The Royal Moscow Ballet: Don Quixote (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

Don Quixote can rightfully be called one of the most popular performances in the Royal Moscow Ballet’s repertoire. Perfectly synchronized, smooth and precise, there is a special charm to the performance that draws the viewer into the story. Here is the temperament, the emotion and the fascination of Old Spain wrapped up in a classic story of adventure, misadventure and love.

The ballet of Don Quixote is told in four acts and eight scenes, based on episodes taken from the famous novel Don Quixote de la Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes. This beautiful story was originally choreographed by Marius Petipa to the music of Ludwig Minkus. Don Quixote was first presented by the Ballet of the Imperial Bolshoi Theater of Moscow, Russia on December 26th,1869. All modern productions of the Petipa/Minkus ballet are derived from the version staged by Alexander Gorsky for the Bolshoi Theater of Moscow in 1900; a production the ballet master staged for the Imperial Ballet of St. Petersburg in 1902.

Event Information:

  • When: Monday, April 3, 2017
  • Where: Queen Elizabeth Theatre
  • Tickets: Buy Online and enjoy 25% off tickets by using promo code: BALLET*
  • *Offer available in price levels 1 through 3; cannot be combined with any other offer
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112 Responses to The Royal Moscow Ballet: Don Quixote (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

  1. Terry Gamble

    It’s a classic! Who wouldn’t want to see it?

    • Johanna Robbins

      I would love to attend for the love of dance!

    • danny hk chan

      because the poster are very attract my eye
      i think it is wonderful dancing
      very very hope to go

  2. Russian group should be very skilled and should wow viewers.

  3. Johnny P.

    I’d love to see this.

  4. Ana

    Wow, Don Quixote and ballet! Almost 1000 pages long and close to 500 years old. Would be awesome to gift this to my 10 year old daughter and her 75 year old grandma. Classic!

  5. Nelson

    Would love to see this.

  6. caroline deschenes

    The Russians are spectacular performers and very expressive in body for, I would love to catch this, while they are around.

    • caroline deschenes

      …I meant “form”!!!

  7. Suzy

    To watch Don Quixote defend the moon with windmills. Sensible, mad, beautiful, extravagant, and funny: the aesthetics of the quixotic.

  8. Annie

    I would love to watch something this beautiful

  9. Gloria C

    I’d love to attend this show. Always been a fan of ballet. Don Quixote is such a classic.

  10. Sally

    As a retiree I would absolutely love to attend the performance with a friend who has never attended a ballet. This performance I am sure would get my friend hooked. Thanks so very much, Sally Nicholson

  11. Iana

    Hi! May I get 2 free tickets please! For me and my husband. We are expecting little baby now. And it would be nice to watch great ballet show before my due date! Thank you!

  12. Tp

    I’ve always loved ballet even though I didn’t get the chance to realize my dream of being a ballerina. :)

  13. Marie

    Would be amazing to see this spectacular performance!

  14. Marcelo Alves

    I have grew up with Don Quijote history, given mine Spanish origins, my mom used to say that I was an imaginative kid when I was young, in the same way as Don Quixote, in the first part of the book, not seeing the world for what it is and preferring to imagine that he is living out a knightly story. Besides that, growing up as gay guy during the 80’s fascinated by arts wasn’t really easy, but I got the courage to pursuit my dreams with my mom’s support and being able to see these classics together, Don Quijote and Russian Ballet would be incredible!

  15. Olga

    I would love to see this classical ballet! Sure my husband will be happy to join me! Russian ballet in Vancouver sounds great!

  16. Martin

    Never been to the ballet and would love to check it out.

  17. So I can go to see the show with my daughter! Never been to this theatre before! And it is my birthday!:) thank you!!!

  18. Russian ballet is like Russian classical music and Russian literature – a rare phenomenon of world culture.
    If I will be lucky to get free tickets I will give ithem to the gymnasts I am coaching, they must see the combination of a amazing music of Mincus and Russian ballet technique

  19. Anna

    30 March is my birthday!!!! And I love ballet!!! Please gift me 2 free tickets to the ballet I can go to see the show with my daughter who loves to dance! Never been to this theatre before! And it is my birthday!:) thank you so much!!!

  20. Susan

    I have never watched the Ballet. I really want to see it. I want to smell of beauty of Spring through Ballet.


  21. Sarah Rosa

    I just arrive Vancouver, and I’m love with the city and the opportunity for everything.
    I couldn’t believe that now I could have the opportunity to see such event. I’d love to win the tickets ♥

  22. Last ballet I watched was Esmeralda in Moscow four year ago. I am ready for a Don Quixote!!!

  23. Katherine

    My kid loves to dance, and I believe she will love to watch this ballet.

  24. Brie

    When I was little I wanted to be a ballerina, my teachers tild me I was too fat. I remember my dad cuddling me saying he loved me and that it was ok. I never became a ballerina but it’s such a wonderous art form. No matter how old I get I will always want to be a prima ballerina.

  25. Mauro

    I’ve wanted to see a ballet since I was a little girl and never have. This would be an amazing opportunity to take my daughter!

  26. Chantelle

    Would love to see this group perform with my husband.

  27. Anna

    I will be happy to show this amazing performance to my fiancé!

  28. Judy Warner

    Would love to take my mom to this. We are both dancers:)

  29. Pablo

    My friend thinks ballet isn’t that interesting or difficult. I would love to prove her wrong… ;-) (I feel she secretly loves ballet.)

  30. SK

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the ballet. I’ve never seen Don Quixote and would love to!

  31. V

    Since I was studying music theory as a child. I love listening to the music of Don Quixote and would love to see the ballet.

  32. Janice

    First day of my holidays & I haven’t been to live ballet in 20yrs. Would ❤️ to go!

  33. Marilyn

    I’ve loved Don Quixote for decades, read the book, saw the musical, it would be great to see the ballet with my daughter

  34. Alsu

    It will be an excellent present for my husbands 50th birthday, which is today!!

  35. Jessica

    When I was a child I attended the ballet school. I am new in Vancouver with my husband and aren’t used to the rain. Going to the ballet would be something beautiful that would help us to change our state of mind :) Thanks

  36. Milena

    I would love to attend!!!

  37. Yelena

    It is a wonderful opportunity to introduce my 12 year old daughter to one of the greatest ballet troupes in the world!

  38. Maciej Rup

    Wow! What an amazing show this must be. I grew up in Poland and as a young boy my grandmother took my sister and I to the ballet. It was an experience I would never forget. I would love to see the legendary Royal Moscow Ballet perform with my wife. The date is so very close to our anniversary too. Good luck to everyone.

  39. Derek

    I will take my daughter who loves ballet

  40. Jean

    Girls night out!

  41. Katerina

    Thank you for bringing Russian ballet group to Vancouver!!! My mom had seen this particular ballet in Moscow 30 years ago and still can’t forget how beautiful it was …. 30 years later! I would love to have an opportunity to see this ballet as well, considering that I love ballet as much as my mom :)

  42. Kay

    This would be a great outing for this new mom!

  43. Anastasia

    It was always my dream to see a ballet and Don Quixote is one of my favourite novels!!! I cannot miss it :)

  44. Parisa

    What a great show to inspire my mom about beautiful things in life.

  45. Zhanna Bolotina

    I would like to go because I am Russian and have to see it!

  46. BG

    Love the Royal Moscow Ballet, have been dying to see them!! And Don Quixote?!? Double the pleasure!!

  47. Betty

    I have never been to a ballet before. I would love to experience a ballet at the QE Theatre

  48. Thao

    I would love to go. :D

  49. Judith

    I have been single for 40 years. Used to be able to attend theatre long ago. Miss seeing the classics. Would be lovely to invite my friend to join me.

  50. Kirsten Fisher

    I last went to a Ballet Performance over 40 years ago! I would love to see the Royal Moscow Ballet perform Don Quixote! It would be an awesome, amazing unforgettable experience! A dream come true! Thanks for the chance to enter this lovely contest.

  51. Galyna

    I moved to Vancouver last year, and since then I’ve been feeling lack of “precious”, the atmosphere of theatres, operas, ballets and arts in general, which you can only find in Europe (or Eastern Europe). This chance to win tickets and attend the ballet would bring a bit of fresh air into my dull life here…

  52. I’ve been craving a night at the ballet again lately. This would be wonderful to win!

  53. Tatiana

    Have never seen Don Quixote and have loved ballet since I was a wee girl.

  54. Rebecca

    Don Quixote is definitely a classic my family will enjoy. I always remember the time me and my family watching Swan Lake together when I was around 7. I was stunned by the artists skills and the music of course. To me spending a night with family watching a ballet classic like the Nutcracker is very precious and memorable. Thanks.

  55. Ryan w

    Would be a great date night surprise.

  56. Renata

    I am writing my tesis about the power of utopias and I was really influenced by this wonderful story. As Galeano says, the utopias exists to make us keep walking….. At this time, things are being more and more difficult, especially to us, latin people, but I think that we need to refresh our hope and focus on our utopias and go together. I would love to be inspired again by this history. I could never go to a Russian Ballet, it would be just a real dream!

  57. Natasa

    Very nice of you giving away free tickets and as I can see there are so many wishes and I just don’t understand how you can choose to whom to give it.I have last seen ballet performance 27 years ago and it was Swan Lake.Many years passed in my life and it is so strange that I find this info on the Facebook and suddenly I have a wish to see ballet.That is one beautifull world music,body movements,story….Who ever gets the ticket enjoy.

  58. Olga

    I would like to escape the reality and enjoy the beauty of dancing. Thank you for the opportunity.

  59. Rozenn

    Je rêve de voir un ballet, alors Don Quichotte dansé par des Russes…

  60. Simone

    I absolutely love ballet but I never have anybody to go with as I don’t have any friends who are interested. Hopefully with a free plus 1 I would have more of a chance to get someone to come with me. Also to see this production by the amazing Moscow Ballet Co would just be the best welcome back to Vancouver as I move back this weekend!

  61. Lenka

    I would love to see this balet.

  62. Melissa

    Don Quixote is an amazing passionate, dynamic ballet which really suits the Russian ballet training and style! It would be fantastic to be able to catch this performance in Vancouver.

  63. Tracy

    I’ve never seen ballet live! This would be fantastic to attend.

  64. Anna

    I love ballet!!!

  65. Carol

    I love the ballet, and it’s my birthday in Friday. It would be perfect to absorb an artistic work about fighting for ideals in a world that seems cruel sometimes.

  66. Nellie H.

    After a year of fighting the big C ready to do something for pure enjoyment. Nice to see the promos, after all the bad stuff Russia/USA good to see the good stuff

  67. What a treat it would be! Love the story of Don Quixote and to see it here in Vancouver performed by The Royal Moscow Ballet would be something special :)

  68. Sue

    An evening watching Don Quixote performed by the Royal Moscow Ballet at the grand QE theatre seems absolutely fabulous.

  69. Arvid

    I have never been to the ballet. Also, I am new to Vancouver.

  70. Stella

    It would be nice to take my son to a ballet instead of a sporting event.

  71. Cindy

    I would absolutely love, love, love to see this ballet. I miss it so much and am thrilled that the Moscow Ballet will be performing here!

  72. Mary Mowbray

    I have never seen the ballet Don Quixote and I feel it’s about time as I have several Don Quixote pieces of art work dotted around my home!

  73. Michael

    I’ve never been to a Ballet and I think it’d be cool thing to experience.

  74. Chris

    A 3-year old daughter who just started ballet. This would be perfect!

  75. Elaine Cheng

    I am a cancer patient. Just finished my chemotherapy and wanted something to cheer myself up before taking on another task of radiation soon. And I haven’t watched a ballet show before, but it’s something I admired and wanted to try even when I was a kid. Would be extremely excited if I can have this chance to watch it.

  76. wyn

    I have never seen this ballet and it promises to be a wonderful production. I love ballet, enthusiastically back at adult ballet classes now.

  77. Michelle I

    I’d love to take my daughter, we’ve never been. Thank you for the chance to win. ?

  78. Tatiana

    It’s a real beauty!!!!
    I wish to be the lacky one to get the tickets!!!!
    Thank you for the chance!!!

  79. Andrew Chung

    My daughter loves a ballerina and might want to be a prima ballerina:) so I want to see the performance with my daughter.
    Thank you ?

  80. Ashley

    My daughter has been in ballet for last 6 years would love to be able to take her to this

  81. Camille

    I love ballet!

  82. Barbara

    There is no feeling like ballet! I would love to take my daughter to see Don Quixote! Both she and I have danced ballet. Years ago I took her to see Mikhail Baryshnikov when he was here in Vancouver on his final world tour. Russian ballet! Magnifique!

  83. Dovydas

    My bday is today! It would be a great chance to take my fioncee to the balet!

  84. Carolyn

    I’d like to see a Russianbsllet. It would be my first time!

  85. Isabella medeiros

    I would love to see the Russian ballet because I know how much love and passion they put into their dance.
    Along with being as talented as they are!

  86. Paula

    At 20 years of age, I found myself standing in the snow, with holes in my shoes, queuing up for tickets to the ballet in Moscow. I was down to my last few hundred dollars, as a backpacker, and still needed to get to Hong Kong on the trans-Siberian train so I could work. We couldn’t get tickets and I was heartbroken. This would make up for the loss and misery – and very cold wet rain feet – that I experienced as an art-hungry 20 year old.

  87. Marianne Ong

    I’d love to attend a Russian ballet!!!

  88. Anne-Marie

    Ballet is such a beautiful and graceful dance. It would be such a pleasure to be able to see this great show here in Vancouver.

  89. I would love to take my daughter , we have never been to the ballet before.

  90. Julie

    What a great way to experience ballet the first time!

  91. Helen

    I’ve been promising the kids I’d take them to see a ballet but it’s not currently in our budget – this would be so awesome… and it’s on my Birthday – must be a sign right?!

  92. Camille Blackburn

    My name is Camille, im from montreal. I’m ballet dancer since I was 4years old. After 10 years been one of the best dancer of my class I Was forced to stop my ballet practice, because my back was suffering a scoliosis. Now i have a metal bar on my back. This metal bar restrict me to do many moves. One of my dream is to be a professional dancer, but it’s har with my restrictions. Now, Im in Vancouver for three months and this show is a good way to let me dreams about that.

  93. Matt

    It would be incredible to take my daughter Olivia to see the Royal Moscow Ballet. She’s 5 and totally obsessed with ballet!

  94. Marissa

    I volunteer at Ballet BC and would love to see the Royal Moscow Ballet perform!

  95. Marina

    All our family is from Moscow. We used to go to Bolshoy Theatre very often. As my daughter and son in law work hard, they don’t have a chance to visit Moscow and go to enjoy ballets, opera, all theatre events and atmosphere. We love Canada, we love Vancouver, but miss our cultural home city very much and proud of Moscow Ballet level. Another thing ticket price is quite high for my children. As they rent apartment and pay for various studios for their daughter, I know they wouldn’t buy tickets even if they suffer to go. Hope to win!

  96. It would be great to take the kids to see real ballet!

  97. when I was a child I could watch the nutcracker and stand on my bare tippy toes and dance for my sister, today I am older and just purchased my first pair of men’s point shoes, I need ballet as it soothes the beast in me , it is my bliss, recent physio has healed me or at least I am on the road to recovery, I love French Ballet and Russian as well, they are the best and deserve to be my teachers for this one performance , I love the dance, in the end all that is left is the dance, Brent Vancouver Gay top model 2008 PS I enjoy sharing this planet Earth with you too!! let’s be more friendly in Vancouver and enjoy these social activities together xo Love Brent

  98. Portia

    Working too much mean I really need some culture in my life. Plus, I love the ballet!

  99. Superb Awesome to get my sweet 80 years oldssian Uncle and Aunite for them to attend this long time Don Quixote and ballet! Almost 1000 pages long and close to 500 years old.
    so as to celebrate their 60 years annivesay of their same day Birthday April 4th 2017 in Canada.
    they paid a visit Moscow last year but missed this show
    ” Royal Moscow Ballet – Don Quixote ” Wishing their Russian Wish coming Ture this April 2017 Cheers :-)

  100. Emma Porter

    I would like to go to the ballet but really would love to be able to take my friend. She has recently moved to Vancouver and is missing Europe and the culture there. She missed out on seeing the ballet while in Moscow so it would be wonderful to take her here and welcome her to the city. Thanks

  101. I would love to go to the ballet, it will be a once in a lifetime experience, will be so amazing for me to attend this magnificent show!!! Hope I get the tickets ???? so excited!!!!

  102. Kate

    It would delight my sweet granddaughter to finally see ballet in person, and it would give me great pleasure toshare this experience with her.

    Thank you! ❤

  103. Leanne S

    I’ve never been to the ballet – I think it would be an absolutely amazing experience.

  104. Michelle S

    My 13 year old daughter started dance class this year and absolutely loves it! Experiencing a live ballet would be inspiring.

  105. Jason

    It’s a must see classic! Everyone should see it!!

  106. Yulia Kobeleva

    I love ballet! Growing up in Russia ballet becomes a part of your soul. It is hard to take your eyes off the beauty of this dance! Would love to be able to go watch it here in Vancouver. Hope my April 3d’s birthday will bring me some luck with this!

  107. Annabelle

    I LOVE the Ballet, & have never seen anything live other than the vancouver ballet company perform. Would absolutely love to see this production done by this renowned company.

  108. James

    I have never seen ballet. Time to start?

  109. w

    Wow, Russian ballet in Vancouver? Yes!