An Evening of Musical Time Travel with Music Videos Live in Vancouver

Music Videos Live Vancouver

By Masa Kateb

This night is guaranteed to take you back in history, and then leave you hanging on the edge of the modern world. The event is called “Music Videos Live”; a musical night curated by a talented Vancouverite performer, to support the city’s local artists and organizations.

Long before the internet took the world by storm in the early 1990s, music videos back in the 1940s were called “sound-on-film productions”; those clips were played before feature films in big theaters across North America, which was one way musicians used to promote for their artform in a visual way.

In the 1980s, MTV and Much Music flipped the sound-on-film narrative by airing videos that are musically driven first, with picture that supports the music, rather than the other way around.

On the night of Saturday, March 16th, producer and musician Ingrid Nilson, aka Tempest Jade, will be bringing an interactive live twist on the music video to the doorstep of Vancouver.

The night will be a combination of various art forms; and what a better way to kick it all off than with a performance by urban dance company, KTLco! You will then be carried into the land of music, with videos playing on the iconic screen of Rio Theatre, where your senses will be left to wander through the creations of some of Vancouver’s brightest musicians.

Music Videos Live Vancouver

Before you hit intermission to get a refill of your drink, top up your popcorn or buy a raffle ticket, you’ll be offered a glimpse into the work done behind the curtains through a quick Q&A with the artists you just watched on-screen. They will speak about their passion for music and the process that went into the making of their music videos.

I personally find the choice of venue spot on, as it will be held at Rio Theatre which was built in the late 1930s in East Vancouver, and still operates to this day.

Onstage, musicians will then perform and transform their passion for the beat into sole tapping magic, and it is up to you to take it a step further and bust a dance move as the DJ takes control of the night.

The event will be hosted by the award-winning storyteller Jo Dworschak, producer of The Rio’s own “Story Story Lie” show, and 100% of the raffle proceeds will go to Battered Women’s Support Services.

“This project is near and dear to my heart as it showcases the dynamic versatility of some phenomenal local artists, musicians and visionaries who inspire our communities.” Nilson told Inside Vancouver, “as an artist myself who will also be performing in the event, I am honoured to share the stage with them.”

The line up features local artists who are dedicating their lives to follow the dream of being a musician and making the world a better place through this ancient artform. The line up includes: artist and visual rap poet, Kimmortal; retro pop princess, Tempest Jade, who is kicking off her EP release at the event; artist on the rise, Biawanna; hip hop MC and spoken word artist, JB the FirstLady; hip hop/rap and soul artist, Missy D; and the event will be DJ’d by the fantastic DJ Denise & Denzin 8 Productions.

“It was the incredible all-femme and diverse line up that got me to say yes when I was asked to be part of this event,” Missy D told Inside Vancouver, “we’re a group of people that need our voices heard, and this night creates the perfect space for us to do so”.

You can follow the event page on Facebook by clicking here, and you can click here to purchase your tickets before hand.

I know I already purchased mine! See you there…

What: Music videos and performance from phenomenal local talent!
When: Saturday, March 16th 2019
Time: Doors open at 7:00 pm, show starts at 8:00 pm
Where: Rio Theatre, 1660 E Broadway

Tickets are $12 in advance, or $16 at the door. You must be 19 years of age or above to attend this event.


Masa Kateb is a writer, storyteller, activist and community organizer. She is mesmerized by the fusion of various diverse cultures in Vancouver, and seeks to explore as many cultural events as possible, especially when it relates to live performances. You can follow Masa on Twitter @miso57

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