Dining at Home: 5 Meal Kits to Try from Local Restaurants

As BC slowly starts to open up, we still need exercise patience with staying home and social distancing. At this time, restaurants are still closed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the bounty of food that our much-loved local restaurants have to offer. Some of those restaurants have even created meal kits, so we cook and recreate their dishes from home!


Boulevard Kitchen has launched BLVD Provisions, an online store where you can order a range of foods, from ready to eat meals and sides, kits of packed fresh food that’s ready to be cooked, and provision packs that compromise of soups and sauces, meats, and veg portions. 


Burdock & Co is now offering weekly CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) bags, sized for two and filled with veggies and seasonal foods, such as dried organic fruit, grains, and heirloom legumes. 


Nuba has introduced not one, not two, not three, but 4 meal kits, so that everyone can enjoy some of their signature favourites at home. Kits 1-3 make 12 meals each, while kit 4 – The Works – includes enough food to make 20 meals!


Province Marinaside is on a conquest to upgrade our cooking skills with their French Food Made Easy meal kits. Recipes range from Duck Confit to Lamb Sirloin, and Oven Roasted 1/2 Chicken Provencal to Fennel Dusted Steelhead. Each kit also includes half of a French baguette, and a demo video showing the preparation of the dish.


If you’re craving some of Vancouver’s finest sushi, look no further than Miku’s Aburi at Home meal kits. Become a ramen master with the Seasonal Ramen Kit, or get hands-on with the Temaki Sushi Kit, an easy and interactive way to enjoy sushi at home. 



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