Get easy access to stunning nature (car-free!) with the Vancouver Parkbus

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Luckily, for those without a car in Vancouver, it’s fairly easy to access some amazing nature trails with transit. However, if you want to get out of the city to experience a whole new level of nature, it gets a bit trickier.

Enter: Parkbus, a genius idea to transport passengers to areas that are typically not accessible unless you have a car. It’s “Canada’s bus to the great outdoors!”

Now operating in cities across Canada, the Vancouver Parkbus offers return trips to four of the best parks in our province. They also offer group hike activities (which are especially good if you’re afraid of bears) and a new “Yoga in the Wild” class!

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Group hikes and activities

If you’re new to town, just visiting, or hoping to make some new friends, the Park Bus group hikes are a must-do. Taking place all summer, these events offer something for everyone.

Conquer Seymour Peak, do a sun salutation yoga pose under the sun in Golden Ears park, or even join a group of your newest friends to search out some of the best waterfalls in Vancouver.

A full list of the group hikes and activities is available here.

Tickets to these events are around $30 – $50 per person and depending on the activity, and include the bus ride and a guided hike (or yoga class!)

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Destinations from Vancouver

If you’d prefer to explore the parks on your own, Parkbus can also act simply as your mode of transportation to four amazing parks:

Garibaldi Provincial Park

For $55 return trip (or $40 one way), you can explore everything that Garibaldi  Provincial Park has to offer, and it’s a whole lot. Locals and people from all over the world visit this park to conquer its hikes. Garibaldi Lake with its beautiful turquoise glacial waters, sits at 1450m high and is a favourite because of its snow-capped mountains, alpine meadows, and volcanic structures.

Typically, the bus runs on Saturday and Sunday, so if you want to camp – you can book your return trip on the next day!

Joffre Lakes Provincial Park

You’ve probably seen a photo from Joffre Lakes on Instagram before, as this provincial park is as picturesque as you can get.  The hiking path takes you along the turquoise waters of Middle and Upper Joffre Lakes, each lake more stunning than the last. Joffre Lakes Provincial Park has opportunities for hiking, camping, mountaineering, wildlife viewing, and fishing.

The bus takes about 3 hours to get to Joffre Lakes and costs $57 return or $41 for one-way. Like the Garibaldi bus, this one typically runs on Saturday and Sunday to accommodate campers.

Golden Ears

As one of the largest parks in the province, Golden Ears Provincial Park is prized for its recreational opportunities. The extensive system of trails within the park provides an excellent opportunity for hiking and exploring the area.

Located just 55km from Vancouver, Golden Ears Park is a bit easier to get to than the other options. But, the views are still equally as stunning! For a return trip, the Parkbus costs $49 and $35 for one way.

Cypress Provincial Park

Bounded on the west by Howe Sound, on the north and east by the ridgetops of Mount Strachan and Hollyburn Mountain and to the south by West Vancouver, Cypress sits like a ship’s crowsnest high above Vancouver, offering stunning vistas and plenty of hiking opportunities.

This bus ride is completely free, YAY!

Parkbus Schedules for 2019

If you want to check out the full schedule for all destinations for the Vancouver Parkbus, click here.

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