids need somewhere fun to hang and burn off some energy!

  194. Si Man

    Because it can be a rainy time of year and kids need to burn off some steam!

  195. Tbiggar

    We want to spend the rainy days somewhere fun. Bring it!!

  196. Michele

    My Daughter got married a year ago and I would really like to spend time with her stepdaughter and do some bonding time

  197. Am slightly mobility impaired and the bad leg is very weather-sensitive, so an indoor carnival sounds brilliant. Seems an ideal way to enjoy time with loved ones, like the friend I dragged to the Christmas Market during the horrible New Year blizzard who was then stranded going home on transit for hours. Sorry Mary, can I make it up to you? :)

  198. Susan Lee

    My daughter and my mom have the same birthday, March 25th. I would like to surprise them and take them to a fun family event.