Top Tips for Perfect Sushi Rice

Sushi rice is the foundation for good sushi. For home cooks, there are five top tips to making sushi rice at home, and Kazuhiro Hayashi, Executive Sushi Chef at Miku Restaurant, has given us this insider knowledge.

1. Use quality Japanese short-grain rice, such as Koshihikari. These can be found at select grocery stores and Japanese speciality stores such as Fujiya.

2. Wash your rice, then soak for 10 minutes before cooking.

3. Pour the hot cooked rice in a flat, big bowl that will allow you enough room to mix in Japanese Rice Vinegar. Traditionally, this would be done in a Japanese wooden tub called hangiri. At home, you can use a shallow baking dish as a hangiri alternative.

4. Pour the vinegar onto the hot rice, little by little. To mix in, gently ‘score’ the rice and turn the sections to mix in the vinegar. You can use your rice scooper for this process. Fan the rice while scoring and turning to slowly cool down the grains to create a wonderful airy texture in the rice.

5. Be careful not to stir or mash the rice as you want to keep the grains whole. Do this until the vinegar is all incorporated, and the rice is slightly above body temperature.


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