[CLOSED] WIN TICKETS to BOOM! A live-action experience at the Britannia Mine Museum

The Britannia Mine Museum introduces BOOM! an immersive live-action experience inside Mill no.3, that engages audiences to the story, sights, and sounds behind this architectural marvel. The experience involves multiple screens, over thirty speakers, physical and special effects–bringing all 20-storeys of the historic Mill rumbling back to life.

Reawakened with the magic of special effects, BOOM! reveals the captivating story behind this National Historic Site–a beacon of economic and community prosperity. Visitors will discover first-hand the historic Mill’s purpose, the giant machines that made it work, and finally the thunderous roar of a working Mill.

To coincide with the launch of BOOM!, the Britannia Mine Museum are giving away a Family Pack (4 tickets) to one of our readers. To enter, submit a comment below. 

We will select a random winner on Friday, June 14th and notify them by email.

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137 Responses to [CLOSED] WIN TICKETS to BOOM! A live-action experience at the Britannia Mine Museum

  1. Remarkwould love to take my husband

  2. We had such a good time exploring the museum before the new addition, I can’t even imagine how much better it could get!

  3. This would be a perfect day out with my family.

  4. This would be an awesome family outing! Haven’t had a chance to go yet!

  5. Jen

    Would love the chance to see this!

  6. Would love to go.

  7. Looks fun

  8. This show sounds amazing! I would love to take my grandkids!

  9. Have never been. Kids would have a blast :)

  10. Sounds great! Thanks :)

  11. Me me me!

  12. Aurora Salazar

    Looks amazing!

  13. I grew up in North Van and have never visited the museum! It’s totaly on my bucket list still as an adult and I’d love to be able to visit with my daughters. Fingers crossed to win! Thanks.

  14. Would love to take the kids here to explore!

  15. Seb

    Really want to take my dad to this!!

  16. This is an awesome prize. Thanks for the opportunity to win tickets!

  17. This would be an amazing experience to take the kids, where they can learn some history of BC

  18. Rob

    My girls would be BOOMing to see this new mine production!

  19. I went to the mine with my niece 20 years ago. It was would super if we could go again and see the changes.

  20. My family would love to see this. Thanks for the opportunity.

  21. Amy

    Would love to take my little one :)

  22. Would love this prize!

  23. This looks like so much fun!

  24. This would be a great adventure for the beginning of summer!!

  25. I would love to bring my family we keep talking about going but have not had a chance to check it out yet!

  26. this looks awesome! We’ve been meaning to check it out and would love to bring our in-laws on their visit from Manitoba.

  27. This looks amazing!! Can’t wait to check it out. Britannia mine is always a must for us over summer.

  28. Would love to win!

  29. Val

    We haven’t visited since the new opening. Would love to come and see all of the changes and additions. Sounds exciting!!!

  30. O would absolutely LOVE to take my 9 & 7 & 6 & 4 year old to see the Britannia mine! We would really love to visit, hope to win this awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity Inside Vancouver!!

  31. Looks like an amazing adventure I would love to win!

  32. Would love to take my daughters, 11, 9, 7, & 4! Currently homeschooling and this would be a great educational piece for us all! Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. Great prize!

  34. Thanks for the fun opportunity!

  35. Would love to go!

  36. Remarks – have never been to visit but always interested when passing by

  37. Would love to take my hubby! This is so up his alley!

  38. Kirk


  39. This is a really great prize. I’ve driven by many times but never actually toured it.

  40. I’ve always wanted to go. Driven by a hundred times I’d be thrilled to win and take my family. Cheers!

  41. Driven by many times … it’s time to stop and see :)

  42. Sounds wonderful!

  43. I’d love to take my besties!

  44. Would be neat to see this show

  45. I would love to go back with my son!!

  46. Lots of fun!

  47. My kids will be visiting this summer. We have never been. Would be awesome to take them.

  48. We haven’t been to Britannia in quite a long time. Would be lovely to see Boom.

  49. We are so excited to check out BOOM!

  50. My boys never been & it would be an amazing opportunity to experience this!! Boom 💥! 😃

  51. We love visiting Britannia Mine!

  52. Would be a great family day out

  53. This would be a great place to bring visitors!

  54. Looks neat. Fingers crossed for a lucky try. Thanks!

  55. I would love to visit with my bff and her 2 young boys. Looks like a great experience!

  56. I would love to experience this ! I have heard a lot about it – all good !

  57. What a spectacular way to show off beautiful BC to my Blue Sky Alberta friends visiting!!

  58. Great museum!

  59. My family would mine this!

  60. This looks fun. My family will enjoy this

  61. I would love to visit here. Looks like so much fun 😁

  62. Would love to live this experience

  63. Would love to explore with my family! Thx!

  64. Pam Chilton

    RemarksLooks great! Hoping to see this summer.

  65. Count me in!

  66. That sounds awesome! Thanks for the chance!

  67. I just know our grandson would LOVE this! I know I am fascinated every time I visit the Britannia Mine Museum! So exciting…fingers crossed!

  68. Yes please!

  69. Would love to win tickets for this!!!

  70. Oh man this would be thrilling!! Our family has never been and I’d love to surprise the kids with this!!!

  71. Fantastic place to take the family!

  72. I’ve been wanting to take my mom here!

  73. Love to check it out!!

  74. Dan

    I’d take my wife!!

  75. My family would love to see this!

  76. It’s been a long time since we visited Brittanie Mine museum. My boys would love going there

  77. My kids would love to go here

  78. This would be a fun outing for our family!

  79. I personally haven’t been there since I was a kid. It would be awesome to being my nephew!

  80. Eva

    I have always wanted to visit this museum! This would be a great prize!

  81. Such a great day out :) Loved it

  82. My son will love this!

  83. I used to come here as a child and have brought my partner and step daughter in recent years to this. What a great part of our heritage! Would love to see this!

  84. Been curious about this place.

  85. Remarks
    Being a local Senior, I’d really enjoy the opportunity to take a few of my friends to enjoy this unique part of our History. Thank you.

  86. Looks amazing inside! Gonna be a wonderful trip with the kids who’s been asking to go since last year… maybe this is the year!! 😉

  87. Bri


  88. Remarks Been to this museum one time few years ago. Interesting tour. Would commute again if win this prize. I live in Port Coquitlam.

  89. Would love to win. Sounds cool.

  90. Would love to take my wife and kids to see this!

  91. I would love to go! This sounds fantastic!!

  92. We drove past this last weekend and I wanted to go!

  93. Great prize ! Thanks for the opportunity

  94. This looks amazing! I would love to bring my two boys. My husband and myself to this. We have never been. It would be excellent for the kids to experience. Family time is always the best time! Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.

  95. I would love to bring my daughter and friend to this

  96. Haven’t been since I was a kid and would love to drive sea to sky and take my boyfriend.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  97. Very excited with the new change. Would love to go and see this before my baby is born!!

  98. We love Brittania Mines and the history. Always enjoy our visits here!!!

  99. My kids would love this….and so would I!

  100. I really wanna check This out!!

  101. Would love to see this!

  102. Would love to check it out always up for new adventures! And creat an amazing review

  103. Great family outing and fun to learn about BC history!

  104. We’d love to see this attraction, it’d be great to share with our Followers!

  105. Would love to take the kids! I think I went about 3.5 decades ago! :)

  106. I have always wanted to go the mine. Even if I don’t win, I can’t wait to see it.

  107. I have visited this as a child growing up in Vancouver, and have enjoyed taking my son of late. This new event will make another visit, that more exciting.

  108. The kids a sooooo keen to go to Britannia!

  109. Wow – would love to win, after passing by the mine so many times

  110. This looks great, what a good idea!

  111. Maria

    This is soooooo cool! I’ve been once 4 or 5 years ago. I loved every second of it! I would love my daughter to experience it too! 😁 Cant wait to visit again!

  112. This would be a great learning experience for my grandchildren.

  113. This new show sounds amazing!!!

  114. Have never been but would love to take my kids. It looks amazing!

  115. I would love a chance to see this and win tickets for our family. Us adults grew up in B.C. and both also have never been.

  116. Wow! Looks amazing! Thanks for the chance

  117. Drove past it yesterday and it looks amazing. Can’t wait to go.

  118. Jan

    We 💜 Britannia Mine!

  119. We would love to come and visit with our two children. Thanks for the chance!

  120. Would love to come visit with our kids and make it an awesome adventure with the family :)

  121. My son would absolutely love this.

  122. Would be perfect to take my 2 boys

  123. This would be absolutely amazing! I’d love to take my family there!

  124. This would be so cool!! :)

  125. Sounds like a lot of fun! My kids would love this!

  126. I’ve been meaning to visit Britannia again (first time since elementary school) for a long time. Hope I win these!

  127. Looks amazing! Can’t wait to see the museum!

  128. Would love to win.

  129. I wanna see this! It sounds like fun.

  130. I would to tale my family their. I remember growing up in Squamish when the mine was winding down and people started loosing their jobs and moving away. It’s nice to see that people will not forget how this mine impacted the area, and of those who lived and worked their.

  131. I was just talking about visiting Britannia yesterday !! I’ve lived in Vancouver all my life and never been. Which is crazy !!

  132. Would be a great day out for the family!

  133. I would love to take the kids to this!

  134. Family Field Trip?? I think so!!!

  135. RemarksThis would be a fantastic family experience

  136. Kathy Kaga

    We’d love to see Boom 💥… yet another reason that BC is so super natural ❤️ !

  137. Boom 💥 ! Would love to go -~ sounds like a blast !!!