Get into the Holiday Spirit at Christmas at FlyOver Canada (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

Ho, ho, hold on tight! This Christmas season, come down to FlyOver Canada to fly with Santa and his elves on a magical flight across Canada and on to the North Pole.

After meeting some of Santa’s elves, Chestnut and Pinecone, you’ll join them as they take flight in search of the rest of the missing elves. You may even get a sneak peek of Santa’s Workshop as you soar over the North Pole.

Event Info:

When: November 23, 2017 – January 7, 2018
Where: FlyOver Canada | 999 Canada Place
Tickets: Buy online or at the gate

Social: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Free Ticket Giveaway:

We’re giving away a family four-pack of tickets to this year’s Christmas at FlyOver Canada! Simply post a comment below telling us why you want to take part in this festive experience and be automatically entered to win. We’ll select one lucky winner on Wednesday, December 20th and notify the winner by email. Good luck!

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103 Responses to Get into the Holiday Spirit at Christmas at FlyOver Canada (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

  1. Diana

    I would love to take our family to this experience over the holidays! My brother will be visiting from the states and our 2-year-old will have her mind blown! It’ll basically be her very first movie experience!

    • carl Dillon

      I would love to win these tickets as a gift for my daughter who is a 35+ year old articling law student and single mom with no support and a boatload of student debt. It would provide a bit of extra cheer when she most needs a break in life

    • Gina

      I would love to give the ticket to my boyfriend’s family.
      My boyfriend’s family will visit him from Mexico when christmas holiday.
      I hope can show them how beautiful here is,and also want them enjoy the winter Canada.Through the Fly Over Christmas Canada,I think they will like here so much.

  2. Janet Mauza

    North Pole Flyover Canada would be an amazing experience for my family, my two daughters and 5 grandchildren visiting for Christmas from the prairies. I can only imagine the joy and wonder on their faces, as well as on my 2.5 year old granddaughter, my son and daughter-in-law from Vancouver. This would be a fantastic family experience!

  3. Darlene

    I’ve never experienced Flyover Canada and this would be a fabulous way to do it for my first experience. I’m trying to create more memories with my family and this would just be a great way to do it.

  4. Kay

    I’ve never been!

  5. Alynne

    I’ve been to FlyOver Canada once and it was an incredible experience. It definitely exceeded my expectations. I would love to go back for Christmas at FlyOver Canada!

  6. Shahee lakhani

    Would love it

  7. Karan Pathania

    I’m an international student here in Canada and will experience the Canadian Christmas for the first time! I’m extremely excited for the big day and can’t wait to make the holiday season even better with this event!

  8. Marilyn Ing

    Experienced Flyover Canada for the first time this summer and it was amazing. Would love to take my Grandchildren to Flyover Christmas Canada.
    Thank you

  9. christophe

    My daughter loves Fly Over Canada and has been asking to go back. I would love be able to surprise her with tickets!

  10. sonja

    It would be a lovely and fun thing for our family to do this holiday season.

  11. I tried Fly Over Canada once and it was AWESOME! I’d love the chance to fly over the North Pole and take my boyfriend to experience it.

  12. Cheryl

    Would love to take my American friend to this!

  13. Jane

    I have never been to flyover canada ??. I would love to have a visit with a friend of mine.

  14. Diane

    I’m away from my family this Xmas (cue sad violin music) so this would be a great Xmas surprise. :D

  15. Tatiana

    I would love to take my husband to fly fly fly away over the North Pole. What an adventure!

  16. Candy

    Would be a great Christmas present (experience) for the kids rather than toys!

  17. Andras

    Our family would have so much fun seeing where Santa lives!

  18. Erica

    I would love the opportunity for my two boys to fly with Santa!

  19. Marilene

    We would love to experience the Christmas Flyover. Another way to spend holiday time together with the family :)

  20. Gina

    I would love to give the ticket to my boyfriend’s family.
    My boyfriend’s family will visit him from Mexico when christmas holiday.
    I hope can show them how beautiful here is,and also want them enjoy the winter Canada.Through the Fly Over Christmas Canada,I think they will like here so much.

  21. Andrew

    I would love for my family to experience this!

  22. Linda

    This would be so fun!

  23. Brenda

    It would be grand to tour into Vancouver and see the Christmas sites going on. I never am in Vancouver very often. Take in the skytrain or the west coast express and enjoy a day would be a fun thing to do. Fly over Canada I have never done either. So more fun to the package

  24. I would love to take my family especially my 4 year old daughter to experience the joy of the Christmas with the ride. This is the first year she truly enjoys the holidays! She finally is willing to sit on Santa’s lap to tell him her wish;she helped her daddy to decorate our Christmas tree, and she is going to leave Santa her favorite gingerbread cookies and milk on Christmas Eve!

  25. Young

    Would love to take my parents to experience Fly Over Christmas Canada!

  26. Kelly Skinner

    My family would really love to have this Christmas experience. I know people who have gone and they rave about it!

  27. Delaney

    I love everything Christmas and adventure and I have yet to try Fly Over Canada. I would love the opportunity to experience it :)

  28. Jody

    Sounds fun!

  29. jan

    would love to check this out as it FlyOver is still on my list

  30. Gwen

    My daughter loves Flyover Canada. We have been twice, and she always wants to do it again!

  31. Kimberly Holcomb

    I get to feel like a kid again and believe in the “Magic Of Christmas”.

  32. Karen Pargas

    We went to Fly Over Canada but the price of admission was too great for us to go in to see the show. My father was a hobby pilot and my husband also took flying lessons. I would take hubby, daughter and son-in-law with me. I hear it’s awesome.

  33. Archana Aggarwal

    My fiancé has never done this! I would love to be able to take him :)

  34. DebH

    We LOVE FlyOver Canada, so much fun.

  35. Remy

    Hard to find things to do with teens for the holidays that isn’t to childish. This would be awesome for our family!!

  36. Sarah Mauza

    I live in Alberta with my 3 kids and am coming to Vancouver over Christmas. We don’t get much quality time together as the daily grind doesn’t allow for much extra and they go to their dad’s house on weekends.
    I was hoping to give them a fun holiday experience, something out of the norm. My kids absolutely love to fly and this would just be something we can enjoy together and put some smiles on their faces. Thank you!

  37. Edith Rennes

    I’d like to enter this because it would be a completely new experience for me…here’s hoping!!

  38. Terry Gamble

    It would be an awesome Canadian experience to share with family.

  39. Derek

    A fantastic way to spend some time downtown at Flyover Canada

  40. Jean

    I would love to take my family to see this festive treat

  41. Prachi

    would love to take my family visiting from overseas.

  42. Steve

    We have guests in from Belgium and they are very excited to learn more about Canada,… what better view?

  43. Laura

    We need a little bit of magic this Christmas and from what I hear “Fly over” anything is pretty spectacular!

  44. Jenn

    I would LOVE to win this because we rarely get to go out and do something fun during the Christmas season.

  45. This would be so amazing my kids really want to go?

  46. Wsiemens

    Would love this as i’ve always wanted to go to this flyover exhibit! would make a nice Christmas present to take my nieces.

  47. Kathy

    Love, love, love Fly Over Canada. Can’t wait to see the Christmas version. My girls will love it, so excited!!!!

  48. Elaine

    Always wanted to try

  49. eileen

    I’ve yet to experience FlyOver Canada, and I’d like to take my mom for her birthday!

  50. HR

    This looks fun!

  51. Dalia Angon

    I never experienced FLY OVER CANADA..If I will get a free ticket..Its my pleasure, special my daughter would be happy..coz this is her wish to Santa..when she wrote a letter to Santa..

  52. Emily C.

    I’ve never been to Flyover Canada. It would make our holiday if I can bring my husband and my parents to experience this!

  53. Jay

    I will be glad to experience with my kids..

  54. Jessica Sansaricq

    Wow! I would love to visit Canada over theholidays! This would be a dream come true.
    1. I’ve never been to Canada
    2. My favorite musicians tegan and sara are Canadian.
    3. I’ve heard and seen beautiful things from people who have visited.

  55. Kellie

    To give my young teen girls a night out to enjoy would be great!

  56. Cathy

    I would not only enjoy to come back but I am a great ambassador as every time I have family or friends visiting from out of town, I buy them tickets and take them to your show!! so Yes!!
    Thank you for considering me

  57. Miles H

    FlyOver is so cool ?! I’d love to take the fam and see how you can christmasize it.

  58. Sue Henifin

    I would love to share this experience with my granddaughter! This is her first Christmas to see Santa!

  59. Melissa Hoffmann

    I’d love to take my parents on this wonderful Canadian adventure! They have yet to experience Fly Over Canada, so this would be a fun way to end the year off.

  60. Iris N

    I have always wanted to go and experience Fly Over!

  61. Sarah

    My friends and I do all our Christmas stuff together, and we love flyover but haven’t managed to do it this year. Would love the opportunity to experience the Christmas flyover.

  62. Pat

    Would love to win these tickets to take my 4 year old niece!

  63. leanne

    Who doesn’t want to fly with Santa at Christmas?

  64. Lo

    My little guy has been asking to go! :)

  65. Helen Voong

    I’ve never been to one and would love to go with my family.

  66. FT

    It’ll be great to finally check it out

  67. Jaymee

    Santa, wait for us!!!

  68. Rachel

    I can’t think of anything that will get me more in the mood for Christmas than to fly over the North Pole!

  69. Julee

    Now my girls are older 17 and 19 We need to find “New Christmas traditions” that we do each year .This would be an awesome experience that I can see us doing together.

  70. Lorena

    Canada Place on the water always has such a beautiful atmosphere and great walk prior to this wonderful Christmas themed event!

  71. Liz

    Pick me!

  72. Catherine Moschopoulos

    I have just moved to Vancouver from Greece about a year now with my three children. My son 22 yrs old and my twin girls 6 years old. I think this would be a beautiful experience for all of us to have as a family especially now at christmas! Thank you for giving us this opportunity!

  73. Karm Dial

    I would love to win these for my family. We would love to spend some time together during the holidays and this would be a great opportunity. Thanks for the chance :)

  74. Greg

    would love to go

  75. Yvonne

    Love spending time together with family in such a nice venue it will be very memorable.

  76. Pauline

    Love fly over experience and fly over Christmas at North Pole with my family would be amazing!

  77. Jazzy

    I loved the experience and would love to go again! :)

  78. Elaine Deng

    I’d love to take my parents on this as at their age, they will probably no longer physically travel all over Canada. So instead of living through me, they can experience it themselves.

  79. Cindy

    I’ve never been! Heard it’s amazing and would love to take my family during the holidays!

  80. Jesse

    Would love to, never been yet. Xmas time would be great

  81. Johnny P.

    I’ve never been to Fly Over Canada.

  82. Karen

    I always loved FlyOver Canada. Really want to go there again.

  83. Maryanne

    We’ve never been!

  84. Aime

    Would love to experience this!

  85. Ric

    I have been in and out of hospital since my birthday in Sept…hospitalized on Thanksgiving and now treated for a kidney infection in hospital while I write this…I told the attending physician that I would love to try Fly Over Christmas…so I’m playing the…I want to do something special for my friends who have been so loving and supportive card…that would make a cheerful Christmas card! Season Greetings to everyone…and however you celebrate the holidays…may they be filled with light, laughter and love ??❄⛄

  86. Jamilla

    I would love to take my parents!

  87. Kelly

    Because its a Christmas Tradition ???

  88. Isabel

    It’s a tradition! Annnnnd we love the beautiful lights :)

  89. Jess

    Would love to take my family

  90. Judy Cupskey

    Would LOVE to take my grandsons on this.

  91. Sally

    I have been waiting to take my kids for a few years now…been waiting for them to be tall enough ???

  92. Emma

    My mother in law is visiting from the UK and I would love to take her!

  93. Jackie Cross

    Would love to win!! I’m having a very hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year, this experience might be exactly what I need ????

  94. Alexander Peterson

    would love to go and take my new wife

  95. Masumi

    I’ve never been before!! It would be great to experience it especially with the Christmas theme as it really is the best time on year!

  96. Eva

    This would be such a great prize to win! I have heard so many good things about Fly Over and I’ve never been before. This would be a lovely way to experience some Christmas Cheer!

  97. Nancy

    Awesome way to celebrate Christmas in Canada!

  98. Parm

    I’ve been to FlyOver Canada once and it was an incredible experience. My parents are visiting me I would love take them there. As it exceeded my expectations. I would love to go back for Christmas at FlyOver Canada!

  99. Mrs Zarni Shakibaie

    Its Summer here in AUSTRALIA, hence our family of 6(2 adults + 4 kids) are visiting CANADA on our very first family trip there. We will be flying into Vancouver on Christmas Day. Totally would add to the trip starting out on a memorable note. After our long journey to get to your beautiful hometown. Pretty Please for the visitors.

  100. Joanne

    I’d love to bring my family!

  101. Sharon Kang

    I just moved to Vancouver from the island so money is tight, but I’m listening to Christmas carols as I write this. The Christmas spirit is alive and well! It would mean so much to win tickets to take my mom and boyfriend to see this!

    Merry Christmas, all!