IT’s Baaaack! Vancouver Gets a Spotlight in Crowd-funded Documentary about the World’s Creepiest Clown

IT, courtesy IMDB.

IT is captivating cinema-goers across North America and beyond with its expertly captured throwback to Stephen King’s horrifying novel. The movie achieves a perfect blend between compelling storyline and terrifying portrayal of a fear-manifesting clown guaranteed to haunt viewers’ nightmares. Now, IT is resurfacing yet again in a fan-funded documentary that takes a deep dive into the makings of both movies – the recently released spookfest as well as the original 1990 miniseries, the latter of which was filmed in Vancouver and surrounding regions. Wait a minute – Vancouver is Derry, Maine?!

Pennywise: The Story of IT, produced by Dead Mouse Productions Ltd. and Cult Screenings UK Ltd., is a fully independent film created purely out of fan demand. The documentary aims to provide a comprehensive look at the cultural impact of IT; explore the phenomenon of coulrophobia (fear of clowns); and investigate the key role a destination can play in shaping a production. The Story of IT was filmed in Vancouver and L.A., and features a wealth of interviews with cast, crew and anyone else connected to the miniseries – including Tim Curry in his first in-depth interview about portraying Pennywise the Clown.

The producers also take viewers on a tour of “Derry” where the novel is set (played by Vancouver in the miniseries). Find the miniseries online and rewatch it – you’ll see such notable regional attractions as Stanley Park; Buntzen Lake in nearby Anmore; New Westminster; and Burnaby’s Heritage Village Museum. After the viewing, we dare you to stroll the streets of Vancouver without checking every sewer grate you pass – you never know if a tuft of red hair will pop up to offer you a balloon.

In addition to delightfully scary details about the cultural phenomenon that is IT, the documentary aptly showcases the way filming locations can so powerfully bridge a deeper connection to a certain film or show. For more details about Pennywise: The Story of IT, click here.

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