New Vancouver theatre in bite-size chunks at the Pull Festival!

A scene from one of the plays at this year’s Pull Festival. Didier Brûlé-Champagne photo.

A young woman trying to solve a mystery, an actor examining his own career, and a woman confronting her rapist are among the characters featued in the 7th annual Pull Festival.

This year, the annual event showcases six short works (about ten minutes each) by local playwrights.. Three directors, two guest curators, and a Festival dramaturg selected the plays out of a record number 89 script submissions.

The festival takes place March 21-24 at Little Mountain Gallery (195 E. 26th Ave.). Here’s a closer look at the plays in this year’s festival.

The Black Shawl—A young woman tries to piece together the events that led her to the edge of railway tracks, an empty baby carriage beside her. Writer Sherry MacDonald’s plays have been staged in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg and the United States.

Candyland—One take away from finishing a long day of filming, an actor offers advice to an extra—and ends up questioning himself. Actor/writer Donal Thoms-Capello’s other credits include a short film and numerous comedic sketches and short plays performed for and in association with Sacred Fools Theater, Los Angeles.

An Assertive Girl—In Allyson Fournier’s piece, a young woman confronts the man she has accused of raping her. Fournier’s play “Carrots, Baby” won Audience Choice at the Tomo Suru Players’ About Love Festival. She is also a director—she will co-direct an upcoming production of The Diary of Anne Frank— and an actor.

Real Company—This one asks, “When human relationships are commodified, is it possible to truly connect?” Writer Jessica Harvey is also a singer/songwriter who performs with the local band Two Apple Tobacco.

Her / Them—Not much of a description provided except “Her meets Them. What happens next is scary.” The play is the sixth Pippa Mackie has written for the Pull Festival, of which she is also the co-artistic director.

Teddy Bears—Two men with secrets are searching for a connection. Writer Jordy Matheson is an actor, writer, and improviser.

A scene from Teddy Bears, a new work at the 7th Annual Pull Festival. Didier Brûlé-Champagne photo.


When: March 21 – 24, 8 p.m.
Where: Little Mountain Gallery (195 E 26th Ave.)
Tickets: $20 at

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