Blossoms, Bikes and Buddies

Photo: Flickr, Linda Poole

My favourite spring ritual is back! Like the rising and setting sun, the change of seasons and the turning tides, each spring you can count on Vancouver’s cherry trees to burst out in a blaze of dazzling colour. In celebration and perhaps with a sense of relief that winter is over, Vancouverites venture outside and partake in an abundance of events and activities focused on honouring our beloved blooms.  It is during this particular time, I eagerly await the announcement of dates for the annual Bike the Blossoms group ride.

Photo: Melissa Bruntlett Bike the Blossoms

Scheduled for Saturday, April 28th this free, community event is a uniquely Vancouver experience and celebrates both the blossoms and our city’s fantastic bicycle culture. Annually, young and old gather at the designated meeting area in John Hendry Park ready to pedal. Organized as part of the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival and in partnership with Velopalooza, the ride is a sensory experience! Sights, sounds and smells greet riders as they collectively navigate the traffic-calmed side streets. The air is fragrant, and petals flutter down, like a gentle rain, turning roadways pink. Cyclists, once strangers, come together in celebration. You feel the energy of the group build as the wheels spin.

Photo: Rob Weiss

The route is relatively short, an easy eleven or twelve kilometres and in my opinion, is best pedalled slowly, allowing time to appreciate the vibrant, delicate petals. As though icing on the cake, views of the majestic North Shore Mountains form a picture perfect backup to the blooms. Instagrammable moments to say the least. Upon completing the ride, cyclists are invited to return to the starting point for an outdoor picnic. After all, “there are no strangers under these cherry trees.”

Photo: Melissa Bruntlett Bike the Blossoms

Ready to Bike the Blossoms?

Date: April 28

Time: 11 am – 1pm

Location: Meet on the south side of John Hendry (Trout Lake) Park, 3300 Victoria Drive.

Please arrive early to complete your waiver forms. Visit the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival website for more information.

Of course, you don’t need to join a mass bike ride to enjoy the blossoms. Simply grease your chain, grab your helmet and start pedalling. Spring has sprung, and the petals await!

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