Vancouver: Family Fun for All Kinds with 20% Off Attractions

The beautiful thing about Vancouver is that there is a little something here for everyone. And that includes an unforgettable experience for each and every member of your family, no matter what they’re into.

Parents especially will love the exclusive 20% discount you’ll receive when you book any of the following Vancouver attractions with Viator using the promo code: MUSTDOVANCOUVER.

Here are our suggestions, or visit Viator for more:

For the Animal Lovers:

While the Vancouver Aquarium is home to more than 50,000 different species of marine life including dolphins, sharks and otters, there’s so much more to explore at Canada’s largest aquarium. Get a glimpse of rare creatures from the arctic to the tropics in exciting exhibits and shows featuring penguins, butterflies, three-toed sloths and more. Get up close and personal at interactive exhibits like the touch pools full of sea stars and other animals. Immerse yourself completely in the animal world with a variety of films in the 4D Movie Theater, where learning comes to life with smell, touch and weather effects. Book now.

For the Old Souls:


Take a step back in time before mini-vans moved us around, and climb aboard an old-fashioned horse drawn carriage for a tour through historic Stanley Park. Clip-clop through 400 hectares of ancient West Coast rainforest, while you listen to your friendly guide regale you with stories of famed park attractions. How did Lord Stanley get his own park? What myths reside in the totem poles at Brockton Point? And just who is the Girl in the Wetsuit anyway? Get versed in the legends of Vancouver while you take in stunning views of the North Shore mountains and the Lions Gate Bridge. Book now.

For the Daredevils:

High adventure awaits the family that dares to cross the Capilano River canyon, 230 feet above the swirling waters below. Originally built in 1889, the ever-slightly-swaying bridge is just one piece of the full day of forest fun in the 27-acre Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. The Cliffwalk is a thrilling journey along walkways jutting out from granite cliffsides where, at places, clear glass is all that separates you from the valley below. Or tip toe through the Treetop Adventure, a series of 7 suspension bridges atop 250-year-old Douglas Firs. And there’s plenty of places in the park to grab a West Coast meal to fuel more expedition. Book now.

For the Outdoor Types:

You don’t have to venture far from the city to completely immerse yourself in the picturesque alpine landscape that British Columbia is famous for. Included in your ticket to Grouse Mountain is a free shuttle from downtown Vancouver to an incredible mountaintop playground where you can hike through West Coast old-growth forest, safely observe endangered animals such as owls and bears, or ride along one of the longest aerial trams in North America for a spectacular view of all of Vancouver and beyond. Book now.

For more information about these and other discounted Vancouver attractions visit Viator, choose a Vancouver attraction, enter the code MUSTDOVANCOUVER at checkout, and you’ll receive 20% off.

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