Curling Rocks! The unique winter sport that nobody’s talking about…

Curling in Vancouver

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Curling seems to be the sport that everyone remembers only when the winter Olympic Games roll around. For the uninitiated, the sport involves rolling a heavy rock down a long stretch of ice, while people run beside it and furiously sweep. Uh, what?

While hockey and lacrosse may be more commonly known as the national sports of Canada, curling should follow up as a close 3rd on the list. The winter sport is a favourite among those who enjoy low impact sports based on precision…

Okay, it’s sort of like bowling – but on ice. And, it’s a unique thing to do that most people seem to forget about. Curling is simple to learn and takes very little athleticism except for a deft touch, strong vocal cords, and a high-pace sweeping ability.

So, if you’re looking for something different to do with a group of friends, why not try your hand at curling? There are quite a few rinks in Vancouver that offer drop-ins and friendly patrons who may not mind explaining the more complex rules of the sport.

curling in vancouver

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If you want to invest in renting a sheet of ice with a group and an accredited coach to show you the ropes, the Vancouver Curling Club (located in the Hillcrest Community Centre) costs $246.75 for two hours.

Alternatively, the Richmond Curling Club offers Practice Ice on various days of the week. Their online schedule shows how many sheets are available for practice.

In Marpole, South Vancouver, the Marpole Curling Club offers friendly instructors, affordable ice rentals, and leagues for a wide range of abilities. A drop-in Learn to Curl event costs just $25, which includes all necessary rental equipment.

Pretty soon you’ll be dropping things like “hammer” and “hog line” casually into your vocabulary!

If you want to learn more about the sport of curling, check out the Curling Canada website.

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