These are a few of my favourite things – Spring in Vancouver

Spring in Vancouver Photo: Rob Weiss

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.” Perhaps Maria, from The Sound of Music missed Vancouver in the spring? Personally, I would suggest spring in our fair city is chock a block full of favourite things. Like a blank canvas waiting for paint, Vancouver evolves out of the grey, dark, misty winter with a blast of colour. As we celebrate the well earned, and yearned for, first day of spring, I would like to share with you a list of my favourite things.

Seawall Strolls

It always thrills me to play tourist for a day, and in my humble opinion, there is no better destination come this time of year than the Stanley Park Seawall. With the change in season, comes a magical energy transformation. Like an invitation to smile, the sunshine brings joy, laughter and unbridled enthusiasm for seawall exploration. Couple that with the odd burst of colour from a dazzling daffodil or cherry blossom and you have a perfect spring day out!

Spring in Vancouver Photo: Rob Weiss

Spring Paddles

Although I attempt to paddle year round, there is something special about a spring kayak adventure. Like the incoming tide, the glow of the sun is a promise of future outdoor expeditions. Feeling the warmth of the sun’s rays on my face, wind on my back and calm water ahead is quite frankly soul food. With several launch sites throughout the city, it is easy to don a kayak spray skirt, grab a canoe paddle or jump on a paddleboard and embark on a seafaring adventure.

Spring in Vancouver Photo: Rob Weiss

Spinning Wheels

Each spring I lovingly tune up my bike in anticipation of the cycling season ahead, and Vancouver has much to offer the urban cyclist. Diligently I study bike path maps, plotting routes with blossom viewing in mind. Every ride is more colourful than the last, as each day a new flower or tree blossoms, exploding in both fragrance and colour.

Spring in Vancouver Photo: Rob Weiss

Breakfasts on the Beach

With my Jet Boil camp stove in hand, breakfast on the beach is one of my favourite spring rituals. Bundled up against the chilly early morning air, I always plan to arrive at the water’s edge early in the day. As I sit in silence, sipping my coffee, I observe the city come to life. As the sun rises and the air warms, just like the buds opening and the flowers blossoming, Vancouverites emerge from their winter hibernation and once again flock to the beaches. It is a time honoured tradition and one that I treasure.

Spring in Vancouver Photo: Rob Weiss

Seawall Strolls, Spring Paddles, Spinning Wheels and Breakfasts on the Beach. Yes, these are a few of my favourite things. Welcome Spring!

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