Ticket Giveaway – Dine Out Vancouver Festival’s Grand Tasting

We’re giving away 2 tickets to attend Dine Out Vancouver Festival’s Grand Tasting on January 17th, a gala pre-opening event to kick off the 17th season of DOVF.  

To be eligible, simply post a comment below and be automatically entered to win. We’ll select the lucky winner on January 11th and will notify the winner by email.

Dine Out Vancouver Festival kicks off their 17th season in grand style with the Grand Tasting event in the fabulous Rocky Mountaineer Station. This gala pre-opening event, celebrated in partnership with Festival Partner, The Wines of British Columbia, will transform the contemporary space of the station into an epicurean delight, featuring an delicious array of restaurant tasting tables, craft breweries/cideries, and over 20 British Columbia wineries. 

This celebration of Vancouver’s culinary scene is also DOVF’s second charitable initiative with proceeds raised going to the BC Hospitality Foundation; supporting hospitality workers facing financial crisis due to health-related causes as well as offering scholarship programs to foster the next generation of industry leaders.

January 17, 2019
7:00 PM to 9:30 PM
$99.00 regular price

Learn more about The Grand Tasting here

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  1. DJ

    Finger crossed

  2. Pick me!

  3. Would be lots of fun.

  4. Would love to win this

  5. Yes please! What a way to start 2029 ?

  6. Or even 2019 ?

  7. Would love to win this

  8. Would love to go!!

  9. So good so fresh so vancouver!!!

  10. Yay pick me please. Thanks

  11. Taste all the things!

  12. I would love to go!
    Thanks for the chance!

  13. How incredible to share a wonderful evening of such delight, showing the fine dining and wines of Vancouver ……. a city of hidden charm and elegance

  14. Love Dine Out – the only time I can afford to go to these places when it’s not a special occasion.

  15. This is awesome! Pick me, please!

  16. Thanks, Inside Vancouver!

  17. Sounds fab! This will be a memorable evening for sure. Cheers.

  18. JHH

    grand tasting! let’s do this!

  19. I would love to go, this sounds like an amazing event!

  20. Looking forward to some delectable dining.

  21. Thanks for the chance of a grand tasting event! This New Years’ resolution is to live life now, cheers!

  22. Oh exciting! I’m a total foodie and would to try it all :)

  23. One of my favourite food events in town. Can’t wait!

  24. It would be so wonderful to go to this !

  25. Please choose me!!

  26. Just LOVE Dine-Out Vancouver!! ❤️

  27. Jan

    Would love to go!

  28. Would love to go and take my husband!

  29. Sounds fun!

  30. Sounds like a great experience to win!

  31. Jen

    This sounds fantastic!

  32. Remarks Yes, please!

  33. Vicky

    I would love to a part of this grand food event!

  34. This would be amazing and fun!

  35. This would be amazing to attend

  36. Interested to go! Pick me

  37. Can’t wait for Dine Out to start!!! This will be my first year getting to participate in tasting all the amazing dishes!

  38. Thanks for the opportunity to win this!!

  39. Hi! Would love to win this!

  40. This would be lovely! Thank you for the opportunity. Cheers

  41. jan

    well, wouldn’t this be wonderful!

  42. Thank you in advance!

  43. RemarksI would love to go, thanks for the chance inside vancouver! :)

  44. I would love to go, thanks for the chance inside vancouver! :)

  45. Clare

    This would be great!

  46. Hi, hope i can win this dine out, Thanks! =^____^=

  47. PJ

    Me please!

  48. OG

    Loved this last year and hoping to do it with a group of friends this year. This would help!

  49. Hope to win!

  50. Love Dineout!! This looks fun!

  51. I’m a pretty serious foodie so would love to be able to check this event out!

  52. This would be a great way to start 2019!!

  53. I would love this!!

  54. Laurie

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Pick me!

  55. This looks amazing.

  56. What a wonderful way to explore new foods and beverages that come from our province!

  57. This is my first Dine Out! Excited :)

  58. Remarks
    This would be awesome!
    Something to look forward to… after the holiday season. Thanks! ?

  59. Sounds amazing!

  60. RemarksWould love to win this.

  61. This would be wonderful

  62. Love to go!

  63. I’d love to win tickets… and some great food!

  64. This would be fun!

  65. What an experience !!

  66. This sounds amazing ?

  67. Wow. Would be amazing to attend. Thanks for the chance.

  68. Val

    Oh, yes please! I would never be able to afford this. Sounds so wonderful.

  69. Exciting! Good luck everyone!

  70. Love Dine Out Vancouver! Wish me luck!

  71. Wish to win!

  72. Oooh this looks like it would be so much fun!!

  73. Remarks ME ME ME ….PLease!

  74. *crossing my fingers*

  75. We love Dine Out!!!!! And would love to join the Grand Tasting… and tell all of our friends about it!

  76. Good luck to me?

  77. Ruzz


  78. Would love to experience this!

  79. Pick me!

  80. Great prize! Fingers crossed!

  81. What a great way to kickoff Dine-out! Winning this would be a student’s dream! ?

  82. Yes please!

  83. Exciting!

  84. Kim

    Thank to for the opportunity to attend!

  85. Ali

    This would be a fabulous date night!

  86. A nice way to brighten up January!

  87. Kay

    Great way to start the year

  88. Yes please! What an exciting opportunity to eat out with Dineout Vancouver! It would be a finest culinary experience yay yay yay yay yay ?

  89. Happy New Year!!!

  90. Starting the new year off with good food, good wine, amazing people and the best chefs Vancouver has to offer sounds like a dream. All the things are crossed and my Instagram account stands ready!

  91. Can’t wait for Dine-Out Vancouver to happen!

  92. Dine out!

  93. would be so cool to win this!

  94. Sue

    This sounds fab, would love to win this

  95. Something new I’d love to experience!!

  96. Today I was a hero and rescued some beer from a bottle

  97. Grand feasting time!!

  98. Good luck to everyone!

  99. Would love to go and write it up.

  100. Would love to be a part of this! :D

  101. Mmmmmm hungry already :) :)

  102. wen

    This would be awesome!

  103. Thank you very much!

  104. Would love to part of
    This!! Also this is my birthday month ??

  105. sounds like a great event

  106. That would be a great experience! And to sample some amazing food from some of the lower mainlands chefs!

  107. What a fabulous way to kick off a fantastic event!

  108. Looks like some tasty food

  109. Please pick me. I always wanted to do that with my husband. Thanks

  110. Ray


  111. Love dine out!

  112. Hotly anticipating DOV! Thank you for giveaway!

  113. Raj

    Would love to win this?

  114. What a beautiful, delicious way to start 2019!!

  115. This would be a really great night out.

  116. Wow what an amazing prize!

  117. Remarks count me in

  118. Count me in

  119. Looks amazing!!

  120. Pick me

  121. This would be in-line with my NY resolution–learn more about BC wines and craft beers! Plus, it would be fun and delicous. Cheers!

  122. Dine Out! Can’t wait ?

  123. I’d love to attend Dine Out Vancouver Festival’s Grand Tasting!

  124. Sue

    Wouldn’t it be great to get picked on on my BDay, Jan 11.

  125. Dine Out Vancouver really is the most wonderful time of the year!

  126. Laurel

    I want to win!

  127. It sounds like a great event.

  128. Dine out Vancouver is one of the best events in the city. Just love it. Thanks Dine out

  129. Ben

    Would love to be able to give this to my parents as a gift!

  130. Started dating my hubby during Dine Out. Many years later, still going strong!

  131. Great Contest!

  132. Pam

    Looking forward to it!

  133. I’m a foodie, so these tickets would be highly valued. Happy New Year!

  134. Yes, please!

  135. I would love to be part of it…
    Pls & thank u

  136. Kat

    I’ve been trying to discover all of BC ‘s wines and beer and visit different restaurants and would love to discover some more!

  137. F T

    Sounds delicious!

  138. Rowena

    This sounds fantastic! Would love to go.

  139. It’s been several years since my last Dine Out experience. Long overdue!

  140. Yes pls!!!

  141. Would love to share this with my best friend/partner!

  142. Hope to win to attend this great event!

  143. Me please! Sounds amazing!

  144. I would love to go with my significant other!

  145. Yes plz!

  146. Iz

    Would love to win!

  147. A reason to get all prettied up… please pick us.

  148. Love Dine Out and would love to go to the event.

  149. HR

    The Dine Festival is great. I got to visit a couple restaurants last year but haven’t been to any of the events. This event seems like it would be fun experience.

  150. Yes please!!

  151. Here is my entry! :)

  152. Remarksabsolutely live Dine Out and tasting fest peaks are such fun!

  153. This would be so amazing to win and attend.

  154. Can’t wait for Dine Out 2019! ?

  155. ? Hope there are lots of Pinot Noir tastings! ?

  156. Percy

    Dine Out has always been a great way to taste test some great restaurants. :)

  157. Happy new year! Thank you :)

  158. Wanna win !

  159. Put that tasty food in ma mouth!

  160. Marnie

    Love me some Dine-out Vancouver!

  161. Ami Patel

    Pick me!

  162. Love Inside Vancouver and Dine Out
    Vancouver! This event will be amazing! ?????

  163. Ray

    Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to all!

  164. MK

    What a wonderful prize! Would love to go!

  165. When will I receive the voucher? ?

  166. Would be a great way to celebrate my birthday!! ?

  167. Pick me!

  168. Good luck everyone!

  169. Would love to take my son he is a complete foodie and would really enjoy it

  170. The energy! The event! It’s perfect! I love it!

  171. The time when you get to experience different cuisine from the corners of the lower mainland. First tried this when l came to Vancouver in 2011 and every since then being coming back.

  172. Jorge Real

    I’d love to go!

  173. Would be awesome to win! Have been attending DOV for a few years now.

  174. pick me

  175. LOVE food and this would be an epic event to go to. Good luck to everyone!

  176. It would be a great date night. Dine Out is always fun.

  177. So excited for DOV!

  178. Remarks
    I love Vancouver and would love to be considered for this event. Thank you!

  179. Hoping to win the Grand Tasting event. That would be a wonderful start to the New Year.

  180. Dine Out is a great event! Hope to be able to go to the Grand Tasting!

  181. Eva

    Would love to go!

  182. Jan

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

  183. Oh please, oh please…

  184. Yes, please

  185. Yes please!

  186. Love to go!

  187. Happy and prosperous 2019, everyone!

  188. This looks like a fantastic event.

  189. Yes please, we
    Need to leave Chilliwack Remarks

  190. Nic

    EEEK! My partner and I are huge fans of this event, would dress up in style, would love to attend this party. :)

  191. This sounds like an amazing experience!

  192. This would be amazing to win, delicious ? food ? and drinks ? thanks!

  193. This would be amazing!!

  194. This sounds amazing!

  195. Sure love to win this and write my next review as an elite yelper!

  196. Looking forward to attending!

  197. Winning tickets to this event would be a lovely birthday surprise!

  198. Would love to win this!

  199. I love you inside vancouver!

  200. Yes please!!

  201. I am coming back to Van that day! It would be a great gift

  202. This would be awesome

  203. My luck has not been good…

  204. Yes please!

  205. Elaine

    Vancouver Vancouver. Wherefore art thou Vancouver.

  206. :)

  207. kevin


  208. Winning tickets would be the best way to start this year! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  209. Yes please!

  210. Love it ?

  211. Dine out <3 !

  212. That looks good.. may I have a taste?

  213. This would be awesome to attend!

  214. Edwin

    Taro bubble tea is good

  215. This would be a great way to start off 2019!

  216. Would be awesome, a style night out with my seeetheart !

  217. Dream of Dine Out! Cheers!

  218. Would be so awesome!

  219. Pick me!

  220. RemarksLove Dine Out! Great event!

  221. Vrinda Chhabra

    Hey, would love to have this great new experience with my partner! Looking forward to it :)

  222. I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions, so I wouldn’t have to worry about breaking them on the 17th!

  223. This is awesome event.. such an honored to participate on this ?

  224. Sounds like an amazing event, hope to be a part of it!

  225. Sounds amazing! Would love to experience this!

  226. Its my 50th celebration gift. Please don’t disappoint.

  227. ???? Crossing my fingers!

  228. Let me win something please!!

  229. Ivy

    Hoping this is my year!!! xxx

  230. Let’s start 2019 with me winning this!

  231. Oh my god i cant wait for all the yummy food this year ?

  232. SJ

    Being picked for this would be an amazing start to the year! Fav time of the year is dine-out for me

  233. Pick me!

  234. We can’t wait to dine out!

  235. Looks like a great event! Would be so lovely to attend,

  236. Winning this would be a wonderful surprise for my husband.

  237. Love dine out events! This sounds amazing.

  238. I’d love to share this experience with my wife. We look forward to dine out every year!

  239. Its my birthday weekend! ?

  240. This would be so cool!

  241. Julie


    Such a wonderful way to celebrate my Birthday!

  242. Would be awesome to win! Thanks.

  243. Love to win Dine Out!

  244. All I can say is… Vancouver and InsideVancouver rules!

  245. Would love to win this….inside vancouver rocks!!!

  246. Would love to win this….inside vancouver rocks!!!

  247. Wish me luck ?

  248. Lau

    I love dine out, it’s such a great way to get people out of the house to experience all of the culinary delights this city has to offer!

  249. This would be an amazing treat to win.

  250. Kat

    would be amazing to check out this year’s Dine Out event at the Rocky Mountaineer Station!!

  251. What a wonderful event to enjoy in the middle of winter! Dine in Vancouver is the best time to visit!

  252. Would love to attend this event! Sounds fabulous! Just the event to get me back into Vancouver finer food and pairings!

  253. Would be awesome!

  254. Please pick me!!!

  255. VN

    I loved the gala last year, would love to go again!!!

  256. The dine out festival is always a great time

  257. It would be an incredible experience to win this price!

  258. Cannot wait to attend!!

  259. It is my wife’s birthday soon, great gift for her.

  260. A girl can dream? ;)

  261. Hope to dine out soon ?????

  262. My bestie will be in Vancouver for work Jan 19th and I’m coming over from Victoria to visit her. We were just talking about this. We would love to win. ❤️

  263. Ed

    WOW.Starving artist here desperately needs the grand prize Pick me.

  264. CM

    What a great event to go to on a rainy January night and a great way to start 2019 !

  265. Heard DOVF for years, but my sister and I are in Vancouver 2019 during this period to experience it’s fun.

  266. Great prize

  267. One of the best things about January in YVR!

  268. Every year I get so excited for this month, it is my birthday month and we pick a restaurant to go for my birthday through Dine out Vancouver.