[CLOSED] Win a Festive Overnight Hotel Stay at The Westin Bayshore, Vancouver PLUS Tickets to the Vancouver Christmas Market

Hotel room,Make The Westin Bayshore, Vancouver your home away from home this holiday season. Located in Coal Harbour, with direct access to the Vancouver Seawall, this well-being hotel is situated in perfect balance with its natural and urban surroundings, offering countless opportunities to explore beloved local attractions like Stanley Park and the Vancouver Christmas Market.

Win two complimentary Fast Pass tickets and carousel ride passes for the enchanting Vancouver Christmas Market, followed by a renewing stay in a Deluxe Harbourview room at The Westin Bayshore, Vancouver. There, you’ll be treated to two festive cocktails paired with chef’s selection of west coast share plates at H Tasting Lounge before retreating to your guestroom overlooking the Coal Harbour marina and North Shore mountains. In the morning, rise with The Westin Bayshore’s signature Move Well Yoga class offered in the newly opened Just Add Water Yoga Studio, then refuel with a nourishing breakfast for two at H2 Rotisserie & Bar.

To enter: Leave a comment below telling us what you love about the festive season. Competition closes at midnight on November 25. A winner will be selected and notified on November 26.

One lucky winner will receive: 

  • Overnight stay for two in a Deluxe Harbourview Room, on December 6th 2019
  • 2 Fast Pass/Carousel ride tickets to the Vancouver Christmas Market
  • 2 Festive Cocktails and chef-paired tasting plates at H Tasting Lounge
  • Move Well Yoga for two in the Just Add Water Yoga Studio
  • Breakfast for two at H2 Rotisserie & Bar


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183 Responses to [CLOSED] Win a Festive Overnight Hotel Stay at The Westin Bayshore, Vancouver PLUS Tickets to the Vancouver Christmas Market

  1. Christmas gatherings with family and friends. =)

  2. Kay

    I love checking out all the special holiday themed events around town

  3. I love the twinkling lights. It seems to bring out joy in people.

  4. jan

    I love all of the lights and the foods of this season!

  5. Ray

    Family fun and food traditions (those love to hate Brussel sprouts!) make the season special

  6. Eating and drinking with friends and family! I love that Vancouver hosts so many events that are exclusive to the Christmas season : )

  7. Entering contests to stay at luxury hotels!

  8. Gatherings with friends and drinking a glass of wine by the fire in the glow of the Christmas tree!

  9. Gathering with friends and enjoying all the food together!

  10. Crisp weather and beautiful lights!

  11. I just love the sounds and smells of the season, particularly just enjoying Christmas with all the beautiful decorations and watching the people enjoy the new displays.

  12. I really like all the holiday music around this time of year.

  13. I love spending time with family & friends during the holiday season…and seeing all the houses decorated this time of year!

  14. I like to be with family on Christmas. Bonus if it snows :)

  15. I love curling up in my holiday PJs with a hot cocoa and watching Christmas movies with my kids. I also love when we get to build new lego sets together – again in PJs!

  16. Love, Laughter, Family & Friends!

  17. I love spending time with family and friends, going out to see all the magical light displays around Vancouver!

  18. Spending time with my family 😍

  19. What I love most about the holiday season is seeing my daughter’s face beaming with excitement as she gazes at all the lights, decorations and festive events & activities! ☺️

  20. My favourite thing about the holidays is enjoying the special traditions my family has created over the year. This includes decorating the tree with family and friends, a Christmas Eve open house, opening treasures in the stockings and

    Most importantly it is how we have expanded to include several other people and families to join us – many who would otherwise be on their own.

    This season is a spirit of sharing, celebrating each person and embracing how we can bring “good” to the world.

  21. The most wonderful time of the year because you get to spend time with loved ones, and eat yummy holiday favorites!

  22. I really love all of the wine and food. There are just so many Christmas parties and it’s an awesome time to catch up with your friends.

  23. Entering for a dear friend who deserves a good break during the holiday season.

  24. I love all the festive lights!

  25. I love the lights all around.. and would love to check out Stanley park in the winter christmas season!

  26. It’s always remind me of childhood memories

  27. Pam

    Christmas makes me so happy. My boyfriend & I love exploring all the lights & everything decorated. I would love to win the prize & take him for a special night. 🎄🎅🏼🤶🏻❄️

  28. Watching the holidays through our sons eyes. It’s magical

  29. The festive season brings out the “joy of giving ” in so many people and their charitable donations and deeds make the lives of so many less fortunate people much happier during this season. Remarks

  30. The festive season always brings out the “joy of giving ” in so many people and their consequent charitable donations and deeds make the lives of so many of our less fortunate Vancouverites much happier during this season.

  31. Taking in the events (Aurora)and decorations (LaFarge) of the city with family and friends⭐️☃️❄️🎅🏻🌲

  32. RemarksSnuggling on the couch with my kid, rewatching all the favourite christmas movies!

  33. I love watching the same holiday TV specials that I’ve watched every year since I was a child!

  34. Karla

    Spending time with friends and family, watching Xmas movies and looking at all the houses and streets lit up ☺️💙

  35. Love the whiteness of snowflakes, the sweetness and warmth of apple cider, the fragrant smell of Xmas trees and, the loving reunion of a family.❤️

  36. Absolutely love the amazing food and precious time I get to spend with family and friends. Nothing beats a cozy gathering with traditions such as sharing presents and playing games. Not to mention the festive lights all around town!

  37. Christmas season is my most favourite time of the year. There’s always something magical during this festive season that is beyond our imagination. Aside from traditions, food, spending time with family and friends, it also brings hope and love in the coming new year.

  38. Going to the tree farm and selecting our Christmas tree with the family.

  39. I love how nice everyone becomes and how great the city looks and feels!! And I love buying presents for everyone!!!

  40. This would be such a cool experience to celebrate my first Christmas in Vancouver! Love this time of year so much!

  41. The love, laughter and care that people give each other!

  42. Sleeping in

  43. Prepare a festive dinner and spend the Christmas night with my beloved family. <3

  44. Hon Yu

    I like the Christmas tree decorations everywhere.

  45. Holiday vacations! Good food~ sleeping in and getting tons of presents!!

  46. I love Christmas lights, everywhere. I love Christmas music, singing along with my daughter. Family, a tree and decorated house is always treasured:)

  47. Oh My, could I ever use this!
    I love your Hotel but have never stayed there.

    I love Vancouver at Christmas for all the amazing lights that St Pauls and other locations put up around the city. I grew up in N.Ontario and appreciate that we can go out and enjoy all the festivities around the city!

  48. I love that it is a reminder of the birth of Jesus Christ . It’s a season of love, giving and gathering. I also love all the lights, music and food!

  49. I love how the holidays bring back nostalgic childhood memories for me, and how happy I am to be able to make new memories for my own children to look back to when they get older.

  50. RemarksWhy I Love The Holidays?
    As children awake on Hanukkah, Yule, Yalda, Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa or any of the holyday mornings they seem to vibrate with such wondrous anticipation as they anxiously open their gifts. We notice the light that sparkles in their eyes… it reminds me that we are all gifts of the universe, a myriad of shapes, sizes and colours… some of us decorated more so than others. As an adult, perhaps we can forget about the wrappings and look for that special gift inside each and every one of us. Peace and joy to all.

  51. The festive season is all about enjoying time with family, loved ones and friends. It is about peace, joy and taking the time to celebrate life and all it has to offer. It is a time to remember and reflect on the times spent with a loved one who passed at Christmas, and see the joy of the holiday through the eyes of children.

  52. I love checking out all the special holiday themed events around town

  53. It’s the time of the year when noone has to feel lonely. It’s the time when everywhere smells like Christmas Tree. It’s the time when magic is happening. It’s the time when wishes come true. It’s the time of trust and hope. It’s the time when people smile more, love more, feel more. I love everything about this time! Oh Holy Night! Merry Christmas, Vancouver 💕.

  54. I love the twinkle of the lights the crisp air on my face and the magical feeling of Christmas everywhere

  55. J

    I love how magical it is after dark- almost like you’re in a snow globe with all the twinkling white lights

  56. I enjoy how despite it being a very busy time, people get together to enjoy peace, joy, love and happiness with each other.

  57. Mona

    We LOVE Christmas Markets! Had a magical festive day at the Distillery District Toronto yesterday and visiting Vancouver’s Christmas Market is a bucket list wish. My husband and I are newly empty nesters and this is our chance for a romantic “just for us”getaway. Well not exactly as we will take tons of pictures for Instagram & Facebook and share the spirit of Christmas at the Westin Bayshore and Christmas Market with our family and friends.

  58. I love to watch the faces of the families spending time together at all of the events. I love watching how they all laugh and point fingers at Santa displays. I usually have my headphones on, that is playing Christmas music. Sometimes I just go to the busiest mall and I stand back watching people smiling at gifts to be that they intend on giving to their friends and family members. I guess you can say, I love the spirit of Christmas. It dances with happiness. Now only if it would snow. That would be real magic. Merry Christmas.

  59. I love the Christmas atmosphere around which remember me the feelings of joyful, cheerful and peaceful 💗

  60. Eggnog!

  61. I love Christmas because not only is it when my birthday is but it’s an excuse for people to get together and share their love/happiness with one another. Not to forget the good food and good drink.

  62. I love that in such a fast paced city , we get this time of the year to finally spend quality time with the ones we love. Family and friends are important and sometimes its not easy to always give them the time they deserve given life demands. Its great that we have this period of the year to give them undivided attention ❤️🙂

  63. I love the feeling of celebration in the air. The lights, the cozy sweaters, mulled wine… what’s not to love.

  64. I love the nostalgia of Christmas. All the great childhood memories and now making new traditions.

  65. Hosting our annual Christmas party! It’s such a nice way to wrap up the year!

  66. I love staring at all the Christmas decorations around the city, and enjoying good food&drinks with friends!

  67. First Christmas in Vancouver so looking forward to making new traditions.

  68. Friends, family, food and happy faces on the kids opening presents!!🥰

  69. I like the Vancouver Christmas Market /Bavarian haus beverages and Christmas lights

  70. Love the beautiful lights around the city and spending time with friends and family.

  71. Celebrating the birth of Christ, enjoying the beautiful lights, listening to Christmas carols.

  72. The build up of the Christmas feeling is welcomed this time of year for me…..viewing & participating in the variety of festive activities, awes & delights the child that still resides within me.

  73. Ren

    I love Christmas dinner with my friends and family. Eggnog, fruitcakes and gingerbread house making are the also the highlights.

  74. the festive season brings family together

  75. Eggnog pancakes, presents and togetherness.

  76. Back-country skiing with my brother followed by turkey.

  77. Jen

    I love spending time with my family singing Christmas songs and baking cookies.

  78. Love seeing all the Christmas decorations and spending time with friends and family!

  79. It’s great seeing all the houses with their light displays.

  80. Ali

    Christmas food and drink! Christmas festivities!
    Christmas weather!
    Christmas cheer!

  81. All the Gingerbread I can eat!

  82. All of the fun, family-friendly acitivities that bring us together, this time of year!

  83. Madeline

    I love that family and friends from near and afar are brought together to celebrate. Nothing compares to being in that company – with shared drinks, food, stories & laughs.

  84. Singing Christmas carols door-to-door to bring cheer to friends and neighbours!

  85. There is always a reason to smile. I love it !

  86. nothing more important than time with family <3

  87. My favorutie are the festive lights!

  88. It’s my boyfriends first holiday away from
    His family and I loved seeing his family traditions last year. I love sharing my traditions with him here!

  89. To spend time with people I love! And the views are amazing

  90. I love Christmas. The lights, decorations, getting together and just the festive feeling 😊

  91. What I like beat about the holiday season is that everyone is a little more friendly

  92. I love watching the lights and going to the Christmas Market.

  93. The festive vibe that brings together everyone friends family and even strangers and brings out the best in rach of us!

  94. It’s just great to take a break … long enough to slow down and appreciate all that we can be grateful for !

  95. I love all the beautiful lights and decorations!

  96. I love spending special time with my hubby during all the christmas events.

  97. Anticipation of something wonderful about to happen!!

  98. Anticipation of something wonderful about to happen!!

  99. I just moved to Vancouver so I’m excited to make new memories and meet new people.

  100. Micheal Bublé songs because they always cheer me up :)

  101. I love watching the city slowly turn into a winter wonderland; when storefronts become workshops, when lamps and trees get dressed with lights, and when everyone has a little more jingle to their step – it really is a beautiful season.

  102. Always love the cozy feeling of being dressed in layers, hot chocolate in hand, walking through chilly streets with my partner and hearing Christmas music amongst the white lights strung around the city. Everyone feels a little more in sync during this time of year.

  103. Spending time with people you cherish

  104. In such a fast paced world, I rarely get the time to sit down with my friends and family for quality time.
    They deserve my attention and I’m glad that during this season i get to give them the attention they deserve.
    Especially my mother🙂

  105. Attending Christmas parties and dinners with family and friends.

  106. Gatherings with family and friends to make happy memories make this my favourite time of year. The lights, the music and the wonderful cocktails that abound just add to the joy and ambiance. Just love it 😍

  107. The kindness Christmas brings out in people.

  108. I love the crisp, cold air and time with family & friends!

  109. I love everything about Christmas! But most importantly it brings family and friends together. There is something magic about the season.

  110. Love, love, love this time of year to spend with family and friends. It is also a time when people tend to be a little more generous, which is nice! You can feel and tsp into the joy in the atmosphere!

  111. Our family, including grandkids, go to the Christmas market each year and enjoy walking around and getting in the Christmas spirit!🎄

  112. I love the lights, the music, the movies, the food and of course the family love and memories 💕 My heart warms when strangers are friendlier, more polite and giving to others. The best of the holiday season 🎁

  113. When I go to my oldest sister’s house and she has Christmas tunes playing, mince pies out, smell of food, happiness and love. This season always brings us closer together.

  114. I love the festive season! The lights, the food, everyone is excited to get together with family and friends. The ambiance of the city just changes!

  115. I love all the sparkling lights and spending time with family. It’s so fun to watch all the children so excited and happy.

  116. It’s time share the holiday happiness with people who are in need.

  117. The time of year where people regardless of what’s going on or where the come from are able to come together to celebrate the season.

  118. Remarks
    What I love most about the festive season is the opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. Our son lives in West Vancouver , so the chance for us to spend a night in Vancouver at the Westin Bayshore would be amazing and is the perfect backdrop for a family gathering. 😊❤️🎄

  119. Gathering with friends and family! Also all the yummy food.

  120. Remarks One of my favorite things about the holiday season is connecting with my community. I love seeing all my favorite spots in the winter all decked out with fun events and sampling the great food.

  121. I love spending time with family and friends over good food and drinks

  122. Van

    I love Christmas markets!

  123. Vancouver is such a festive city in December :3

  124. Excited for all the holiday festivities that are about to happen in Vancouver!

  125. The best about the festive season is to take a break and have all the family over to enjoy gatherings and dining together. Great way to recharge for next year!

  126. Ana Madrid

    I love that everyone is in good spirits. People are nicer to each other during the holidays. There’s magic in the air. The Christmas music, movies and all the lights are definitely a wonderful plus.

  127. Love the crispy air

  128. I love many things about the holiday season. I get to enjoy time with my parents engaging in Christmas activities we all love. I love to bake with my family. Also, I get to celebrate my husband’s Birthdate & our 30th anniversary.

  129. The festive season brings back so many memories…..
    Mom baking many different kinds of Danish cookies
    Dad burning a small cedar bough & wafting the evergreen smell throughout the house before company came for Christmas Eve dinner
    Lots of family having a sit down turkey dinner on December 24
    Holding hands and dancing around the Christmas tree and singing Christmas songs before Santa would come
    Santa coming to our house with a sack full of gifts on Christmas Eve and sitting on his lap
    The festive season, with all its sparkling lights, reminds me off all the things I loved.
    Staying at the Bayshore for New Years Eve many, many years ago was magical & special. Love Vancouver at this time of year!
    Life is all about memories and if they’re good, life is great!

  130. My hometown is Hong Kong. We celebrate Christmas too. Vancouver is my second home. We are mixed culture family. It is nice to gathering with family and friends to enjoy our special holiday.

  131. There is magic in the air… meeting with family and friends…great food and holiday festivities..

  132. Christmas is bright eternal hope in the midst of deep darkness, a little baby in a manger born for us, by unfathomable love for all eternity. Come to the Christmas manger!

  133. i like all the holiday get togethers and the holiday music

  134. I love all the lights and celebrating with family and friends.

  135. I love the extra time I get to spend with family and friends and expecting nothing more than each other’s company. It really is the happiest time of the year!

  136. Being with family and close friends this holidays makes the cold winter go by much faster. Have a joyous season everybody!

  137. Remarksi love christmas time with my family

  138. Christmas carols!

  139. Pam

    I love spending time with family and friends and the world is warmer and cozier in front of a fire or seeing some beautiful lights.

  140. I love all the Christmas themed events and parades for families and young children.

  141. My favorite thing about the holidays is spending time with my family.

  142. Claire

    I love looking at the lights in the city and spending quality time with family!

  143. Remarks I love everything about the Christmas season from the shopping to the food!!

  144. I love this time of year because it means more time with my family. We can enjoy special treats, festive events and relaxing times together.
    Thank you for this opportunity to share a very memorable experience. ❤

  145. One of my favourite parts of the festive season is to walk around outside, with a hot drink, and friends and/or family – experiencing the magic of holiday lights and people watching!

  146. Christmas Day morning at my grandparents with all the cousins. ❤️🎄

  147. wen

    I heart all the lights and the festivities during the holiday season.

  148. 🎄💑👪💞I love having the time off to gett together with loved ones! Time is so precious and moments connecting are memories forever♡
    Would a romantic get away for my parents who have loved each other for 55 years !!!! (Still so.much passion lol) Thank you from our loving family to your’s. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  149. Wow this could be very beautiful way to start the season

  150. The kindness of strangers

  151. Remarkthe music – always the music!!s

  152. Decorating the house!

  153. I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends. I take them to local festivities. Time for me to have a more balanced lifestyle during this time of year.

  154. Amy

    I live in Seattle and love love love coming up to Vancouver in the festive December season to wander around the lighted canopies at the Capilano Suspension Bridge! Also love checking out the Christmas Market and drinking mulled wine while shopping for gifts.

    I grew up in snowy Alberta, and to me it always feels like a “tropical” winter vacation walking around Stanley Park with the misty clouds floating among the North Shore mountains, the sound of the ocean waves hitting the shore, and all the enchanting emerald trees surrounding you. And of course, all the festive treats and dinner menus keeps you nice and warm!

    P.S. I heard you can go tubing at Mount Seymour. This sounds like an amazing new holiday tradition!

  155. I love all the festive events and twinkling lights.

  156. Going to different Christmas events and shows with my wife.

  157. Looking at all the decorative lights around the city and seeing everyone get into the festive spirit!

  158. RemarksI love getting together with friends and family! This is my birthday and would be an amazing present to win. :)

  159. The food

  160. I love all the decorative lights and displays, the festive events, and spending time with family and friends.

  161. Megan

    Solid time with my chosen family, along with mulled wine, chocolates and turkey!

  162. We love to stay cosy during Christmas holidays. Spend time with family and enjoy the festive spirit, giving back to our community.

  163. I love the festive season as it’s an opportunity to celebrate with friends, family and community. It signals a time to reflect and connect.

  164. I truly enjoy the pre holiday fun. The get togethers, planning family fun, wandering the different markets starting at Hycroft in November,VanDusens Lights and the Christmas Market for a Mulled Wine and seeking treasures for special peeps

  165. I always look forward to our family tradition of going to the Stanley Park train ride. An incredible amount of work goes into the displays, and the children’s joy and laughter is so special 💕

  166. Going to see Christmas lights on Christmas eve

  167. Our family loves doing puzzles together, I’m talking about a thousand pieces and beyond. We also like going to has many Christmas events as possible. Memories are way better then material possessions.

  168. Spending time with my fiancé and get together as we are in long distance relationship.

  169. I love the smells of Christmas…pine for the trees and garland, cookies and fresh snow.

  170. The one time of year that nearly everyone can be counted on for a smile! Makes my festive season, that along with snow & indulgent cocktails!

  171. Nicola

    I love being able to spend time with my family and friends! I love buying thing for them too to show my appreciation of them, you can do that all hear round but it feels extra special at Christmas time.

  172. I love absolutely everything about the holidays, from sitting cozy by the Christmas tree and fireplace to bundling up and enjoying a Christmas market in the brisk winter air (with the warmth of a peppermint mocha)! I don’t even mind how early it gets dark, because that means that you get more hours out of those beautiful, glistening Christmas lights. I love how friends and family all find the time in their busy lives to slow down and enjoy a nice meal together, or even go out to explore the local light displays and markets. A personal favourite of ours is the Vancouver Christmas market, followed by the Holiday Fly Over Canada. The holidays have always been my favourite time of the year, but this year it is especially special as I’ve just returned from volunteering in India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal after being away for a few months. From leaving home in the summer, to coming back right at the start of the festive season, I have a whole new appreciation for how truly beautiful Vancouver is. I also feel so lucky that I live a life where I’m able to spend the holidays with my friends and family, and that we are able to have the opportunity to do things like having big family dinners, going ice skating, or even just being able cozy up in Christmas Pj’s to watch a holiday movie with a warm roof over our heads.

  173. Michal

    Eating traditional foods I only eat once a year during the Christmas season.

  174. It’s a time for me and my family to see each other, either them coming across from the UK or me flying home. I love walking around and seeing the lights outside people’s houses and trees in their living rooms.

  175. Watching Christmas movies.Fairy lights and pretty decorations. Buying gifts for your loved ones.

  176. The movie like Christmas decoration. Outings with my friends turn a simple coffee evening into magical fun moments. And all the food! We love to tour around for amazing snacks.

  177. I am in love with this city since 2017, I wish I can build my future here, currently living in Calgary, I haven’t been in Vancouver for a 1,5 years it’s the best opportunity for me and my beloved husband to get one more chance to enjoy the dream coming true.

  178. Spending time with your love ones on a holiday is one of the best feelings / experience that you can ever imagine
    Taking a break from working hard for the family

  179. Starting a new tradition! This year ours was to volunteer as a family.

  180. Festive holidays are great for busy people. I know this ‘busy’ is a buzz word but really I look forward to this time to see family and friends who you don’t get to spend time with and really make memories in a magical way.

  181. I love hot chocolate and Ice skating!

  182. What’s not to love about the holidays?! Twinkling lights, beautiful decorations, hot chocolate by the fire and special time with family and friends! Wait….then there is the manic shopping, wrapping preaents and cooking for family and friends. Add some Bailey’s to my hot cocoa and a stay at a beautiful hotel like the Westin and I might just survive the season!!

  183. I love opening the front door and being greeted with the smell of fresh pine needles and the site of lights twinkling on our Christmas tree.