It’s Skookum! Vancouver’s Newest Outdoor Playground.

Zip Line Photo: Rob Weiss

Like the sound of a low thunderclap rumbling in the distance, I could hear it. Shrieks and squeals, pure unadulterated joy! Feeling inquisitive I continued my afternoon stroll along the False Creek Seawall searching for the source of the commotion. Low and behold, just north of Telus World of Science I stumbled upon Vancouver’s newest and perhaps most popular outdoor playground; a veritable beehive of activity to say the least.

Tube Slide Photo: Rob Weiss

I decided to pull up a bench, pause for a few minutes and observe the action. Children and those young at heart were literally bouncing for joy on the brightly coloured blue and yellow rubberized surface. Kids of all ages, shapes and sizes were running, jumping, swinging, digging, zipping, laughing, splashing and giggling. What a sight for sore eyes!

Featuring a space age looking tube slide, swing sets, climbing tower and zip line this addition to the Vancouver park inventory is a winner. In fact, judging by the level of excitement of the under ten crowd, I would argue we have a new five-star attraction in the downtown core.

I giggled as I watched the little ones forming a well-organized queue for the zip line. Where did all these kids come from? Congestion was akin to the George Massey Tunnel at five o’clock on a Friday afternoon. Despite the “playtime gridlock”, children patiently waited for their turn, and one look at their faces as they soared across the playground told me the wait was worthwhile.

Natural Features Photo: Rob Weiss

Although many of Vancouver’s spectacular beaches are only minutes away, the park’s sand and water features still drew a crowd. I suppose passionate digging in the mud and dirt never gets old. Natural elements are cleverly incorporated into the play design giving the play centre a certain west coast feel. Logs, rocks and stumps strategically placed within the park invite kids to explore, discover and engage their creative sides.

View of BC Place Photo: Rob Weiss

Drawing my eyes away from the action for just a moment, I took notice of the adjacent landscaping. Stunning, to say the least! Shade trees, flowers, grasses and more are featured in well-manicured garden beds. In the background, the sunshine glistened off the waters of False Creek and BC Place loomed large in the distance. Wide open green spaces attracted families armed with sunscreen and picnic baskets. If cities are judged by how they treat their youngest citizens, I would say well done Vancouver! The future looks bright.

Entrance to Telus World of Science Photo: Rob Weiss

Getting There:

Adjacent to Telus World of Science, the playground is located in Creekside Park and easily accessible by the Skytrain Expo Line. Add a stroll, bike or roll along the False Creek Seawall to extend your day.

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