The Most Adorable Week of the Year: Sea Otter Awareness Week

Two otters floating in water on their backs, holding hands, one is asleep

Photo courtesy of Vancouver Aquarium

Vancouver Aquarium is about to give us the warm and fuzzies just in time for fall. From September 21 – 29, Vancouver Aquarium will celebrate Sea Otter Awareness Week with a special otter themed program.

To commemorate these amazing creatures, Vancouver Aquarium will host special otter themed activities that teach the science behind otter behaviours, the challenges sea otters face in the wild, and how to help conserve this essential species.


Program includes:

  • Daily sea otter feeds and enrichment sessions at the sea otter habitat throughout the day.
  • Sea otter family programs — fun for the young and the young-at-heart — 10:45 a.m. daily.
  • Learn about the role sea otters play in coastal ecosystems at the Life in the Kelp Forest program — 12:30 p.m. daily at the Strait of Georgia exhibit.
  • Meet Vancouver Aquarium’s most adorable employee, Ollie the Sea Otter, every morning during Sea Otter Awareness Week.
  • Get up close with the rescued sea otters during a sea otter encounter (Animal encounters are limited and must be booked in advance)
  • ‘Aquadopt’ one of the sea otters by purchasing an Aquadopt Kit. All proceeds go to looking after the sea otters and Vancouver Aquarium’s conservation mission.


Photo courtesy of Vancouver Aquarium

This Sea Otter Awareness Week you’ll also be able to meet Vancouver Aquarium’s newest arrival, a rescued sea otter pup Tazlina. Taz was rescued earlier this year in Alaska and has joined the Vancouver Aquarium family. She will be living alongside the Vancouver Aquarium’s six resident rescued sea otters – Tanu, Katmai, Mak, Kunik, Rialto, and Hardy.

Fluffy baby Sea Otter curled up on a towel

Photo courtesy of Vancouver Aquarium

Can’t wait to see the otters at Vancouver Aquarium? See if you can spot them on the Vancouver Aquarium live otter cam.

Head to the Vancouver Aquarium website for more information on Sea Otter Awareness Week.


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