Legal ways to celebrate 420 in Vancouver

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Last October, cannabis was officially made legal in Canada. It’s been an interesting five months of legalization with some bumps along the way.

However, with the notorious 420 festival fast approaching on April 20, 2019 – the world’s official “day to celebrate weed” – it seemed like the perfect opportunity to highlight a few legal ways to celebrate the day.

Note: while the 420 festival in Vancouver is extremely popular, it is considered a “protest” and has faced extensive criticism over the years.

Why is 4/20 the official day of weed? According to Time magazine, the day has roots in five teenagers meeting to smoke weed at a specific time in the day (4:20). This was later brought into the mainstream by the Grateful Dead. According to other sources, 4:20 has roots in a code from law enforcement.

Whatever the source, if you plan on celebrating the national holiday for cannabis culture, here are a few more subdued way to celebrate cannabis this 420 in Vancouver:

city cannabis co vancouver

Image courtesy of City Cannabis Co. | Facebook

1. Visit a legal pot shop and try something new

The list of legal recreational cannabis shops is slowly (…slowly) growing, but for now, there are quite a few stores open for business. (Check out the City of Vancouver website for full details).

If you’ve never tried weed or want to try something new, drop by the Evergreen Cannabis Store (2868 West 4th Ave) or City Cannabis Co. (610 Robson Street), to get some recommendations from the experts.

Image from JUKE Fried Chicken

2. Succumb to the munchies with this one-day-only menu item

Before you light up on April 20, grab the special secret menu limited release of a 4/20-friendly sandwich at Vancouver’s Little Juke restaurant.

The fried chicken joint will have “The Derek” available for dine-in and take-out at their West End location only. “The Derek” is made with fried chicken, cheese sauce, pickled cabbage and jalapeños sandwiched between two liège-style waffles, and is served with a side of rolling papers, all for $10.

3. Take a trip to Amsterdam without hopping on a plane

Popular even before legalization, the New Amsterdam Cafe (301 West Hastings) has always been known as a cozy place to enjoy some weed. The cafe is one of the only smoke-friendly indoor establishments in the city and has an extensive menu to enjoy with your joint. Even Bill Maher has been by the place!

Village bloomery

You can tell people it’s a flower vase… Image from Village Bloomery

4. Buy a beautiful bong or handcrafted pipe

The Village Bloomery on Granville Island is a funky store that fits perfectly into the creative, crafty aesthetic of the area.

Even for those apprehensive of the whole business of weed, this store is a treat to visit. Especially for the beautiful items for purchase. Specifically, a Frida Kahlo themed handcrafted, ceramic chillum… Or, how about a Cat themed handcrafted, ceramic standing pipe?

If you’re still somewhat confused about what is/isn’t legal in Canada, check out our handy guide for more details.

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