The Teahouse in Vancouver’s Stanley Park Launches a Special 40th Anniversary Menu

In an often fickle dining market, a restaurant that continues to thrive–and for four long decades–is incredibly impressive. Such an achievement is most definitely worth a celebration, and a special anniversary menu.

Stanley Park is one of the most visited and iconic destinations in Vancouver. Within its forested area, you will find The Teahouse where diners flock for gorgeous views of Burrard Inlet as well as quintessential west coast dining.

Part of the successful Sequoia Company of Restaurants (Seasons, Cardero’s, The Sandbar), The Teahouse at Ferguson Point launched in 1978, at a time when Vancouver’s restaurant industry was still in its infancy with regards to diverse selection, local/sustainable sourcing, and global recognition.

Over the course of forty years, visitors continued to frequent the restaurant due to their love of the location, the elegance of its interiors, as well as the classic west coast menu on offer. The building in which The Teahouse is housed has a rich history, beginning as a garrison and mess hall during WWII, and then existing as a military residence and then a tea room in the 1950s. Owner Brent Davies renovated it to open The Teahouse, overseeing over the next forty years many changes, including the addition of a conservatory and drawing room, as well as a patio (one of the best in the city).

The anniversary three-course menu is available Monday to Friday, from now until December 10, 2018. It’s the perfect meal for the lead-up to the holiday season, especially since it nostalgically draws from items on the original 1978 menu (talk about an eating time machine).

To start, you have a choice between mushrooms stuffed with crab, shrimp, and cream cheese; duck pâté with cognac, pork, herbs, butter, cream, egg, and lemon; and a salad with egg mimosa, Asiago, croutons, tomatoes, carrots, capers, tarragon vinaigrette, and sliced almonds. The stuffed mushrooms were richly delicious, a decadent treat to start off the meal.

Photo: Tara Lee

Photo: Tara Lee

The main course selections are as follows: chicken breast Veronique with grapes, white wine, and brown bigarade sauce; a 6 oz New York striploin, with freshly cracked peppercorns, cognac, and cream; and a fisherman’s soup of scallops, fish, shrimp, fennel, and pernod broth. The striploin was perfectly executed, with great sear.

Photo: Tara Lee

If you want to make the experience even more decadent, you can add grilled prawns (+$14), a herb grilled lobster tail (+$19), or sautéed mushrooms (+$10).

And, of course, you can’t leave without having one of the dessert selections, choosing between classics like crème caramel, chocolate mousse with candied pecan brittle, and baked Alaska featuring chocolate cake, strawberry ice cream, and meringue. The crème caramel was silky smooth and not overly sweet. It was the ideal finish to the night.

Photo: Tara Lee

Photo: Tara Lee

All seafood is Ocean Wise certified. Those who are vegetarian or on a gluten free diet will find menu options.

Overall, the menu offers incredible value, really showcasing and celebrating The Teahouse’s commitment to a high quality and refined dining experience. Make sure to take advantage of it before it comes to a close on December 10, 2018. Further information on this special anniversary menu can be found on-line.


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